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We met my BFF Puffin in the park today.  He was accompanying his Mama, JanThurs.  Me n’ Puffin, we schmoozed around, fetched the ball, sniffed out good stuff, chased a squirrel or 2.  Mymi & JanThurs chit-chatted. But Puffin’s just … Continue reading

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On walkies of late, I been noticing lottsa more trash & litter on our neighborhood streets.  Especially on trash days when the big green trucks come loudly along our streets, lift our trash & recycle cans up in the air … Continue reading

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Today Curiosity lands on Mars.  You know . . .  the Martian Space Lander arrives on the Red Planet for lots & lots of extensive exploration to study whether life (presumeably of any sort) has, is or ever could sustain … Continue reading

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