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From the Laptop of: OpalK9 OTJ in CA             And        From the Desk of:                                  Igo Pogo,                                  Okeefenokee Swamp, GA                                             Dear President Fidel:   Please pardon our President.  He was whelped with a silver spur in his mouth & it … Continue reading

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Firestorms sweep SoCal.  Raging drought sucks GA dry.  NuAwlens under water . . . again. (NuAwlens!  Yikes! Highly placed sources previously suggested the dikes are safe.-)   SoCal weather forecast is not encouraging.  Santana winds continue to blow.  Not the first time hot air … Continue reading

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Sometimes in the course of daily events it becomes necessary to ask:     What is the difference between fact & fiction?     Is there a difference between Free & freedoms?     What is the difference between rights & privileges?     What’s the … Continue reading

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Saw the Beagle Family today.  Papa Beagle pushing Jr Beagle in the rolling chair.  And the twins, Chesney & Chutney Beagle.  Cute pups but they’re howlers.   On the next block, I spied Deputy Dawg on guard in his driveway. He … Continue reading

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R U NJOYNG The War?  No. No. Not the iWar.  The War. The Documentary on  That war!  GrandSire’s war.   The War by Ken Burns chronicles WWII through personal accounts of men & women from 4 American towns. 17 million Americans served … Continue reading

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R U NJOYNG Kid/Nation?  Y’know?  40 kids. 40 days in abandoned, dust blown Bonanza City.    Cause, before it started, we heard some Pundits & Savants speculating about the threat of Kid/Nation.  Speculation . . . about commercial exploitation of kids.  Speculation & … Continue reading

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We are in the habit, Mymi & me, of long walks on Sundays.  Playgrounds & parks.  Athletic fields & asphalt fields.     Squirrels tease me, chattering & chasing.  I’m always up for a challenge.  I return chase.  Squirrels run up trees.  I circle under.  Squirrels … Continue reading

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