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I did a excellent job. Excellent. Job. Keeping Bad Guys & Miscreants outta our Domain while Mymi was gone for Thanksgiving down to the Valley of Casinos & Bling. I watched out for those guys & others. Kept cats outta … Continue reading

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What better way for Me n’ Wink to recover from our Shock An’ Awesea resulting from this most recent Presidential election than to run & romp thru the Wetlands & Creeks near our Domains? We thought the experience of fresh … Continue reading

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Yes it was a sad, sad day in the K9 Community. The other day, the day of voting for people to fill elected offices. My Community, the K9 Community, has lowered our collective tail. Crawled under a table or other … Continue reading

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Tomorrow is the day. Now is the time. To exercise your right, privilege & duty to Go Out To Vote. So we, here at Todo Chronicles, are urging alla our readers & supporters, BFFs 1 & all, to Just Do … Continue reading

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