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4TH OF JULY #240

Happy Fourth of July!
Happy 4th of July everyone. All my BFFs & beyond. On this the 240th anniversary of the birthdate of our country, the good ol’ USofA. The time when we declared to form a more perfect union. & we’re still working on that. That’s the good news.
Here in My Community, we started celebrating early bc we just couldn’t wait. We had the cannons roar. Rockets Red Glare. What sounded like bombs bursting in air. & choppers circling from above guiding & assisting where needed. & announced over the aircraft loudspeaker system. Trust me, even with my deteriorating sense of the auditory, I heard all the celebrating.
Tonight, tho is the Big Event! Fireworks Parties. Fireworks Shows in big places, like our own State Fair Grounds. I bet it’s gonna be at least as loud as last night. But I’m prepared! Mymi n me, we have an agreement. I’ll remain on duty, here on the Home Front  if Mymi leaves the TV tuned to the local PBS station show I can enjoy the music & celebration without being afraid it’s gonna knock down our door.
Happy 4TH of July everyone.
palK9 OTJ 
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First of all, for those of my BFFs who haven’t already heard, Bretagne, the last known 9/11 Search & Rescue Dog passed on to PlanetPluto at the venerable age of 16 HY. So long, Bretagne. See you up there. Give Great Todo our respects from Todo Chronicles & K9 Nation.
Sending salutes from all of K9 Nation & from a grateful nation. You were a good dog & knew your purpose. When the time came, you & your partner were among the 1st to jump in, search & sniff out survivors of the 9/11 disaster. You are My Hero, Bretagne. You made history for K9s & females, not to mention K9 Females. Thanks to your BFF & mine, Chet the Dog, for the heads up on this important event.
You may or may not know this, Bretagne, at your advanced age, but it’s the height of the Silly Political Season once again. You & I have lived thru a few, Bretagne. But none, I don’t think, sillier than this 1. Or more historical, in human terms. On the 1 side, you’ve got a woman & a Revolutionary vying for the nomination. On the other side, ya got a MOU, BTO Bidness Man running on the Bull(y) Party tix. There’s been a lot of name calling &  muckraking, poop-slinging going on. Almost makes you wish the whole thing was over & done with & it’s only just begun. Now that we have our Presumptive Nominees for the Highest Office in the Land, the Leader of the Free World, we gotta go thru a whole summer & fall Season of Silliness & worse. Descending to Nastiness & Ugliness prolly before it’s over.
But, like I said, it’s historical in human terms. Not so much in K9 Terms. Nowhere. No How. No Way has the issue most important in K9 Terms been addressed. Even in the slightest way. No one has mentioned the K9 Franchise. I think you are the example that comes 1st to mind when justifying the K9 Franchise. Us Dogs are ready, willing & sometimes more able than humans to do our part. Whether it’s saving lives in disasters, sniffing out explosives or serious human health issues. Fighting fires. Serving as Guides & Human Companions. Whatever. Us Dogs are willing & able to do our part.
So, we think, as loyal & patriotic citizens of this county, we think all loyal & patriotic citizens of this country should be fully franchised with the right to vote not made harder but made more available & easier to perform. Certainly us dogs are as well informed & involved in the country’s status & well being as 1/2 or more of human population.
We, here at Todo Chronicles, recommend withholding our support for either the Female Candidate or the Revolutionary until we hear, definitively stated, the candidate’s position on the K9 Franchise. 1 thing I think you’ll agree on, Bretagne, is that K9 Nation will prolly, most definitely, not be supporting the Orange-Furred, 2-Tongued Hate Monger. That’s just not the way K9s roll.
So long, Bretagne. Humans are giving you a hero’s send off, as is only correct & fair. You were a real good dog. You knew your purpose. See you up there on PlanetPluto sometime.
palK9 OTJ 
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