The other day, a beeeautiful, sunshiney day, warm with gentle breezes, Mymi n me set out on our Walkies. It was so pretty it just awakened my usual optimism & characteristic enthusiasm. We decided to head over to the Neighborhood Park that’s on the way to The Pond.

Upon reaching the Park I spied a couple of squirrels out enjoying the sunshine & fresh air. I ran up to them but before I could reach them & say howdy, they scattered. 1 fellow ran up the tree nearest himself. The other guy ran to a tree a little further away. I just knew he wanted to chat with me at eye level.

He reached his tree & ran up it a little ways. Then he started running around the tree, playing Tree Tag. He ran around & around & up & down that tree. He ran real fast. He stopped as fast. He went up. He went down. We were having so much fun. We didn’t chat much.

We were having so much fun. I started yipping & barking just for the shear fun & the heck of it. That made Chatterless run even faster. He was having fun too. I could tell.

That’s when Spoil Sport Mymi hadda spoil all our fun. She spoke sharply to me. Very sharply. Barked my name. & I came immediately to attention. What else could I do?

She said that squirrel didn’t wanna play anymore. I disagree but by that time, Chatterless the Squirrel ran down our tree & over to his friend’s tree & up it. Game over.

Upon continuing Walkies out of the Park, onward to the Community/School Park, Mymi delivered a lecture in serious human tones. She called me a Bully. Me! OpalK9. Said I should be more sensitive to my friends’ body language & messages. Huh?

So I hadda be extra special vigilant & mindful to listen to & observe all Mymi’s signals & commands on the remainder of our Walkies. Mymi said I got a 50/50 for Walkies that day bc I was a Bully but I was real good & 100% spot on thereafter.

Yesterday, a not so pretty, foggy, damp & chilly day, Mymi hadda get gripped. I don’t know. Something to do with Golf, which I don’t get anyway. I had some experience with Golf during my stay in FLland. I guess Golf is a Human Thing. I mean, to me, there are so many more fun things you can do with balls & sticks. But that’s just me & every other dog on I digress. We left Mymi’s golf sticks at the Grips place.

From the Grips place it was just a ball’s throw to the BIGGEST park I have eVer seen. I mean this place had it all. A Zoo. Fairy Tale Town where they make all the Animation Fairy Tales, I guess . Even a golf course which I recognized right away from previous experience. 1 little teeny tiny drawback. I hadda remain on the leach. Bc no dogs allowed in various sections of the Big Park.

But I was game & we set off. I mean I’m not a dog to turn down a new Adventure. We walked under some pretty big trees. They had lotsa good smells at the base. We walked by a picnic area with tables & benches & trash cans. They got some pretty exciting odors. We walked thru the Rock Garden & past the pond. We were very careful to stay out of the golfers’ line of fire so’s not to upset a golfer. They take it pretty seriously.

We walked & walked & then we crossed a street. IMHO streets are pretty much the same everywhere. They meander & weave without any rhyme or reason & they all smell like oil & exhaust. Yuck.

But on the other side of the street, we spied another Person/Pooch Duo having unleashed fun in the Park. So Mymi let me off mine. She followed me while I ran & explored. Rolled & scratched in the wet grass. Those other guys were playing catch but somehow Mymi neglected to bring my ChuckIt. So it was ad-lib fun but fun nonetheless.

After not enough time (for myself) of unleashed fun, it was time to leash up again & head for the car. That’s when Mymi discovered she had no idea which way to the car.

We proceeded to the Right. Keep walking Rights, Mymi said, & we’ll make a circle & end up back where we started. Well I wasn’t too sure about that but hadda take her word for it. After all, I was the 1 on the short leash.

We kept walking & long after I knew we’d already passed the same domains & buildings & markings previously, Mymi stopped. She said . . . do you know where we are OpalK9? Cause I don’t. Then she started complaining about wet feet. Said her feet were sloshing in her shoes. We started walking again.

Came to another fork in the road. She complained about her wet feet. Said they need time to drain a little. Looked around for the car. We continued walking.

Another stop. More complaint about wet feet. Why didn’t I know where we were? Hey! I’m Just A Dog. Finally. Finally. She got smart. She pulled out her SmartPhone with GPS. Low & behold. We went around the park 2x & were on the opposite side of the Big Park from the Car Park. Go Figure!

So we walked around the perimeter of the park, following carefully street signs & names. Avoiding the Golf Course & sensitive Golfers. We walked in the tree groves with many big trees with lotsa good smells beneath. Naturally I hadda leave pee-mail to expand my social network, in case we ever pass that way again. Or in case I’m recognized on FB or Twitter.

We arrived back at the car after a long & adventurous Walkies, Mymi griping & complaining all the way about wet feet & lack of direction. Myself, personally, I thought it ROCKED. A Grand Adventure. I guess 1 dog’s Adventure is another’s Misadventure. OpalK9 OTJ

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Sheeew! Doggies! Sometimes it’s pretty hard to know what to do bc things keep on changing. Just when ya think ya know what’s what & what’s gonna happen next, they pull the mat outta your crate & you’re left there with a bowl of grits or something. Kinda hard to maintain your Good Dog & Know Your Purpose status.

Like, fur instance, this particular HW. I been working hard trying to resume my usual routine, guarding & Walkies with Mymi. Chatting with chipmunks & wrangling squirrels into their proper niche. This HW, my Auntie Judy came to our Domain on the usual & routine day, the day on which I have grown to expect to see her & we go Walkies to the park where she throws the ball for me. I just love to chase that ball & return it to my Auntie Judy. She’s getting pretty good at throwing it too.

The next day proceeded as per usual. Me n Mymi took a nice long Walkies to the USPO so that we could deposit Heart Cards & presents to our Valentines. That’s a nice long Walkies & 1 I have grown familiar with & look forward to. So that was cool.

The next day, which is Mymi’s usual Canhardly Golf day, Mymi & Golfernut left our Domain & my Auntie Judy came to take me to the park which I cannot object to but it was out of our usual routine. Mymi said they were going to take the Cat Tracks outta her eyes. WTFrack?

Upon returning to our Domain, Mymi did the couch potato thing the rest of the day with stuff stuck in her eye. Didn’t look like Cat Tracks to me which I would surely recognize. Any self respecting K9 knows Cat Tracks.

But the next day, my Auntie Judy came to fetch me, so I thought. But Mymi put a treat on my mat & told me to stay & then they got in Auntie Judy’s car to go. Well I didn’t get that & ran out of MySpot to get in the car. Mymi told me to get on my mat & stay. Well what could I do? But I was confused & despondent, for sure. Then no sooner did they leave than they returned & I thought they had discovered their mistake in leaving me behind. So I ran out to get a treat from Auntie Judy & get into the car for a ride to the park. Turns out Mymi forgot something & they left me behind again. You can imagine my confusion, anxiety & frustration.

They finally returned but by then I was enjoying the sunshine & fresh air by my pool fully resigned to the fact that I’d been left behind, prolly forever. & I’d never learn why Cat Tracks caused this personal CATastrophe. I was feeling pretty low & alone & depressed.

Me n Mymi went for a nice Walkies upon my Auntie Judy’s departure. I got to do some serious consideration about our relationship while enjoying my freedom to roam & patrol the neighborhood as customary. But I still had some consideration to consider so I remained inside my Domain, on my mat with my BFF, Venza, to further mull this situation over.

I have concluded that even tho I am still unsure what Cat Tracks in human eyes is, I sure wouldn’t wanna have ‘em myself. & Mymi hadda visit her vet in order to take care of this malady. Now I just gotta get past these feelings of insecurity every time something out of the ordinary happens & causes me to think I’m gonna get left behind for another long, long, interminable amount of time. Old Dogs don’t like changes to our routine. I’ll get over it. I’m a good dog & know my purpose.

OpalK9 OTJ
PS: Mymi says the Cat Tracks are gone. Check out the irises. *B-) cool

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So now things are beginning to settle into dull routine. & I mean dull in only the best way possible. Dull as in familiar & comfortable. But there are still changes afoot.

For instance, me n Takoa are not just todolly familiar & comfortable with each other as next door neighbors. Takoa is still working on Flatland Ways. & Takoa never told me he has a Feline BFF named Zeus.

Ooopsy! Jumpy keyboards are a challenge for the Digitally Challenged. So anyway . . . as I was saying.

Takoa & Zeus are BFFs, practically litter mates except well, you know, Takoa’s a dog & Zeus is a cat. I’m all for diversity but mixed species . . . well I dunno.

As the New HY rolls around so does Awards Season in the Entertainment Industry. So many awards. So much Glitz & Glam. Praise & honor for the talented & creative amongst the Humans.

There’s the SAGgies & the Grannys, the Emmys & the Academy Awards. Awards for movies & TV, for music & wardrobe (which humans wouldn’t need if they’da just kept their fur on).

Not sure if Pompeii won an award for last HY but it was the most popular song of HY 2014. We, here at Todo Chronicles, think it oughta win some kind of award for the Song Most Beneficial to Planetary Survival.

We like the music. We give that an 8. We like the beat. Very good for vigorous walkiesing. We give that a 9. But the words . . . we give them a 10. Remember, words are what humans believe sets them apart from other species on Sometimes, we here at Todo Chronicles, wish they would actually listen to their words.

The words to Pompeii talk about the eruption of a very big volcano a long long time ago in a place far far away from My Valley. Far in distance. But . . . not so far in other respects.

The eruption of Mt. Vesuvius was 1 of the most catastrophic events in European history & it happened in 79 AD which is like Y2K HY ago. A long long time ago. People there at the time wrote all about it & that writing still exists today. Imagine that. Volcanic gas, rocks, ash & fumes were spewed high up into the air. Bout as high as a satellite orbiting around up there today. This happened over a brief period of a couple of days & there wasn’t much anybody could do about it. Can’t stuff toothpaste back into a tube, even with thumbs.

Altho the eruption occurred quickly, the residents of the area had some indications of what spewing gases & carbon dioxide can do to air breathing critters. It can kill ‘em dead.

The words to the song say:

And the walls kept tumbling down
In the city that we love
Great clouds roll over the hills
Bringing darkness from above
But if you close your eyes,
Does it almost feel like
Nothing changed at all?
And if you close your eyes,
Does it almost feel like
You’ve been here before?
How am I gonna be an optimist about this?

So how long are humans gonna keep sticking their heads in the sand, closing their eyes to what’s happening all over today? Only now it’s not a volcano spewing catastrophic amounts of carbon dioxide all over. It’s human activity. Carbon Dioxide is Carbon Dioxide. & there’s still some of it floating around since the beginning of the Industrial Age. It’s accumulating until the atmosphere can’t absorb any more. & so fires rage hotter. Winter blizzards paralyze major cities. Hurricane season is year around. Ocean levels rise. Shore lines sink. Droughts are longer & more often. Humans are creating their own destruction & all they can do is SING about it. Makes you wonder just how humans fancy themselves at the top of the food chain. Of course, they can be knocked off pretty fast. Just ask a dinosaur . . . if you can find 1.

So, we here at Todo Chronicles, think that somewhere amongst all the awards handed out this awards season there oughta be a Pompeii Award.

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I been playing Ketchup ever since returning home to my Domain. You know. I got all these important tasks & responsibilities I gotta Ketchup on.

Of course, there’s my Neighborhood Patrol responsibilities. Since I been away so long, whole strings of messaging have been obliterated. Not so much by rain which we haven’t had any significant amounts of since before I left, (but drought is a long issue for another day) but just by time & the scent of strangers passing by. So now I gotta investigate each & every message & add my comment to the peemail strings. Us Neighborhood Patrollers gotta stay networked.

There’s watching out for my old Buds & BFFs like Maggie. We usually see her & her Papa Paul in 1 neighborhood park but lately we been seeing them in the other. We hadda stop & have a long chat with them. Actually, the 1st time we encountered Maggie & Paul in this new location, Paul was chatting with a Lady that lives under a bridge next to Jesus’s Center of Education & Worship. She was quite chatty & we never did ascertain why Maggie & Paul changed destinations before we hadda MoveOn. Maggie didn’t seem to know or care 1 way or the other.

We encountered old BFFs like Daisy Duke & JanThurs. They are doing fine. Me n Daisy like to meet n greet & then go on about our bidness in a separate yet collaborative manner. JanThurs & Mymi like to chit & chat about this, that & the other.

We have new NextDoor Neighbors. Ken & Carla & Takoa. Until the other day, me n Takoa had merely exchanged greetings thru the fence. But we got to meet eye to eye, face to face the other day. Takoa is a rangy 4 HY old Huskie of Indistinct, tho no less Noble Heritage. He’s still a bit young & immature so I gotta show him the ropes of life in the Big City. Takoa & his family moved here from Fiddletown, in the Foot Hills. So Takoa needs to learn to know & appreciate Flatland Ways. I think, with my Guidance & Assistance, Takoa will soon learn. Takoa’s a good dog & willing to adjust to the Flatlands & know his purpose.

This being the 1st month of the current year marks the 100th HY since GrandSire was whelped. Our cousin Perky in MO pointed this out to us. & we are happy to be reminded. We immediately contacted our personal flower people in FLland to have red, white & blue flowers located in the place where GrandSire & GrandDam are laid to rest. Thanks to Cousin Perky. RIP GrandSire & GrandDam. We miss you. All of us.

GrandSire shares a birthdate with another Notable & Noble American. The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. There will be parades & prayer services & a holiday marking this occasion. RIP Dr. MLK Jr.

Now I gotta get Mymi going so we can go Walkies. I just gotta Ketchup. OpalK9 OTJ

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It has been far, far . . . far too long since I connected with my network. Contacted my BFFs & reachd out to my community. & It’s. Not. My. Fault.

Oh sure. A little R&R at MyResort & Spa is fine & dandy. But I got left there. Abandoned! Til I thought I wasn’t eVer going home. I mean I get it. I’d love to fly to the Valley of Casinos & Bling. I’m a veteran flyer K9. I’d like to celebrate Tis the Season. Meetup with my cousins, Lilly & Max. But that ain’t gonna happen & I’m cool with that. Too many people. Too many K9s all in 1 domain. & all the other comins’ & goins associated with Tis the Season. Plus, my Cousin Rocky & Gang reminds me that it’s not so cool for K9s that aren’t ‘zackly service K9s to hop aboard a plane anymore. So I’m cool with alla that . . . far as that goes.

But then Mymi & her friend went on a road trip. I been on road trips before. I guided & assisted in shepherding GrandSire out here to reside in my state, the Gr8 St8 of CA. FLland is not ‘zackly the most pet friendly place on I negotiated & navigated my way thru there. But, I’m told, they visited places even less K9 friendly than the golf courses & beaches of FLland. How can this K9 intolerance be?

So I missed the Grand Canyon which, here again this is hearsay, is a grand gouge in the crust of this our home planet. Wonderful to behold. Awe inspiring. But I didn’t getta behold bc I’m a mere K9. I missed the Salton Sea which they just drove around. Heck I ride in cars all the time but I didn’t get the chance bc I was back here in My Valley, waiting . . . patiently . . . or maybe not so much.

They took a twirling tram ride (whatever a tram is) over new fallen snow to the top of a mountain. Missed that. Bc I’m Just A Dog. Mymi said it was very very crowded with long lines waiting to go up. You hadda wait to park the car. You hadda wait in line to take the shuttle to wait in line to get on the tram. & big crowds at the top of the ride. Lines to return. So perhaps I didn’t miss much there. But still.

There was also the Living Desert with a lotta animals from Africa which is another continent far far away from America. I don’t think I’ll ever get there to visit bc I’m Just A Dog & can’t ride on airplanes anymore. So I woulda liked to see this zoo with all the wild & exotic animals that are injured & can’t survive in their natural habitat & all the natural plant habitat in the CA desert around the Sea of Salt. That woulda been cool.

& the location of Temporary Residence was not at all Pet Friendly. They didn’t all 4-footed furry visitors under any circumstances. I tell ya. It’s just not fair. Tho Mymi tells me again & again, I was better off where I was. We’ll see ’bout that.

So I been expressing my displeasure in subtle ways. Ignoring Mymi’s commands. Not coming to her call. Acting like I didn’t hear or (& this is a good 1) like I don’t know my own name. LOL. Mymi thinks sometimes I got K9 Dementia. However, this can work against you. I almost missed a couple a meals.

#JuSuiCharlie. We don’t think Intolerance of any kind is to be tolerated. Just bc I’m Just A Dog doesn’t mean I couldn’ta behaved well in uncertain situations or gotten along with my relatives or adjusted to new experiences. We, here at Todo Chronicles, join with the people of France & around, & say #JuSuisCharlie. Freedom of expression & tolerance is essential to freedom & democracy everywhere.

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Tis the Season to be jolly & so we are busy busy busy getting ready to be jolly. We been shopping for presents. Wrapping presents. Posting presents in the US Mail. We been making our Seasons Greetings cards. Making our lists. Checking them 2X. Gonna find out who’s naughty & nice.

Sandy Claws may be comin’ to town but we gotta be ready & prepared to celebrate our Holidays & Yuletide Festivities in geographically diverse localities. & that takes extra special & additional responsibilities in preparation to be where we gotta be on time.

In addition we gotta attend to the usual & normal activities around our neighborhood & community. We been walkiesing when it’s not pouring down rain, which is mostly when it rains . . . it doesn’t pour. Myself personally I don’t mind walkies in downpours bc I wear a fine all weather, indoor/outdoor coat at all times. Sure save a lotta hassle & time & annoyance trying to select just the appropriate apparel that also flatters one’s mood, the weather & compliments one’s assets.

My Walkies tho are pretty important bc that’s when I connect with all my Neighborhood BFFs. If I don’t actually see them, I post p-mail. Which has to be re-posted periodically due to rain &/or time washing it away. So there’s all these additional things that must be done & accomplished to be sure Tis The Season gets jolly.

This AM, tho, we had the sad task of sending 1 of our very own neighbors off to meet his maker. We discovered The Squirrel in the Pool watching the sweep, Sucky Beaver, do the usual work of going round & round in the pool. The Beav’s hose got all tangled up. Mymi hadda go out & untangle it which she didn’t want to do in the pouring rain. But it hadda be done. I myself, could not assist on that 1 as the little fellow was at the bottom of the pool & I don’t dive. Fetching is my thing.

So Mymi got all dressed in raingear & proceeded to use the net basket to scoop him up. She had black plastic bag all prepared & we placed him in there. His eyes were open & he looked very much alive to me. Todolly wet but alive.

We said so long to the little fellow. I don’t know his name. But we sent him on his way to the next Squirrel Dimension. Good luck little fellow. Wishing you lots of nuts & acorns & no pools in your future. GrandSire passed on to meet his maker 1 HY ago. We miss him but maybe you’ll encounter him along your journey. If you do, say hi. He’s a good guy.

We gotta move on & get into the Season of Festivities & Lights. Our neighborhood is all festooned with Lights & Decorations. We don’t decorate as we spend the season elsewhere which sorta makes us stick out like a sore paw. Maybe next HY we’ll do something special. Who knows by then . . .

Mymi is packing for the annual trip to the Valley of Casinos & Bling to celebrate with #1Son, Peach, Tootsie Roll & Scooter, Lily & Max. & the whole big family there in that Valley. Myself, I am staying right here at MySpa & Resort. Gonna chill out. Relax. Get down with my BFFs there. Get my fur & nails done. It’s gonna be a good Season to be Jolly.

We, here at Todo Chronicles, want to wish all our BFFs, far & wide, the very best possible Season to be Jolly. & a Very Jolly New Year. OpalK9 OTJ

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For like the 2nd time this very week, I didn’t get a Walkies. We Aussies need our exercise to maintain health & fitness, alertness & responsiveness. & our puppish figures.

1st time was todolly Mymi’s fault. At the beginning of each week she goes off to do good deeds regarding Information & Referral. My Auntie Judy comes to take me for my Walkies which is cool. I’m down with that.

But Auntie Judy has to use Old School keys to access the domain. I don’t know why it is that our domain cannot be accessed with a username & password. But there it is. So anyway my Auntie Judy arrived just like always & I was so ready for my Walkies. But she couldn’t access the Domain. She called to me & I barked my Welcome bark.

I couldn’t see her. I could only hear her over the gate. She threw me a couple of treats & milkbones but it’s not the same. We always go to the park & she chucks the ball for me with my ChuckIt. I run run run fast as I can to catch that ball on the fly which doesn’t happen often. But it’s something to strive for. I can usually catch it on 1 bounce. I just love to Run & Fetch. Don’t you?

So that began my week. It was kind of a bummer. When Mymi returned, she discovered her mistake. She apologized. Said it was a Senior Moment. Well just don’t let it happen again!

Today, however, it’s prolly not Mymi’s fault. I mean she mighta wished & hoped for rain. But she can’t jolly well order it up. & raining it is. All day long. Steady no let up.

As previously stated, My State, the Great State of CA needs water desperately. Badly. & we need lots of it. To replenish our supplies in lakes & ponds & reservoirs & our groundwater system. At 17% of capacity at the beginning of the wet season, we coulda run out next HY.

We just didn’t need all the rain at once. Like now there’s flood warnings & local flooding. People are using alternate forms of transportation to commute home from work. Which isn’t a bad thing. Come to think of it. But I bet this guy wishes he was better prepared.
Embedded image permalink

It’s been raining all day long. No let up. No break in the rain. So I didn’t particularly want to Walkies today. Even tho I wear the perfect apparel for any kind of weather & occasion. The ponds & gutters are filling up nicely. & pool water is fast becoming my fave beverage. Now that the pool is receiving all this additional rain, the water is easily accessible. Just a hint of chlorine so I know it’s safe drinking water. Hey! What’s not to like?

So I hope it let’s up a bit soon so what we have gotten can soak into the ground or runoff into our lakes & ponds & reservoirs. I don’t want to appear ungrateful for this December Miracle. We just don’t need 40 days & 40 nights worth of rain all at once.
OpalK9 OTJ

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