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So like there I am . . . all fluffed & blow dried. All excited cause I know the next step from the grooming table is out the door & home again. All my other pals went home . . … Continue reading

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My AuntieM passed on today.  I made acquaintance w/AuntieM on my roadtrip from FLland to the Great State of CA when I was guiding & assisting GrandSire in his relocation efforts. My AuntieM was a good & gentle human.  She’s … Continue reading

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You hear alot these days re: Constitutional Rights & Guarantees, entitlements & endowments, privilege & responsibility. What did the Founding Fathers todolly mean by this section, that subsection? What message were they sending by Articles & Amendments? Who’s Endowed? Who’s … Continue reading

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I’m so proud of my state, the Great State of CA, I could just bark myself Goofy.  Chase my tail around a tree.  Shake paws w/cats . . . (eeeuuu) Alla my BFFs know that we, here in CA, believe … Continue reading

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OMG.  I’ve been soooo remiss in my duties.  What we have here is failure to communicate 1 of my most important functions & activities.  Clearly dropped the ball on my Litterary Activist duties when I failed to include such activities … Continue reading

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Gloryosky Zero.  Sunny Days are here again.  I could not resist a victory lap or 2 on Walkies this weekend . . . what with Sunny CA weather on the return to My Valley. Of course, with the return of good weather … Continue reading

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