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I hadda go to my Vet’s Office yesterday for my Annual Checkup . . . test for Heartworms, fleas & tick. Make sure I got sound teeth & gums.  You know . . . the usual. The good news is … Continue reading

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My new, very most fave author on the Litterary Scene is Chet The Dog, author of DOG ON IT, a Chet & Bernie Mystery. Chet is a Dog of Noble but Indeterminate Origins.  Chet lives w/his BFF & Companion, Bernie … Continue reading

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Most days, when we walkies over to GrandSire’s to check status, he keeps us very well informed as to the current status of situations locally & around the country & in the hot spots of  He’s a student of current … Continue reading

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It’s been just 1 thing after another around here.  It’s enough to drive a dog Goofy trying to prioritize all that requires my attention during these climatologically trying times here in my state.  I just don’t know whether to sit … Continue reading

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It being Columbus Day & all, we decided to expand our walkies. So after checking status @ GrandSire’s domain, we walkiesed over to the brand, new Shelter for Displaced Pets located in the Gov’mint Park near our domain. The facility … Continue reading

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Didja hear the latest dangerous & subversive conspiracy theory?  It’s shocking.  It’s outrageous.  & we’re not gonna take it.    Humans chit-chat & jabber about all sorts of irrelevancies & unimportancies alike.  They assign lame names & blame for this & … Continue reading

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