Yesterday being yet another warming & relentlessly sunny day, me n Mymi couldn’t decide whether to Walkies over to the Pond to deliver our most recent Nat Geo to the GrandSire Memorial Nat Geo Library there at the Pond or Walkies to the store to purchase peanut butter, a staple flavor in our domain. We opted for the Pond.
We waved as we passed by our friends Paul & MaggsKay9 at the park. We usually see them at the small park in the opposite direction. But I guess we all need a change of pace.

We arrived at the Pond & exchanged pleasantries with the young lady at the front desk that used to be manned by Bonnie. She made prizes for the parties at the Pond but she retired. GrandSire won a glass Santa filled with marshmallows.

We also exchanged pleasantries with the Diva of the Pond. A very dramatic appearing lady who uses a rolling chair to motate. She remembered GrandSire fondly. She knows me & remembered my name is a gem, which I would have to agree with her. She doesn’t let the rolling chair stop her from looking lovely & stylish . . . for a human of a certain age.

Then we proceeded on our way to the Big Community Park & Middle School where we always Walkies. Often we meetup with JanThurs & Daisy Duke Dog. Yesterday, however, they were not present.

But we made new friends. Cecil & AJ were visiting from another neighborhood, not our immediate neighborhood. Cecil B. Pooch is of Noble Character & Breeding being a Jack Beagle, that is a Jack Russell Terrier & Beagle. Cecil loves to run & chase a ball almost a large as he is. The ball has holes so he can sink teeth into the situation & carry it to a far corner of the park & then go about his exploration. Until he tires of that & retrieves the ball & carries it back to AJ for another toss.

Cecil n me, we said our howdy-dos & went about our bidness. I like to sniff out & investigate recent park visitors. I like to roll in the shady thick grass under trees. I like to run & chase butterflies, should any be out there. Cecil just likes to run & run.

Mymi & AJ struck up a lengthy conversation discussing the wonders of K9s. & why wouldn’t they considering their companions of the day? AJ related to Mymi a story about an Informal Dog Park in their neighborhood. I mean, there are Dog Parks in the area. Me n Mymi used to go to one but it was a long ways away & we hadda get in the car to get there. I really loved the H20 feature but they hadda do away with it. Not bc of drought bc that was a long time ago in the Pre-Drought Era. Word was it became poison for dogs to swim in & drink bc it was reclaimed water & it became toxic with poisons spread about to control pests of many natures.

So anyway, at this Informal Dog Park, there is an Unofficial Mayor. He doesn’t allow the Unofficiousness of his office stand in the way of patrolling the park. If he spies any human allowing Poop to go unattend & cleaned up, he promptly reminds the human companion of his/her responsibilities. Patrons of the park also contribute plastic grocery bags, which are going out of style in CA, but as I previously observed, they do have their re-uses. Patrons also contribute shovels to re-cover holes any enterprising dog may dig to uncover treasure like, for instance, bones. AJ relates that it’s just the neighborly & right thing to do. We couldn’t agree more.

Upon departure, AJ declared, Good-bye My Beautiful Sistahs. Have a blessed day. What a beautiful morning encounter.
OpalK9 OTJ

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I just had the todolly most awesomely funnest day eVer! In a long time.

Gotta admit. At 1st I was somewhat skeptical when Mymi said . . . Jump in the car OpalK9. We’re going for a ride.

BC usually We’re going for a ride is code for you’re going to your Spa & Resort. Not that I have anything against MySpa & Resort. They’re good peeps & they know how to treat a Senior Dog right. But it ain’t Home.

So yeah! I was skeptical. But I did finally got into the car & off we went to a big, big park a short ride from our Domain. In this instance it’s known as a Habitat Restoration Area, whatever that means. I’m guessing it means that it’s Big. Room enough for all critters that go there to run around & sniff & enjoy the Great Outdoors.

At the Habitat Restoration Area, we met Mymi’s friend, 211Kristen. She’s Wink’s mama. Wink is a Princely Poodle of Noble & Standard stature & heritage. White color & markings. Wink is all Poodle. He loves the Great Outdoors.

Did you know Poodles were originally bred as duck retrievers & those goofy poofy bouffant coat stylings are actually helpful to Poodles when doing what they’re bred to do. Wink, however, was not coiffed in such a manner.

Wink loves to run so Me n Wink, we took off for the stream that runs thru the wetlands for miles & miles. Mymi & 211Kristen just walked & talked along the pathways. But Me & Wink we had ourselves a great time running & chasing. There were ducks & squirrels, rabbits & other birds. White birds with long thin necks. & gray 1s too. Critters I couldn’t identify as I’ve been outta the loop for a time.

There remains some water in the creek so, of course, I hadda make use of the mud bath. Get right down in it. Roll around. Get the scent & ambiance of the locale so I could remember it fondly.

Wink showed me lots of good stuff. Wink is a good deal bigger than me so he could out run me sometimes. But I showed him a thing or 2 when I did a Jump & Run & spied a rabbit while Wink was down on the stream bed just chasing around trying to find another critter to play with.

We had a Blast. Wink is a todolly Cool & Stand Up sorta fellow. Mymi n 211Kristen agreed to meetup again real soon. I hope so. It was so Fun. Funnest Day eVer in a long time.
OpalK9 OTJ

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Dear Gov. Moonbeam;
S’cuse me for bothering you again, but we, here at Todo Chronicles, todolly didn’t know about the situation discussed in the link below when we contacted you last HW regarding budgets & the current Droughtful Situation our state, the Great State of CA is suffering.

How. Could. You? Gov. Moonbeam. Permit Sweet Heart Deals such as that described in the link below to continue at the expense of the rest of this state which you are supposed to be Stewarding through an Unanticipated & Impending Total Disaster.

We all gotta do our part. Selling zillions of gallons of H20 to large corporations for next to $0 & then said corporation selling it back to us for large profit is just . . . UNACCEPTABLE. & selling fresh water to Big Oil so that they can pump if full of toxics & push it into the ground to extract dirty oil is just . . . CRAZY.

Meanwhile, We, the Expendable Citizens, gotta live on buckets/day. Not water lawns. Etc. I mean pretty soon humans will need Us dogs to lick them clean bc there’s no water to shower.

We, here at Todo Chronicles, would encourage you to re-examine the Great State of CA’s budget priorities. Reassess the budget situation in light of the fact that we’ll be outta water in another year. There’s no time to build your stupid tunnels even if they were good ideas. Why don’tcha figure out how to build a water pipeline east to west bc My UncaT & AuntieTeach are overburdened with snow back there in the East. They got Snow Farms filled to capacity with snow. & when it melts it’s all gonna go into the oceans causing them to rise faster. Water pipes would be a Hellova lot safer & cleaner than KXLs & bomb trains running thru our cities.

Come on, Mr. Gov. Put your Thinking Cap on. You don’t even deserve to be called Gov. Moonbeam anymore.

OpalK9 OTJ for

Yr Disgruntled K9 Constituents

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Dear Gov. Moonbeam:

As you know I am usually a big Fan & Supporter of My State, The Great State of CA. IMHO good ideas start in CA & drift eastward. Happens alla the time. But I dunno. This droughtful situation we are experiencing presently, well the Great State of CA was pretty slow in grasping the Concept of Water Conservation.

So I gotta tell you, it just Blows My Mind that the State is just now addressing this droughtful situation by directing a large amount of funding for Flood Control. Dear Gov. Moonbeam, it hasn’t rained in any appreciable amounts, amounts sufficient to fill our dams & reservoirs in 4 years!. Same dams & reservoirs are down, way down below 50% capacity. & + the Ground Water situation is equally as dire. Not to mention, Snow Pack is gone, baby, gone. That’s where 1/3 of our H20 comes from. What’s to flood?

We got driy lake beds. We got parched river & stream beds. We got fallow crop fields. Why oh why are we considering flood control. I mean I understand that funding may already have been allocated for flood control. But come on, Gov. Times change. Weather patterns change. Resources dry up. We gotta get lighter on our feet. Keep up with the times. & admit Global Climate Change is real & it’s drying up CA, not to mention, & to a slightly lesser extent, the West. Face it Gov. Global Climate Change requires a rethinking of funding & resource allocation. Conservation & adjustment.

I know. I know. I’m Just A Dog. But us K9s & other critters need water to live just like human. So we, here at Todo Chronicles, think we’re entitled to some say in the situation. Of course, we believe we K9s are good citizens & know as much of what’s going on as many, or maybe most, humans, who tend toward willful ignorance in situations that are outside their comfort zone. But that’s an issue for another day. Just sayin’.

Some of Us in the Critterverse suspect that this might be a ploy to get the Tunnels started. & we definitely oppose the Tunnels. #StopTheTunnels. #SaveThe Delta. Plans & data for the Tunnels Under the Delta are based on obsolete data assuming weather patterns will remain the same as the last 100 HY, which is a pretty short span in Geologic Time to base your plans on. Even us Dogs understand that. So we don’t necessarily need flood control anymore even if the Tunnels were well advised. But they are not.

Why don’tcha redirect that money toward H20 Conservation. Like cover irrigation canals. Like drip irrigation on drought tolerant landscaping. Low water use plumbing in residential & commercial construction. Retrofit every existing structure with low water use plumbing. Like appropriate H20 conserving irrigation for our crops & orchards. Like restricting Urban Sprawl. It’s not that hard. We gotta catch up & jump into the 21st Century. & + alla this will create jobs, especially for people who lost a job due to the drought. It ain’t that hard to figure out!

Come on Gov. Moonbeam. CA is always at the forefront of innovation. Sometimes bc we hadda be or bc Left Coast Liberalism opens up minds to innovation. We gotta take this bull by the horns. Just get out ahead of this Droughtful Situation before it becomes a reverse Dust Bowl. & guess what . . . there’s nowhere to migrate to anymore.

Just sayin’.

OpalK9 OTJ

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In MyNeighborhood it is just considered Good Form & Polite to properly dispose of waste, trash & litter. There are trash cans & Proper Containers located in parks for just such purposes.

We went for Walkies the other day to the Little Park nearest our Domain. We met up with a Granny. She was playing Swings with her little GrandPups. Male & Female. They were having fun. Granny pushed them on the Swings. They jumped off & ran around the Play Area. They giggled & laughed as only human young can do.

We said Hello & a Pleasant Good Day to Granny. She replied likewise. At which point, Granny asked politely, Do you have any extra plastic bags?

This caused some extended conversation at whereupon Granny explained that there was some unpleasant human waste left on the picnic bench & table.

We immediately offered a couple of plastic bags we carry around for such purposes, usually K9 Poop. But often we pick up litter & other waste people accidently (I’m sure) leave behind. Granny was particularly upset that anyone could be so rude & thoughtless as to leave Barf & an Unauthorized Beverage Container in the Park for someone else to clean up so that others could use the picnic bench on that lovely & relentlessly sunny CA day.

Being Litterary Activists, we completely understood Granny’s objections offered our Plastic Bags. Granny was pretty brave & thorough to even attempt to rectify such an ugly & disgusting mess. But Granny was diligent & got some of that disgusting mess up offa the bench. She placed the bags & the Unauthorized Beverage Container in the Proper Waste Container provided by Park Management. We certainly hope this unfortunate incident does not recur. However, the Good News is we have uncovered a beneficial use for Plastic Bags, other than Poop Bags.

We encourage our BFFs to place any unneeded Plastic Bags in Park Management Containers provided for extra Plastic Bags for Bagless Park Visitor’s & Friends. It’s considered Good Form & Polite & is 1 good use for Plastic Bags.

Tomorrow & for a few days thereafter, I’m gonna hafta be on my Very Best Behavior. My AuntieJudy is coming for My Walkies so that Mymi can go off & get the Cat Track removed from the Other Eye. As she is slightly incapacitated & Outta Sorts thereafter, I better be on my Very Best Behavior. OpalK9 OTJ

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The other day, a beeeautiful, sunshiney day, warm with gentle breezes, Mymi n me set out on our Walkies. It was so pretty it just awakened my usual optimism & characteristic enthusiasm. We decided to head over to the Neighborhood Park that’s on the way to The Pond.

Upon reaching the Park I spied a couple of squirrels out enjoying the sunshine & fresh air. I ran up to them but before I could reach them & say howdy, they scattered. 1 fellow ran up the tree nearest himself. The other guy ran to a tree a little further away. I just knew he wanted to chat with me at eye level.

He reached his tree & ran up it a little ways. Then he started running around the tree, playing Tree Tag. He ran around & around & up & down that tree. He ran real fast. He stopped as fast. He went up. He went down. We were having so much fun. We didn’t chat much.

We were having so much fun. I started yipping & barking just for the shear fun & the heck of it. That made Chatterless run even faster. He was having fun too. I could tell.

That’s when Spoil Sport Mymi hadda spoil all our fun. She spoke sharply to me. Very sharply. Barked my name. & I came immediately to attention. What else could I do?

She said that squirrel didn’t wanna play anymore. I disagree but by that time, Chatterless the Squirrel ran down our tree & over to his friend’s tree & up it. Game over.

Upon continuing Walkies out of the Park, onward to the Community/School Park, Mymi delivered a lecture in serious human tones. She called me a Bully. Me! OpalK9. Said I should be more sensitive to my friends’ body language & messages. Huh?

So I hadda be extra special vigilant & mindful to listen to & observe all Mymi’s signals & commands on the remainder of our Walkies. Mymi said I got a 50/50 for Walkies that day bc I was a Bully but I was real good & 100% spot on thereafter.

Yesterday, a not so pretty, foggy, damp & chilly day, Mymi hadda get gripped. I don’t know. Something to do with Golf, which I don’t get anyway. I had some experience with Golf during my stay in FLland. I guess Golf is a Human Thing. I mean, to me, there are so many more fun things you can do with balls & sticks. But that’s just me & every other dog on I digress. We left Mymi’s golf sticks at the Grips place.

From the Grips place it was just a ball’s throw to the BIGGEST park I have eVer seen. I mean this place had it all. A Zoo. Fairy Tale Town where they make all the Animation Fairy Tales, I guess . Even a golf course which I recognized right away from previous experience. 1 little teeny tiny drawback. I hadda remain on the leach. Bc no dogs allowed in various sections of the Big Park.

But I was game & we set off. I mean I’m not a dog to turn down a new Adventure. We walked under some pretty big trees. They had lotsa good smells at the base. We walked by a picnic area with tables & benches & trash cans. They got some pretty exciting odors. We walked thru the Rock Garden & past the pond. We were very careful to stay out of the golfers’ line of fire so’s not to upset a golfer. They take it pretty seriously.

We walked & walked & then we crossed a street. IMHO streets are pretty much the same everywhere. They meander & weave without any rhyme or reason & they all smell like oil & exhaust. Yuck.

But on the other side of the street, we spied another Person/Pooch Duo having unleashed fun in the Park. So Mymi let me off mine. She followed me while I ran & explored. Rolled & scratched in the wet grass. Those other guys were playing catch but somehow Mymi neglected to bring my ChuckIt. So it was ad-lib fun but fun nonetheless.

After not enough time (for myself) of unleashed fun, it was time to leash up again & head for the car. That’s when Mymi discovered she had no idea which way to the car.

We proceeded to the Right. Keep walking Rights, Mymi said, & we’ll make a circle & end up back where we started. Well I wasn’t too sure about that but hadda take her word for it. After all, I was the 1 on the short leash.

We kept walking & long after I knew we’d already passed the same domains & buildings & markings previously, Mymi stopped. She said . . . do you know where we are OpalK9? Cause I don’t. Then she started complaining about wet feet. Said her feet were sloshing in her shoes. We started walking again.

Came to another fork in the road. She complained about her wet feet. Said they need time to drain a little. Looked around for the car. We continued walking.

Another stop. More complaint about wet feet. Why didn’t I know where we were? Hey! I’m Just A Dog. Finally. Finally. She got smart. She pulled out her SmartPhone with GPS. Low & behold. We went around the park 2x & were on the opposite side of the Big Park from the Car Park. Go Figure!

So we walked around the perimeter of the park, following carefully street signs & names. Avoiding the Golf Course & sensitive Golfers. We walked in the tree groves with many big trees with lotsa good smells beneath. Naturally I hadda leave pee-mail to expand my social network, in case we ever pass that way again. Or in case I’m recognized on FB or Twitter.

We arrived back at the car after a long & adventurous Walkies, Mymi griping & complaining all the way about wet feet & lack of direction. Myself, personally, I thought it ROCKED. A Grand Adventure. I guess 1 dog’s Adventure is another’s Misadventure. OpalK9 OTJ

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Sheeew! Doggies! Sometimes it’s pretty hard to know what to do bc things keep on changing. Just when ya think ya know what’s what & what’s gonna happen next, they pull the mat outta your crate & you’re left there with a bowl of grits or something. Kinda hard to maintain your Good Dog & Know Your Purpose status.

Like, fur instance, this particular HW. I been working hard trying to resume my usual routine, guarding & Walkies with Mymi. Chatting with chipmunks & wrangling squirrels into their proper niche. This HW, my Auntie Judy came to our Domain on the usual & routine day, the day on which I have grown to expect to see her & we go Walkies to the park where she throws the ball for me. I just love to chase that ball & return it to my Auntie Judy. She’s getting pretty good at throwing it too.

The next day proceeded as per usual. Me n Mymi took a nice long Walkies to the USPO so that we could deposit Heart Cards & presents to our Valentines. That’s a nice long Walkies & 1 I have grown familiar with & look forward to. So that was cool.

The next day, which is Mymi’s usual Canhardly Golf day, Mymi & Golfernut left our Domain & my Auntie Judy came to take me to the park which I cannot object to but it was out of our usual routine. Mymi said they were going to take the Cat Tracks outta her eyes. WTFrack?

Upon returning to our Domain, Mymi did the couch potato thing the rest of the day with stuff stuck in her eye. Didn’t look like Cat Tracks to me which I would surely recognize. Any self respecting K9 knows Cat Tracks.

But the next day, my Auntie Judy came to fetch me, so I thought. But Mymi put a treat on my mat & told me to stay & then they got in Auntie Judy’s car to go. Well I didn’t get that & ran out of MySpot to get in the car. Mymi told me to get on my mat & stay. Well what could I do? But I was confused & despondent, for sure. Then no sooner did they leave than they returned & I thought they had discovered their mistake in leaving me behind. So I ran out to get a treat from Auntie Judy & get into the car for a ride to the park. Turns out Mymi forgot something & they left me behind again. You can imagine my confusion, anxiety & frustration.

They finally returned but by then I was enjoying the sunshine & fresh air by my pool fully resigned to the fact that I’d been left behind, prolly forever. & I’d never learn why Cat Tracks caused this personal CATastrophe. I was feeling pretty low & alone & depressed.

Me n Mymi went for a nice Walkies upon my Auntie Judy’s departure. I got to do some serious consideration about our relationship while enjoying my freedom to roam & patrol the neighborhood as customary. But I still had some consideration to consider so I remained inside my Domain, on my mat with my BFF, Venza, to further mull this situation over.

I have concluded that even tho I am still unsure what Cat Tracks in human eyes is, I sure wouldn’t wanna have ’em myself. & Mymi hadda visit her vet in order to take care of this malady. Now I just gotta get past these feelings of insecurity every time something out of the ordinary happens & causes me to think I’m gonna get left behind for another long, long, interminable amount of time. Old Dogs don’t like changes to our routine. I’ll get over it. I’m a good dog & know my purpose.

OpalK9 OTJ
PS: Mymi says the Cat Tracks are gone. Check out the irises. *B-) cool

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