Can you believe it?! The end of Season 21 of DWTS is tonight! My very fave show out all the drek that’s on TV. & I barely had the opportunity to review & report on the season’s progress. What with 1 thing & another & all.
It’s down to the wire tonite. The last competitors competing for the Mirrorball Trophy are:
*:) happy Bindi. That little glass of bubbly. Hard working & dedicated to the memory of her Sire. She’s been the standout from the beginning.
*:-SS nail bitingNick. Back Street Boy band singer. Sometimes it was hard to tell he’s a musician. But he worked hard to get to the finals.
*~^o^~ cheerAlek. Home Grown Hero from My Valley. We think he did an outstanding job of stepping up to the plate, again, to complete his assignment. Sometimes assignments come to you fast & you hafta do your best to get the job done. Sometimes assignments come at you a little slower. When you have time to think about them, you can get kinda scared. Alek overcame that fear that comes from too much time to think & he’s a contender for the Mirrorball. A place he never eVer thought he’d find himself in for sure.
We’re kinda partial to Alek, of course. But we wish all the finalists the very best.
Speaking of things & events arriving faster & faster each HY, Thanksgiving is fast approaching. This year we’re going to give thanks for all our blessings & hope that, in light of some of the awful circumstances happening around AnimalPlanet.com our country can find it’s way back to the standards, values & goals we have held fast to in the past. You know, like compassion & generosity. Leadership in freedom & problem solving. Bc turning away refugees from war torn countries is not the kind of values we, here at Todo Chronicles, thought this country was all about.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
palK9 OTJ
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I awoke yesterday morning to the site of rain in my pool & the sound of raindrops on my roof. Yes even as the rain fell first on solar panels. And there was song in my heart. For I was reassured that water in MyValley is not extinct. Rather it’s Rare & Endangered. And if we don’t start conserving & stewarding all our precious but finite natural resources there will come a day when water is extinct in CA.
& that’s not the only unusual thing that’s happened of late. Just when I was getting settled in & comfortable after my near-death experience in the park, suddenly, & I knew something was up, Mymi is dragging around a rolling bag into which she was putting wearing apparel & potions. My senses alerted, I prepared to go to My Spa & Resort. 
But a curiouser thing happened. She left & didn’t come back. Took the rolling bag & didn’t make me get in the car to go to My Spa. Curiouser & curiouser. So I waited & watched, did some of my best guarding. & then My Auntie Judy came to feed me evening vittles & sit with me a while & watch some of my fave shows on HGTV. I like when people make room for all the family, including the 4 legged members. 
So then Mymi didn’t return for 4 more HD. Quite curious. My Auntie Judy came by morning & night to feed & walk me.  My internal jury is still out on whether I like this situation better than going to MySpa & Resort whenever Mymi leaves MyValley. I think I do, but I hesitate to rush to judgment. 
The purpose of Mymi’s absence was to visit the Valley of Casinos & Bling, see Tootsie Roll & Scooter all dressed in Halloween duds. Pass out candy & say Trick or Treat. Mymi said it was todolly fun but she missed me & our quiet doman. Max & Lilly said Big Hello, tho. 
So now things are getting back to normal. Altho I’m not sure I recognize normal anymore. We did have our 1st Official Walkies since my encounter in the park. Today we walked all the way over to The Pond to leave Nat Geos, Xmas cards for residents to use & a calendar for 2016. The senior residents of The Pond are not prone to using Smartphones or electronic calendars.  It was nice to get out in the fresh air & sunshine. It was good to check in at The Pond. They gave me lots of treats & said I look like a llama now. Is that a good thing? To resemble a llama. Whatever. My fur will grow back soon enough. It was a Win/Win Walkies. 
palK9 OTJ
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How ’bout that Pope Dude? He recently visited this country, the USofA & he made quite a media splash. As well as splashes in the cities he visited.
The Pope visited 3 big cities on the Right Coast of our country. Everywhere he went he received cheers & waves & blow-kisses. People waited on streets to catch sight of the Pope in his Pope Mobile. & he knows what it is . . . I even saw him make the FB Like sign while waving & blessing people along the parade. That’s a jazzy auto but I didn’t see any seats for the Pope to sit down & enjoy the ride.
The Pope visited the seat of our nation’s gov’mint, there in Washington DC. He went to the White House & spoke with our President, Barko Bama. He met the President’s family, the 1st Lady, Sasha & Malia, Bo & Sunny. He was very gentle & polite. He blessed everyone.  The Pope delivered a message of peace & equality everywhere he visited.
My sources, here at Todo Chronicles, indicate that Pope Francis is called after that renowned animal rights activist, St. Francis of Assisi who, many HY ago spoke up for the dignity & equality, the worth & the right of every species to live in harmony on AnimalPlanet.com. I hope Bo & Sunny put a bug in the Pope’s ear for  voting rights for all citizens. It is time, high time, us K9s are recognized as true & proper citizens of this country & we should have our say in matters that affect our daily lives. Hope you sent the Pope the Message, Bo & Sunny.
I may not have mentioned this before, but my fave show on all of TV is DWTS. Well perhaps it’s been previously suggested. This season, Season 21, features Home Town Hero, Alex Skarlatos. We’ve watched him dance & he’s really good for a person that never danced before. He’s competitive with others who have much more performance experience than he does. He’s waaaaay better than some other, older, more seasoned performers, who shall remain here unnamed. We’re going to root & cheer for Alex & hope he wins the coveted Mirror Ball Trophy. Alex is a credit to MyValley & to the Great State of CA.
This just over Todo Chronicles news desk, DWTS contestant, Kim has suffered mild stokes in the cranial area. Medical experts judge she should be OK. So we, here at Todo Chronicles wish her well & hope to see her dancing on DWTS soon. She was improving & doing pretty good with her fancy stepping.
FWIW, we, here at Todo Chronicles, feel & believe that humans like the Pope & Alex are credits to the species of human. We wish more humans were like them. Quiet. Gentle. Humble. Peaceful. They recognize that all animals, critters & human have a place & worth in the ecosystem of AnimalPlanet.com. That they realize that no species is expendable for profit or gain over the other guy.
palK9 OTJ
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Smokey has arrived safe & sound on PlanetPluto & wishes me to convey this good news to my AuntieKat & all his family & BFFs here on AnimalPlanet.com. Smokey says he’s been plenty  busy since his arrival settling in & getting readjusted to PlanetPluto. Meeting all his old K9 Buds & making new acquaintances.
Smokey says be sure & tell everyone he misses them. His time here on AnimalPlanet.com was made so very safe, happy & comfortable by his wonderful BFFs. He’ll be looking down from way up there with warmth & affection.
Smokey was a good dog & knew his purpose. Smokey was an excellent Role Model during my days at PetSmart University where my AuntieKat was the Instructor & Smokey the very best Teacher’s Aide. Thanks Smokey for showing me the ropes.
Take care up there Smokey. Say hi to all my BFFs that already returned to PlanetPluto. Thanks for the Good News.
palK9 OTJ
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On this sad day in our history, when America was attacked, 3000 humans perished, iconic structures fell & our seat of military might was imperilled, it was good & hopeful to celebrate some Hometown Heroes.
I refer to, of course, the young men who were minding their own bidness, traveling on a train bound for Paris, that’s in France which is all the way across the pond, stopped at terrorist attack that could have cost many lives & terrible destruction. 
Anthony Sadler, Alek Skarlatos and Spencer Stone are local men, from right here in My Valley. The were honored today with a Hometown Heroes Parade and festivities ending at the Capitol building of the Great State of CA. There were other festivities here in My Valley & the young men were duly honored. 
They have received other honors since this terrible attack in the HM of August, which is not ancient history yet. They got to meet the President of France who presented them with the Legion of Honor Medal for stopping the disaster that could have been in his country. They have been on Late Night TV & early morning TV. The Mayor & other dignitaries gave speeches. There was music & all the fun & festivities that come along with a parade. Lots of people turned out. 1 of our Heroes, not sure which but possibly Sadler bc he’s a student at our Great State University here in My Valley, will be a competitor on DWTS. What an honor. 
The Hometown Heroes Parade & celebration was co-ordinated by our Mayor’s Office, the Gov.’s Office, the CA Legislature (even they could come together for something positive), the USAF & the National Guard. It was a big parade with lots of celebrants cheering our Hometown Heroes onward.
& it was a good time to reflect upon & commemorate the victims of that awful tragedy that was 9/11/01. Another time when America pulled together to overcome terrible adversity & tragedy. Good job, young men. This Valley & our Great State are proud to call you Native Sons. You are America’s Finest.
palK9 OTJ
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