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GrandSire expressed a wish & desire to explore this whole State Fair Bidness that’s going on in my city right now.  He’s been reading about it in the papers & hearing State Fair updates on the local news. GrandSire, having … Continue reading

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So amazing . . . Money Mogul Maddoff & Media Monarch Murdoch, Dark Lord of the Media-Evil Empire, become frail & forgetful (conveniently) when the poop hits the fan. We, here @ Todo Chronicles, wish to once again assure our … Continue reading

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GrandSire, veteran of 2 military campaigns, survivor of the Great Depression & Dust Bowl, respected bidness man, keen observer & savvy investor says . . . Sell NewsCorp. When GrandSire speaks . . . Dogs Listen.  OpalK9 OTJ

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We, here @ Todo Chroincles, pledge & promise not to use our considerable media power & influence to divide, distract, conquer & defeat our mediaoric opposition & communication enemies in  We, here @ Todo Chronicles, pledge & promise to use … Continue reading

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HANKIE TECHNOLOGY Can you believe it?  After BP spilled all that oil in the Gulf of MX killing 11 humans & innumerable marine & wildlife, destroying Gulf Coast habitat, commercial activity & the Gulf Coast economy & the Oil Industry promised … Continue reading

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Just returned from our annual 4th of July walkies to Starbucks for our celebratory Black Tea Lemonade.  I mean what could be more patriotic than supporting an American business that respects its employees with adequate compensation and benefits and also … Continue reading

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So lemme get this straight . . . America, the greatest nation in, land of the free, home of the brave, with the most ingenious & industrious citizens, land rich in resources & Can Do Spirit, can’t balance a budget … Continue reading

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