Greetings, OpalK9 from PlanetPluto. Just to inform friends & family I made it to PlanetPluto safely. I miss my Doc & my bros & sistahs, my family & my BFFs down there on AnimalPlanet.com but it’s todolly cool up here on PlanetPluto. Like you wouldn’t believe, OpalK9.
I mean, like, . . .  bones everywhere so you don’t have to hunt & scratch for your next bone. You don’t have to squabble with your neighbor cuz there’s enough bones for all. Ditto for kibble & water. Fresh water in the ponds & streams. Lots of big wide meadows to run & catch frizzbees or balls. Clear blue skies. & shady spots to curl up under when you’re plumb tuckered from all the excellent things there are for K9s on our home planet, PlanetPluto.
I’ll close for now. But you can txt me right here at 733-423-4643.
Yr BFF on PlanetPluto,
Good to hear from you Redi. Good positive reinforcement that PlanetPluto awaits all dogs at the end of the journey here on AnimalPlanet.com. I’d be happy to be your network administrator so you can communicate with loved ones here. FYI-Doc said on Facebook that you passed on & that you were a Gentle Soul. & I’ll add you were a good dog & knew your purpose on AnimalPlanet.com. We all miss you but we’re glad you returned to the place you earned to continue the journey on.
palK9 OTJ
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I remember it as if it were yesterday. Along about this very day 9HY ago (a short time in the human perspective), we were celebrating GrandSire’s birthday. He was 644 K9Y on that occasion. We, being Mymi & me, traveled to FLland on a big jet liner & began to guide & assist GrandSire there in his home after he broke a leg in a fall. Now us dogs can get along fine with only 3 legs if it is absolutely necessary. Humans, however are at the disadvantage should 1 of their legs become decommissioned cuz they only have 2 legs. Whatever. We, here at Todo Chronicles chronicled the event in this manner:
GrandSire marks Birthdate #92 today.  I mean.  Come on.  Surely that’s some kind of Mistake of Dyslexia.  Even Great Todo couldn’t have spent almost 650 K9 years here.  Surely GrandSire is only 29 Human Years.  We gave GrandSire a funny birthday card signed by Mymi and bearing my pawprint.  Happy birthday, GrandSire, whatever your age.
Dyslexia causes many mistakes here on AnimalPlanet.com.  Perhaps Dyslexia is why people worship god and throw dogs out of swimming pools.
So as of this date, GrandSire would be celebrating his 707th K9Y birthday today. A lucky number to be sure. But he passed on to his Greater Reward. No matter how you slice it, that’s a lotta years. Happy Birthday and RIP, GrandSire. Wherever you are. We miss you.
It was at that very time, back there in the Day, that we began journaling & blogging & reporting on what we see, hear & experience. Sometimes AnimalPlanet.com doesn’t make much sense to us members of K9 Nation. & our little Chronicles is an attempt to sort things out for My Fellow K9 Citizens. I hope we’ve been helpful.
As previously observed, it’s the middle of another election season, just like when we started our reporting tasks. The country is contemplating the very best field of presidential hopefuls. When Pres. Barko Bama became President, Bo Bama became 1st Dog. I was hopeful that Bo would be receptive to whispering in his master’s ear that it’s high time to include us dogs as citizens of this country. Haven’t had too much luck in that direction. So I’m am requesting the name of any dog that could become 1st Dog after November. I want to know where each candidate stands on extending full rights as citizens to the K9 Nation. Us K9-Americans want our rights & privileges same as any other Citizens of the US of A. You can leave a msg in our Inbox. #VOTEK9CITIZENSHIP *B-) cool
palK9 OTJ
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Bowza! Wowza! HY2015 is almost at an end. How time flies . . . when you’re not necessarily having fun according to 2015 Year in Pictures: News. I linked it below for your edification.
It was a momentous HY what with people blowing each other up & away. Ongoing wars & other conflicts. Serious & deadly natural disasters. Global climate change accelerating. Sprinkled here & there with victories & happy moments . . . occasionally.
Myself, personally, I had a few momentous moments in this past year. Most momentous was, of course, my encounter with violence. My Near-Death Experience. I speak, of course, of my encounter with the Pitt Bullies in the park. They were nasty sons of bee-yatches. But I went to MyVet today for an update on shots which I shoulda got back when they were spending 2 1/2 hours stitching me back together. MyVet, Patty, said they were discussing the HY just passed only this morning. Staff at MyVet & Animal Hospital agree, mine was the MOST serious & tragic case they handled all HY. Isn’t that special? I’m going to try & not repeat that particular accomplishment in the upcoming HY, 2016. So I guess I beat the odds there. Proving I’m a tough & resilient little pooch.
So now it’s time for NY Resolution making. Mymi already says I’m the Very Best Dog in alla AnimalPlanet.com. So I can’t resolve to be a better dog. So here are my NY Resolutions:
*:) happy    I resolve to stay away from Pitt Bullies & other Bullies no matter where I encounter them;
*;) winking    I resolve not to be grumpy & make it difficult for Mymi to put my sweaters on me when we aren’t Walkies. She says I gotta wear it while it’s really really cold here in the Great State of CA & my fur hasn’t all grown back from above mentioned surgeries. It’ll come tho. It’s already grown a lot.
*:D big grin    I promise not to eat Kitty Rocha I discover in various front yards when we Walkies around My Neighborhood . . . or anywhere for that matter. It seems to cause Mymi anxiety & heartburn. We’re both pretty well along in our Senior Years. We gotta take care of one another. So I’ll lay offa the Kitty Rocha.
We, here at Todo Chronicles, want to wish 1 & all a Happy, Peaceful & Quiet New Year. Time to bind up wounds & recover from a cray-cray & often violent preceding HY.
Besides, HY2016 is a big election year. Hardly seems possible that we, here at Todo Chronicles began our journalistic career as the Sole Blogging Dog on the scene back in HY2007. At that time we noted that then Senator Barko Bama seemed like a pretty good guy, the Real Deal. Now we got another Presidential election to monitor & perhaps root for the UnderDog. We support UnderDogs everywhere.
Happy New HY, everybody.
palK9 OTJ
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Greetings, OpakK9, from PlanetPluto. I always knew I’d get here. I just didn’t figure on my arrival up here being so soon. It’s real nice up here, just like you said it would be. All the bones any dog could want & we don’t have to fight over which bone belongs to whom. There’s plenty of all the resources we need up here we don’t hafta fight over who gets what.
Nother thing that’s definitely, but happily from my perspective, missing up here is guns. Guns of all shapes, sizes & beliefs. I wish we could figure out how to convince humans on AnimalPlanet.com that guns are an unnecessary evil. Being as their only purpose is to kill other living critters. Guns seem rarely to be used in defense of anything.
I’m real happy to note that my death might lead to improved relations btw Super Powers around the Planet. Russia has sent a puppy named Dobrynia to show its “solidarity with the French people and police in their fight against terrorism”. Hey! What can I say. It’s a start. 
Say, OpalK9, I have a suggestion that might also improve relations btw different factions of humans down there on AnimalPlanet.com. This forum right here is prolly the only forum in which my suggestion might get aired.  
If certain humans or groups of humans wish to keep track of certain other humans or groups of humans, why don’t they just chip ’em? That’s what they do to keep track of their BFFs, us dogs. Just let them in the borders, stick a chip in their ear & give ’em a nice yellow tag to put on their collar. Then all movement & activity can be tracked. Problem solved. 
Good to have this little shout out, OpalK9. I’ll be looking for your blog & txts up here on PlanetPluto. Don’t you just love all the new technology that permits inter-planetary communication?
palK9 OTJ
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Can you believe it?! The end of Season 21 of DWTS is tonight! My very fave show out all the drek that’s on TV. & I barely had the opportunity to review & report on the season’s progress. What with 1 thing & another & all.
It’s down to the wire tonite. The last competitors competing for the Mirrorball Trophy are:
*:) happy Bindi. That little glass of bubbly. Hard working & dedicated to the memory of her Sire. She’s been the standout from the beginning.
*:-SS nail bitingNick. Back Street Boy band singer. Sometimes it was hard to tell he’s a musician. But he worked hard to get to the finals.
*~^o^~ cheerAlek. Home Grown Hero from My Valley. We think he did an outstanding job of stepping up to the plate, again, to complete his assignment. Sometimes assignments come to you fast & you hafta do your best to get the job done. Sometimes assignments come at you a little slower. When you have time to think about them, you can get kinda scared. Alek overcame that fear that comes from too much time to think & he’s a contender for the Mirrorball. A place he never eVer thought he’d find himself in for sure.
We’re kinda partial to Alek, of course. But we wish all the finalists the very best.
Speaking of things & events arriving faster & faster each HY, Thanksgiving is fast approaching. This year we’re going to give thanks for all our blessings & hope that, in light of some of the awful circumstances happening around AnimalPlanet.com our country can find it’s way back to the standards, values & goals we have held fast to in the past. You know, like compassion & generosity. Leadership in freedom & problem solving. Bc turning away refugees from war torn countries is not the kind of values we, here at Todo Chronicles, thought this country was all about.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
palK9 OTJ
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I awoke yesterday morning to the site of rain in my pool & the sound of raindrops on my roof. Yes even as the rain fell first on solar panels. And there was song in my heart. For I was reassured that water in MyValley is not extinct. Rather it’s Rare & Endangered. And if we don’t start conserving & stewarding all our precious but finite natural resources there will come a day when water is extinct in CA.
& that’s not the only unusual thing that’s happened of late. Just when I was getting settled in & comfortable after my near-death experience in the park, suddenly, & I knew something was up, Mymi is dragging around a rolling bag into which she was putting wearing apparel & potions. My senses alerted, I prepared to go to My Spa & Resort. 
But a curiouser thing happened. She left & didn’t come back. Took the rolling bag & didn’t make me get in the car to go to My Spa. Curiouser & curiouser. So I waited & watched, did some of my best guarding. & then My Auntie Judy came to feed me evening vittles & sit with me a while & watch some of my fave shows on HGTV. I like when people make room for all the family, including the 4 legged members. 
So then Mymi didn’t return for 4 more HD. Quite curious. My Auntie Judy came by morning & night to feed & walk me.  My internal jury is still out on whether I like this situation better than going to MySpa & Resort whenever Mymi leaves MyValley. I think I do, but I hesitate to rush to judgment. 
The purpose of Mymi’s absence was to visit the Valley of Casinos & Bling, see Tootsie Roll & Scooter all dressed in Halloween duds. Pass out candy & say Trick or Treat. Mymi said it was todolly fun but she missed me & our quiet doman. Max & Lilly said Big Hello, tho. 
So now things are getting back to normal. Altho I’m not sure I recognize normal anymore. We did have our 1st Official Walkies since my encounter in the park. Today we walked all the way over to The Pond to leave Nat Geos, Xmas cards for residents to use & a calendar for 2016. The senior residents of The Pond are not prone to using Smartphones or electronic calendars.  It was nice to get out in the fresh air & sunshine. It was good to check in at The Pond. They gave me lots of treats & said I look like a llama now. Is that a good thing? To resemble a llama. Whatever. My fur will grow back soon enough. It was a Win/Win Walkies. 
palK9 OTJ
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