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We, here at Todo Chronicles, understand that it may be a bit early to use the title & honorific.  But we are going to exercise a little journalistic latittude in the manner of our fallen colleague, Tim Russert (ILMO).  Clearly … Continue reading

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Talking about A NEW ATTITUDE

  Quote A NEW ATTITUDE Now that is  what I call puttin’ you money where your muzzle is!! Good job. I did not even know you had two cars?!   Thanks,  Warrendoggy   Dear OK9,  Did you contact Auntie Kim to … Continue reading

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After due diligence & deliberation, GrandSire has determined . . . It is time to get going & go green.    GrandSire says We don’t need 2 cars.  So 1 car must go.  I vote we retain my car.  It’s newer.  … Continue reading

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Talking about A BALL BUSTER

  Right on !!  Annie & GMama Quote A BALL BUSTER

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All critters have a place in the Cosmic Order.  That place might not be obvious to other critters, but  most critters know their place & do their task well.  Some critters have more thanb 1 job in the Cosmic Order.   I’m … Continue reading

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My Dear Humans,   I, __Great Todo _________________________________________________   (Fill in the blank with the diety/dieties of your choice.  For the sake of expediency, I have selected the name Great Todo) have chosen OpalK9 as Messenger on . . . for … Continue reading

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Talking about a Letter from FS Babs

I feel your pain, Babs.  OK9   Dear Louie and Opal,   I, Babette, was in San Francisco this past weekend with Mamá and Papá.  We had a great time! The City is full of great scents, sights, and tastes  … Continue reading

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