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On Walkies, most recently, we’ve been noticing a lotta domiciles in our neighborhood sporting For Sale signs with small signs attached below so’s you hardly notice the ‘foreclosure’ part of the package.  Alla these domiciles have another thing in common … Continue reading

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Buddy & Lily’s job & responsibilities just got expanded . . . big time.  J1 & his mate, StarsGirl welcomed the family’s newest pup into the AnimalPlanet.comcommunity.  RyMorg was whelped on Mymi’s birthdate.  That’s pretty cool. Peach is tickled pink.  Tootsie … Continue reading

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It’s been just 1 thing after another around here.  It’s enough to drive a dog Goofy trying to prioritize all that requires my attention during these climatologically trying times here in my state.  I just don’t know whether to sit … Continue reading

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I was todally busy, busy, busy while R&Ring @ My Resort & Spa.  There was the party in the Valley of Casinos & Bling which Mymi sent me pix & I hadda photoshop. It was a pretty awesome party for Tootsie … Continue reading

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It happened again.  More gun violence.  More innocent dead.  Community chaos.  Because some guy with a gun & a grudge sought to resolve a personal problem with violence & anger. This time it happened close to home, in the foothills that … Continue reading

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I hadda accompany Mymi to Jazz Fest so we could see JoeBob demonstrate his musical skills & abilities in a local High School competition.  JoeBob is not yet, officially, a high school student but he attends a school that has … Continue reading

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