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Yesterday we took a nice long Walkies.  We, of course, went to GrandSire’s to see what’s the haps there.  Things were good. It was a nice sunny day.  I was most pleased & gratified to cover ground we had covered … Continue reading

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It being President’s Day & all, we took GrandSire to see Big Miracle.  It’s a movie about how Pres. Ronald Reagan, a President whom GrandSire greatly admired once upon a time, & a Global Community Partnership, Saved the Whales . … Continue reading

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J-Li was a very good friend to us.  He worked hard & knew his purpose.  He was always kind & patient & generously helped others. So long J-Li.  You will be missed.  We’re sure you will return to your Maker.  … Continue reading

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Things, as they say, are looking up.  All the economic indicators indicate it’s so.  Across the broad spectrum of Sectors of the Economy.  People are getting jobs . . . going to work.  They got more to spend to put … Continue reading

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Dear Mr. President, Barko Bama: We, here @ Todo Chronicles, want to tell you that we been polling K9 Nation.  Consensus of opinion among Enlightened Dogs is that you been doing a prettt good job under difficult circumstances.  Rolling a … Continue reading

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