When I was but a young pup, which wasn’t very long when you consider my personal history, my Elders told me . . . Just you wait OpalK9. When you get older time will pass more quickly. So quickly you won’t even believe . . .

Well I think that time has arrived . . . for me personally. Certainly for myself, professionally. Like I can’t even believe 1 whole HM has passed since my last entry into MyJournal, Todo Chronicles. We, here at Todo Chronicles wish to apologize for not keeping viewers & readers updated, but . . . time is passing so quickly, we, here at Todo Chronicles can’t even believe.
Of course, some of this slack is NOT my fault. We, here at Todo Chronicles & here in MyDomain, were just recovering from the recent presidential campaign & election. I was keeping up with all my usual tasks & responsibilities. Walking. Sniffing & investigating. Guarding MyDomain & Community. Schmoozing with the squirrels & birds. Socializing with friends so Mymi would have something to do. I was doing all that & considering for & preparing for the next entry in MyJournal, when Mymi announces she’s going on Vacay to HI. & then she was gone . . . & she took My Laptop with her. Humpf! & Howl. Pup oh Pup, did that ever throw a monkey wrench in plans. (That often happens to plans, I’m told, which is why us K9s don’t often engage in such things as planning. Waste of precious time.)
So there I was without My Laptop to even send a Tweet or 2 out on. Couldn’t receive any pix Mymi mighta. I was without the tools of my trade; Editor, Publisher, Jourmalist & photographic editor of these here chronicles, Todo Chronicles. Don’t think I missed that much time in all the 10+ HY I been at this gig.
& truth be told, I was kinda scared time would hang heavy on my paws while I was without Mymi & MyLaptop. But My AuntieJudy came 2X/day. She gave me my food & we went for fun Walkies. She is also Daisy’s Nanny so we had fun sometimes Duo Walkies in the Park. She watches some TV w/me & we sit & cuddle. I hadda keep up guarding MyDomain against all Bad Guys that might skulk around MyDomain, watching & listening, perhaps tapping.
The only thing I can’t seem to manage is that ‘damned’ squirrel, as Mymi calls him. He buries peanuts in the big ceramic planter in our back yard. Mymi is not amused . . . or impressed.
But now, Mymi’s been back a while & we’re still playing Ketchup. You know. It takes a HM to Ketchup on all the things missed that require attention from a 1HW vacay. HI or no HI. You can’t let things slide or you run the Ketchup Risk.
On the HI thing, tho. Mymi says they had a real great time. Stayed in Kauai, 1 island in that chain of islands that are the Great State of HI. Beautiful & mostly unspoiled by the affects of Human Habitation & Adaptation. Lots of beautiful beaches. Narrow roads. They toured the island by Tourist Van & Tourist Chopper. They put their feet in the Pacific Ocean at the topmost point of Kauai. They went over & toured the Pearl Harbor Memorial. Mymi said it’s very moving & interesting.
They had a big ceremony on the Mighty Mo, now docked in Pearl Harbor adjacent to the USS AZ to mark the end of WWII, the Big War to End All Wars. The ceremony is all laid out on the Mighty Mo, the end of the War, across from the AZ, the beginning of the Great War. They wanted to show the devastation of that war which killed an estimated 70M humans. No one counted the devastation to critters other than human but I’ll bet it was >70M. But who’s counting. At any rate, it’s clear to us critters that they didn’t do an excellent job in discouraging future wars.
I’d like to fly in a plane or a chopper. Like to see & investigate new & interesting things. Tour historical monuments. & all that but nobody asked me.
So now I know what my Elders were barking about all those 13 HYs ago. Time is indeed passing so quickly, we here at Todo Chronicles can’t even keep up. But we’re sure you, our BFFs, understand.
palK9 OTJ
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Well . . . this has been a year for the books, as it were. & us dogs of K9Nation gotta learn to go with the flow. As it were.
As previously reported by this chronicle, we, here at Todo Chronicles, have been concerned with the on-going & severe drought gripping the whole western, Left Coast of the country, the US of A. We mighta got used to unusual & perhaps temporary conditions.
We been sorta used to being able to take our Walkies without consideration to weather-related, climatological considerations. We, here at Todo Chronicles, could count on a Walkies 1x/day. No need to prepare our wardrobe or have a partner that doesn’t particularly care to walk in the rain or thru the mud of parks & parkways.
But lately, with the relief of the drought pouring down upon us, we’ve had to get adaptive & innovative. To that end, me n Mymi tried to adjust our Walkies experience by exploring new venues for said Walkies.
Mymi thought it would be a real good idea to join other Mall Walkers at our Local Regional Shopping Mall. We didn’t plan to purchase anything. Just walk the long, long halls connecting alla the various retail & service establishments there on a couple of floors there. Looked like a real good idea to me.
However when we arrived there at that yuge mall, the Mall Cops nixed our great idea. They just said No dogs allowed. Pretty grumpy & inflexible if you ask me.
So we hadda come up with a Plan B. Which we promptly turned around & headed for PetSmart, my Alma Mater. PetSmart U. When we got there, I really hadda relieve my bladder of a lotta water which I did quite successfully on the brick post at the front door. Scheew Doggies. That was the relief me & all dogs gotta have on Walkies. I mean, peeing isn’t just for relief ya know. Often that behavior in this arena is to communicate with other 4-footed & furry passers-by. So anyway, that got taken care of.
We proceeded into the store where there are plenty of other of my brethren & sisters & other members & citizens of AnimalPlanet.com not of HumanKind. We stopped to study some of the items available for purchase. Mymi is seeking a replacement to P’butter Rawhide bones. Which PetSmart seems to have discontinued. What to replace my fave chew dessert with?
We next moved into the bird & gerbil section of the store, all the while walking double-time &, myself, sniffing out & investigating all my surroundings. Birds are pretty & make pretty sound with their chirpy songs. Gerbils are not necessarily so engaging. What do gerbils do?
Well, then’s when we had a small crisis in Adaptation & Innovation in our effort to maintain some regularity in our day while still taking into consideration climatological factors. Meaning . . . I really really hadda poop. So I did, on the store floor which was kind of a disconcerting experience, for myself at least. I mean I know better than to poop in our domain or inside a structure. When ya gotta go, ya gotta go.
But we overcame this adversity by seeking the appropriate sanitary station. Mymi got a little nervous & rushed up to the front of the store to seek a poop bag from store staff when, as it turned out, there was a sanitary station right around the corner from the evidence, which I hadda stay by & guard that no one step in it. Kind of embarrassing for a good dog that knows the rules of the road. But whatta you gonna do when you just gotta go?
So we made a hasty escape upon fully cleaning up the evidence. Now we just don’t know what to do to ensure we both get out & get our exercise & fresh air while our atmosphere works to correct many long HYs of drought & no rain. We’ll keep working on it.
Looks like humans better learn to correct & adapt, innovate. We been getting next to no rain for a long time & a lotta HYs. We have gone from almost empty lakes & reservoirs & water storage facilities to full & carrying capacity of the creeks & rivers is over the top. Our Big River Bypass is full & we got crumbling dams & outfalls. So humans are gonna hafta learn to adapt to disparate weather conditions & figure out how to deal efficiently & effectively. Here’s a thought! Why don’t humans consider putting money into the maintenance of the infrastructure to carry & store water as well as how to keep the rest of the system that keeps our country running smoothly & not jeopardizing life (all life) all around this, our home planet.
Just sayin . . . us Dogs’ll keep doing our job as best we can under adverse circumstances. Let’s see what humans can do on their side.
palK9 OTJ


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I ask you! Is this any way to treat “Man’s Best Friend”?
Us dogs, who serve & protect. Lay down our lives. Fight along side our partners in war & in law enforcement. Who sniff out awful diseases that affect humans & animals alike.  Who sniff out controlled substances & explosives. Who fetch & carry. Provide loving companionship for people in need or isolated in 1 way or another. & on. & on.
We, here at Todo Chronicles, are shocked & awed. We don’t believe humans can count the ways, accurately, that us K9s guide & assist. How we do it all & all we ask is to be fed & sheltered & treated humanely.
Well, we, here at Todo Chronicles, think it’s high, high time, K9s stand up for our rights as loving & loyal citizens of this country. We gotta build a Grassroots #K9Resist movement of our own. This is getting almost too much to bear.
& then to learn the biggest, deepest cut of all. Westminster Kennel Club, AKC club, wants to show cats at the show. CATS!  We mean . . . seriously?! What do cats do for the advancement of civilization but lay around all smug & sleepy? Why do they get all humpy & hissy whenever a friendly dog wants to make friends?
We, here at Todo Chronicles, think it’s just ENUF! Us dogs want our vote. We want it now. We don’t like seeing our forward movement shoved backwards so a buncha greedy gozillionaires can make the public believe they are balancing the budget & draining the swamp. It’s filling up fast with tar. We’re tired of being another minority thrown under the bus.
Why can’t humans just leave things alone. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
palK9 OTJ
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Cheeeeew Doggies! Time’s A’Flyin’. Mymi announced yesterday, just as we were going out the door for an excellent Walkies, that it was Tootsie Rolls birthdate #11 in HY. Boy oh boy. Time’s a’flyin’.
I remember it well. It was only a few HMs preceding  her Birthdate me n Mymi hooked up. You  know. We met when my BFF Babs decided it wasn’t a good thing for 2 Aussies to share the same humans & space. So she recommended to Mama & Papa that I go to another Good Home which turned out to be . . . Here! At what we have turned into Our Domain. With our own mats & crates, Spaces, Duties & Responsibilities. Here in our Neighborhood & Community.
Anyhow, back when we got together, Little Tootsie Roll was but a few HMs old. Soon after we hooked up, Mymi traveled to the Valley of Casinos & Bling to stay & visit with #1Son, Peach & Little Tootsie Roll. Back then Tootsie Roll was a little baby, crawling on the floor (as human babies do before they master the art & craft of self-locomotion.)
I was skeered for Mymi to be gone & dropping me off at a new & strange place, called a kennel. Afraid it was another rejection. But before I could wrap my head around the concept of temporary, she was back. I was so happy. Confident now that I had found my Forever Home. Glad to know that I now had Extended Family, which took a long time for me to meet, but I finally did sometime later. But that’s another story.
So yesterday was Tootsie Rolls 11th Birthdate. She’s growing into such a lovely little lady. She likes school & she’s very good at human learning. All the things humans need to know to get along in the New Age. Top of the class & eager to show her peers how it’s done. She’s also a singer & a Thespian, appearing in a couple of live performances at her Entertainer’s School. She will be starring in a performance at her Entertainer’s School in the coming Spring. She’s tried dancing but decided she’s not that into it.
This Christmas holiday, Mymi decided it was appropriate to give Tootsie Roll a little locket that she (Mymi) had found in GrandDam’s stuff. It’s a pretty little thing. Pretty & shiny with a little tiny Red Stone in the center. Mymi says that stone represents a January birthdate. What could be better than a birthstone from Tootsie Rolls Great GrandDam?! For her Birthdate. Excellent choice!
Mymi & the Whole Family (including Yrs Truly, cuz I’m a Member of the Family) are pretty proud of Tootsie Roll. & we wish her a very Happy Birthdate. Hard to believe all this time has passed. We’re pretty proud of Tootsie Roll. She has a bright future. She could even be President someday if ‘Merica ever gets over the wreckage already created by the present & newly sworn in Admin.
Happy Birthdate #11, Tootsie Roll.
From your AuntieOK9
palK9 OTJ
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I tell you, it’s getting harder & harder for us K9s to do our primary job. Guide & assist our humans. Bc it’s getting harder & harder to sniff out & detect Normal.

For about 10 HYs now I been reporting on a Dog’s Duties & Responsibilities. & I been depending upon Normal as it moves along. Normal – like predictable. You can count on certain things happening. Like most of the time, here in MyValley, it’s nice & dry, sunny, warmish to warm or HOT. But a dog could count on these conditions occurring in a predictable order.
BUT, now with climate change affecting our weather patterns (scientists don’t have to convince us dogs climate change is real. We know. We agree. & things need to be done to slow down the change so bad things don’t continue to happen at faster & faster pace. Like floods & tornadoes & hurricanes & drought.). Sometimes here lately, I thought we were gonna get blown back to KS, where it all started.
NOW, it’s been raining so much & so long here in MyValley, it’s more & more difficult to motivate our humans to take us out for regular Walkies so we can sniff & investigate wherever we walk, cuz our path isn’t always the same every day & we needa keep up with events in our Neighborhoods. & our most important Tool in our Toolbox to do our job is sniffing out clues as to who’s been where & what’s happenin’.
Believe me, us dogs know what usually occurs from late spring to well into winter HMs, usually. But with the Newest New Normal, who knows, who can predict what will happen next HW or next HM much less next HY. Now we got flowers bloomin’, like roses & camellias & daffodils & it isn’t even official springtime. You know, April showers bring May flowers & all that.
Ever since I can remember, me n Mymi, we been taking our regular Walkies. Around our community. Along the River. Around GrandSire’s community when we were there. In the open wetlands with my BFF, Wink & My AuntieKris. But lately, what with the rains & wind & all, I’m having a heckova time motivating Mymi to even get up from her mat or to get dressed in human body covers or to exit our Domain for those all important Walkies. All important for our exercise & for our keeping track of circumstances in our Neighborhood.
But us dogs aren’t going to lose hope for the future just cuz changes are coming rapidly & we seem to have lost any hope of gaining the K9 Franchise anytime soon. Why our new Dear Leader doesn’t even have a dog. Of course, what kind of Self-Respecting Offspring of Great Todo would want to live in a gold embossed tower on a very high floor where you can’t even catch a whiff of what’s happening down below on the streets, where it’s at?
Not really complaining, you understand. Even us dogs know rain is much needed & most valuable for continuation of life, as we know it, here in MyValley. But please, could humans just please, send us dogs, your K9 Companions & BFFs, send us a signal when things start to settle down to the Newest New Normal.
palK9 OTJ
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Just wanting to wish all my BFFs a very Happy New Year & special wishes for the upcoming HY.
As alla you know, I’m a very conscientious & prepared K9 & Editor in Chief, publisher, journalist  & all around gopher for the Todo Chronicles, AnimalPlanet.com’s 1st & only publication for K9 Nation. & I was fully prepared to extend my good wishes for Christmas & the New HY well ahead of those big holidays, BUT Mymi took off for the Valley & Casinos & Bling with MY laptop. So there I was. With the best of intentions & no laptop to extend them upon.
Be that as it may, I’m gonna squeak 1 last blog post in & wish everyone the above. We, here at Todo Chronicles, hope that next HY is at least as good as the HY. See you all in the next HY. Keep up the good work.
palK9 OTJ
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