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This has been the most craziest & unpredictable weather here in my state, the Great State of CA.  We had a cool dry winter & we didn’t get much needed rain until the HM of April.  We had a beautiful … Continue reading

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It’s been so so busy since returning home from my few days of R&R @ MySpa & Resort.  Unanticipated short break from daily routines & responsibilities.  But I’m back to bidness now & we hadda hit the ground running on … Continue reading

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I shoulda known when Mymi says to me, all bright & cheery like is so not her usual puplic persona, Come OpalK9.  Let’s go for a ride.  & like the ditzy yet eager to please faithful hound that I am, … Continue reading

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  While I could never eVer in 1MHY hope to match this photography (sent to me by an anonymous donor) with my little Smartphone . . . I did manage to capture the guy below sitting on the fence right … Continue reading

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