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Yesterday we took a nice long Walkies.  We, of course, went to GrandSire’s to see what’s the haps there.  Things were good. It was a nice sunny day.  I was most pleased & gratified to cover ground we had covered … Continue reading

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It being President’s Day & all, we took GrandSire to see Big Miracle.  It’s a movie about how Pres. Ronald Reagan, a President whom GrandSire greatly admired once upon a time, & a Global Community Partnership, Saved the Whales . … Continue reading

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J-Li was a very good friend to us.  He worked hard & knew his purpose.  He was always kind & patient & generously helped others. So long J-Li.  You will be missed.  We’re sure you will return to your Maker.  … Continue reading

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Things, as they say, are looking up.  All the economic indicators indicate it’s so.  Across the broad spectrum of Sectors of the Economy.  People are getting jobs . . . going to work.  They got more to spend to put … Continue reading

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1.      You want to support small, local, US businesses — The New Rules Project reported in 2010 that the 20 biggest banks “devote only 18 percent of their commercial loan portfolios to small business,” despite the clear need to spur small-business…

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Dear Mr. President, Barko Bama: We, here @ Todo Chronicles, want to tell you that we been polling K9 Nation.  Consensus of opinion among Enlightened Dogs is that you been doing a prettt good job under difficult circumstances.  Rolling a … Continue reading

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