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I been wonderin’ where all the squirrels went on my Walkies through the park on our way to GrandSire’s.  So I was overjoyed & elated to see Simon Squirrel upon arrival @ the park this AM.  I was all like … Continue reading

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Didja see it?  The new AGT winner?  A course there was a big runnup to the final finale big moment.    1st eliminated was Prince Poppycock.  Maybe he did make a bad choice of songs for which Piers buzzed him.  … Continue reading

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Isn’t America’s Got Talent just the most awesome & exciting talent scout competition ever?  It’s my 2nd favorite show on TV, after DWTS of course.  & it’s all down to the wire, the finals, the livin’ end tonight.  I’m biting … Continue reading

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It was a day to remember, this 911.  GrandSire wished to attend the CA Capital Air Show so that’s what we did.  We prepared for the event by purchasing VIP seats in the Reserved Seating tents.  We arrived at the … Continue reading

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9 HY ago today, our friend D was taken from  He was a victim of random violence.  Shot dead by a guy with a gun & a grudge who later turned that gun on himself.  D was just 19 … Continue reading

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For the 1st time in a long time, we went for a long walkies today.  We walked over to GrandSire’s to check his status cause we don’t like follow him on Twitter.  He’s looking forward to the big air show … Continue reading

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Talking about I HAVE A DREAM

  Denial seems to be the new way of life as accepting facts is way too difficult for most…..Until human behavior changes,  we can ask God to Bless America until the cows come home and NOTHING will happen !!!!! What’s done … Continue reading

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