Does this new do make my rear end look fat?
No? Thank you. Didn’t really think so. But hadda check it out with my BFFs. I know you’ll tell me the truth.
Hadda get this new do in light of the onslaught of summer, which is a comin’. And it’s prolly gonna be hotter than last HY, which was hot. And in light of my advancing age.
We be gonna have to change a lot of our routine in light of the 2 above factors. Advancing age and rising heat levels.
So we’ve been Walkies earlier each day. Gotta say, I have noticed increased energy levels on my part Walkiesing earlier in the day, when the sunshine isn’t beating down directly on my Blue Coat, being a Blue Merle & all.  I was starting out OK midday. But we hadda walk shorter distances & lengths of time. Hadda kinda keep to the shadier streets & pathways. Shady park perimeters much more inviting than exploring the sunny open areas of said parks. I really like Walkies for a change of scenery so I hated to cut our Walkies shorter.
We been carrying water so we could take water breaks as necessary. But we can only bring along so much water & occasionally that wasn’t enough. We also like to frequent parks with water fountains where we could fill up our water carriers. Sometimes it’s hard to get to cool water without wasting a lot of water that’s been sitting in pipes in the hot sunshine. Getting so’s I like watering days in our neighborhood so I could also get water runoff from the lawn sprinklers. But sometimes that’s dried up before we get out. S’posed to water at night around here, ya know.
But as the days get warmer, I was having more trouble, even with all our changes in schedule & route & all. Hadda slow down. Take shorter Walkies & all that. Still just wasn’t working for me anymore. So Mymi came up with the brilliant idea to get me bathed & groomed with this new sportin’ summer do.  Gotta say . . . It’s helped some. We still gotta leave earlier & walk shorter. But at least Walkies are more comfy for me. Don’t come back to My Domain all panting & tuckered out.
1 benefit of this new arrangement is that I’m covering old ground with more intense skills & interest. Really getting into Siffing & investigating lots of stuff I mighta missed in youthful eagerness. And I’m still doing my usual excellent job om the Home Front. Guarding & keeping Bad Guys from our door. Mymi always says, upon returning to Our Domain . . . Good job, OpalK9. Not a Bad Guy anywhere here. Makes me proud to know I’m still capable of doing a good job!
So I’m real glad you approve of my new Do & other Life Adjustments to accommodate Advancing Age & Changing Conditions. I knew my BFFs wouldn’t let me down.

palK9 OTJ

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Isn’t this a sad story? Pups ripped from their Dam’s front paws! Just awful. I’m happy to report that these particular pups were lucky. They got reunited with their Dam. Everyone was thrilled & happy. Happy ending.
I personally know what that story is all about. See a lot of you might not know it, cuz I’m so calm & polite, well mannered & without hang-ups, that I had pups ripped from my Front Paws. Not just once. Many times. Before I knew there was something else in my life besides producing AussieDoodles.
Yes, I, OpalK9, started this life here on AnimalPlanet.com (why do they call it that? Everyone knows, Humans are the King of Beasts on AnimalPlanet.com) in a PuppyMill. I was whelped in a PuppyMill. As soon as I was old enough to breed, I did . . . was. Whatever.
They were seeking an energetic, intelligent breed that had hair instead of fur. So they could accommodate people with dog dander allergies. So they mated Aussies & Poodles. Thus the name.
I had many many litters. To me each & every pup was precious. But I only got to name a few before they were ripped from my front paws to . . . what I don’t know. But I’d love to know. What happened to you . .. Oliver & Olivia, Oscar, Oneida, Olympia, Octavia, Ophelia, Olga, Oreana, Oprah & Oksana, Owen, Omar, Otto & Orlando? Txt me if you see this post.
I cried in my cage as each litter of pups was ripped from my forepaws. I sure hope some of you survived the experimental breeding ‘program’ that bred Aussies with Poodles. Nothing against Poodles. Some of my best friends are Poodles (shout out to Wink). But the ‘breeders’ were looking for an intelligent energetic dog with hair instead of fur. To accommodate people with pet dander allergies. What they got, so I’m told, were crazy, hyper pooches they couldn’t contain or train.
Maybe if they were left with me, their Dam, a while longer, they could have had AussieDoodles that met their criteria of acceptance. But my pain & heartache could have been avoided if humans would just quit meddling in the natural order of things.
So I know what it’s like to have your young ripped from your bosom.  I felt so sorry for the Dam in the video. So happy when they were reunited. & I’m pretty sure human Dams & Pups feel the same way. So, we, here at Todo Chronicles, want to register our opinion that the new Immigration Policy to rip human pups from their families & do ? with them is cruel & unusual & inhumane. & todolly NOT Pro-Life supporting. Shame on those humans who thought it up!
palK9 OTJ
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It’s flyin so fast, I hardly had time to notice. Time that is.
What with all that’s goin’ on, I can hardly keep up anymore.
1st of all, Mymi & Golfernut left on a long vacation, They said they couldn’t take me with them for a variety of reasons. They were going to the hot desert & lots of southwest parks. Said it would be too hot for me . . . which turned out not to be the case.
They said many of the parks wouldn’t allow pets (which I’m not). But which turned out not to be the case in all parks. Most let dogs in on 6′ leashes. Not a fan of leashes but I coulda gone!
They said it would be hard to get me in & out of the car bcuz I’m not as spry as I used to be . . . which is true. Neither are they!
So I stayed at MyDomain & guarded. No Bad Guys entered MyDomain. My Auntie Judy came & fed me & walked me. She sat with me a while in the evenings. It was OK. Mymi took my laptop so I couldn’t communicate with the outside world. But hey! What are you gonna do when duty calls?
Now we got a lotta lotta pix to review & edit & delete. Lotta duplicates trying to get just the right angle or lighting. Pic editing is serious bidness!
Like I said, not as spry as I usedta be. Today is my 14th HY BirthDate. That makes me 98 K9 Yrs old. Mymi says I’m doing pretty good for an old dog. Don’t hear so good. See a little less clearly. Hips are a bit rickety. Paws sometimes ache. But hey. My nose still works & I just love going for Walkies. Walkies are a little slower & a bit shorter but I’m now reviewing & diving more deeply into areas & locations, scents & smells that I mighta passed over a bit too quickly before. You know what they say. Gotta stop & smell the roses . . . & other things.
I’m not the only special May BirthDate individual. My Little Cuz Makie – she turned 6 on 5/1. A real May Day young lady. My Granny Jennie, she had a big milestone BirthDate. We sent flowers & she was very happy. & My UncaT, his BirthDate is Cinco de Mayo & Sacramento CalExpo Cannabis Celebration. Maybe we should send him a little pot for his BirthDate. We did send some special coffee from the desert trip. & some Puebloan Ancient Culture mugs to drink special coffee from. It’s all good. The mugs are pot . . . right?
All this AfterTrip (which I didn’t getta go on) activity is wearing me out. We gotta get the books straight. Put stuff away & make room for new stuff. Lots of bills to pay. Take care of all the usual routine stuff that usually gets done 1 time/week. & of course, edit the pix & put them on the digital pic frame. That’ll take some time.
But hey. At my advanced age, it’s all good. Happy BirthDate to me n Makie & Granny Jennie & UncaT.
palK9 OTJ
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In case you need more proof that Climate Change is real & it’s impacting every aspect of life on AnimalPlanet.com, DAFFODIL HILL, a NoCA tradition for a hunnerd HY or so, won’t open this year due to unusual climactic conditions. They been planting these pretty yellow flowers for yrs n yrs so people could come up to the mountains to see & gawk at these flowers. But this year . . . no show. Lotsa folks disappointed. Us among ’em. 
AND Just look at our own Christmas Cactus! Ol’ Cackie. It bloomed Nov. to Dec. Kind of an early bloom that didn’t quite make it to Xmas. I was here. But now . . . it’s blooming again. Our Xmas Cactus is all confused. Can’t say as I blame it. Everything’s all confused, not knowing when to bloom. When to do all the usual things that were done for hunnerds of HY bcuz the system is all messed up.  
Let’s hope humans wake up before it’s too late! When change can’t be reversed or dealt with. Daffodils & Xmas Cacti are just Canaries in the Coal Mine.  
palK9 OTJ 
Friends of Daffodil Hill,
We are sorry to inform you that due to the unusual weather, Daffodil Hill will not be opening for the 2018 season.
We started the season by planting more than 15,000 bulbs in November. We had some warm weather in February which started the bulbs blooming and thought we would have an early opening.
Since the end of February we have had rain, hail, and snow every week. The early flowers are gone and the ones that are up are badly damaged.
We are posting this notice since more rain and snow are expected this week.
We hope that those who have been waiting to visit will be able to make other plans to enjoy the beauty, shopping, wineries, and great restaurants Amador County has to offer. We look forward to seeing everyone next year.
– The Ryan Family
Image may contain: flower, plant, grass, nature and outdoor
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Remember how I noted earlier this HM that March came in like a lion? Well, contrary to the old saying, it’s beginning to look like March is going out like a lion too.
Big rain storms here in MyValley & lotsa snow up in the mountains. We are hoping & some are praying that the snow pack will reach normal for this time of year. Snowbank is our H2O Savings Account, ya know. At least if we reach average we might have enough for a couple of years of drought, which no one can predict whether drought will occur again or for how long it will last. So we’re wishin’ & hopin’ & thinkin’ & prayin’ for an adequate snow pack.
Down in SoCA they are experiencing major big rain storms. Their mountains along the coast, where my cuzzins live, aren’t high enough to get snow. So all that water can come rushing down & create flash floods in the burn areas. Seems like that area already flash flooded once.
In the east, where we got friends & relations who are experiencing tornadoes in FL, where my BFFs Annie & GMama live. I don’t think they got blown eastward cuz they’d wind up in the ocean. At the same time, New England, where my UncaT & Auntie Teach live, they got the 4th Nor’easter in March goin’ on.
I know. Some, perhaps many, humans chose not to believe in Global Climate Crisis. They think the best way is to ignore it & pray it’ll just go away. Poof. Gone. But that doesn’t seem to be happening. If anything weather patterns are getting more radical.
I dunno. We, here at Todo Chronicles, think it would occur to these super smart systems analysts, that when you tweak & fiddle with a system, which AnimalPlanet.com is, eventually all the little small fiddles & tweaks lead to a breakdown of said system. Which seems to be the case these days. Humans cut down rain forests. Toss emissions of destructive gases into the air, water & ground. Alter the shape of landscapes. Pave over big big areas of ground so rainwater can’t seep into the groundwater system. I mean the list is endless of the many ways humans have altered a system not of their design.
But even if you chose to pray the crisis away, it seems to us, here at Todo Chronicles, that humans would want to do things to reduce the risk to life & property. And, by the way, reduce risk to all life forms since humans aren’t the only living inhabitants of AnimalPlanet.com. They also might want to think about altering their ways & preventing damage & loss before it occurs.
Humans have the capability. We, here at Todo Chronicles, think they lack the motivation until Climate Change actually affects them, personally, right in their own back yard. When the costs of repairing damage & rescuing the impacted get higher than the National Debt. Humans many be smart (or not) but they certainly lack the ability to see beyond the end of their noses, which are too short in any case.
palK9 OTJ 
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