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I know springtime is coming cause the Stars are comin’ out for Season X of DWTS.  Last week 11 new Glitterati were introduced & already the competition is fierce.  Which Illuminati will go back to obscurity tonight?   Shannon – Not … Continue reading

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OMG!  OpalK9 . . . says GrandSire in his most excited enthusiasm.  I wood’na believed it if I had’na seen it for myself.  The Blue Party got it together & passed health care reform.    My letter writing campaign to … Continue reading

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Talking about Facebook

  Quote FacebookThanks to Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her great speech on healthcare reform. That’s the first time I’ve heard health care, jobs & economy linked positively. It’s not like we can’t do 2 things at once. In fact they … Continue reading

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Humans have a saying . . . well they gotta lotta sayings, but 1 particularly comes to mind right now.  To err is human is what they keep sayin’ over & over again.   So any rational critter would think … Continue reading

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Earthquake in Haiti.  200,000+ lives lost.  Property damage in the billions or trillions.  Does it matter?   Stronger earthquake in Chili.  Significantly fewer human lives lost.  No counting the other critters’ lives lost.  Property damages estimates . . . not … Continue reading

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Talking about WAVING MY FLAG

  Hey!  I like it… UnderDOG.  I’m Buddhist.  I’m using that from now on.  (Usually I don’t say anything @ under God). Hope all is well.  LYL Mochee Quote WAVING MY FLAG

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  I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States  of America.  & 2 the republic for which it stands.  1 nation.  Underdog.  Indivisible.  W/liberty.  & justice.  4 all.   OMG!  Oh no no no.  OpaK9.  That’s not right.  It’s unpatriotic.  … Continue reading

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