Did’ja see it? Weren’t you just blown away with the outcome of Season 27, DWTS? I know we were!
We watched DWTS all through Season 27, as we have done faithfully in past seasons. Never voted tho. Not by text nor Tweet. We just watched & enjoyed the competition.
Right from the Get Go, we thought Milo was the Clear Front Runner. I mean he’s only a kid. Just 17 HY. But the kid is so versatile; eager to please; knows his stuff. He’s gonna be a Star some day.
Even though we didn’t vote each week for the best dance & dancer of the week, we kept tract of the scores as people went through the season. Milo had the most points of all the contestants by a mile . . . get it? Milo was Miles Ahead! (Just a little K9 humor there Emoji).
We were just blown away at who won. Not because we didn’t like him personally, it just seemed there were dancers’ scores far bigger than his by the Night of the Mirror Ball. Like Milo, for instance. Going by a tally of overall points, Milo was far ahead of the pack. In fact, the Winner had the least points of the the contestants competing for the Coveted Mirror Ball on the Season Finale & Presentation of the Coveted Mirror Ball.
DWTS doesn’t report total fan votes week to week. That’s where the discrepancy occurred & we don’t know about it until the Finale with the Fat Lady A’Singing! Congratulations to Bobby Bones. He wasn’t the best dancer of the Season. But he was very likable & personable & has a yuge fan base in the Southern Regions of the Country. So his fans voted for him, faithfully each week. And maybe voting districts were Gerrymandered or something. But, Guess what! He won! Bobby Bones won on the strength of his fan base!
We, here at Todo Chronicles, want to drive home this lesson. If you don’t vote, you can’t complain about the outcome of an election. & DWTS voting procedures are so easy, even us dogs could do it. Just 1 more reason to extend the voting franchise to us K9s. We prolly pay more attention to these issues & topics & are up on current events than a major portion of the Human Population. Remember: If you don’t vote, you can’t complain about the outcome.
palK9 OTJ
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We, here at Todo Chronicles have been watching & taking careful note. It’s Crazy Season again. That season in which humans get all up in their election of Good, Honest & Trustworthy people to represent us before Congress & the White House. Also plenty of local & statewide competitions in every state in this country that get all muddled & confused by word choice.
This time the competition is even more fierce & uncivilized that we, here at Todo Chronicles, have observed in past Crazy Seasons. The problem then for humans is too many words: many different words to described the same thing; too many meanings for many of those words; too many ways to pronounce the same word which gives a single words many meanings depending upon how that word is used & pronounced.
All this jumble of words & meanings means that, despite all the rhetoric & breath humans expend to express themselves clearly & concisely, an honest observer still can’t tell what candidates are saying or what they mean to say.
We, here at Todo Chronicles, understand that humans are especially proud of their ability to communicate with words. Of their large brain which, they believe, makes them the Superior Beings, Top of the Food Chain. They believe that was created for them & the rest of us critters are mere freeloaders on this planet. That they can use up every resource here & they will never have to own up to their inability to see things as clear as the nose on their faces (albeit inferior olfactory senses). All this self-congratulation makes it hard for them to see past their noses & apply completely wrong answers to large & growing problems they have only begun to address but which are waaaaay bigger than the simple-minded bandaids they apply to solve large & growing problems. #SAD really.
All of the above causes us, here at Todo Chronicles, speaking for K9 Nation, to predict that humans are rapidly approaching a point at which they will regret not giving us dogs the right to vote. We, members of K9 Nation, are not encumbered by words with multiple meanings & nuances which lead to confusion & disarray. We, of K9 Nation, are incapable of  the lie; or the prevarication; or the accent on the wrong syllable. All very confusing & causes many to seek the shortest form of human communication: the bumper sticker or the political jingle on TV.
#SAD really. Us K9s understand & appreciate most human qualities. & we readily admit humans have superior abilities in some arenas. Although those superior abilities are oft the very tools that get in the way of making wise decisions; like extending the Voting Franchise to K9 Nation; like believing that belongs solely to humans & the rest of us are just along for the ride. If their God truly meant for humans to own & operate exclusively, why did He/She even bother with other life forms? What are we doing here?
Yes, we, here at Todo Chronicles, urge humans to ‘Save Yourselves!’ Give K9s the vote before humans stumble down another dark & frightening circumstance that can only end with human tragedy & sorrow. Give us K9s the vote before it’s too late & words get in the way of critical thinking & analysis & spins out of control into some deep dark Black Hole.
palK9 OTJ
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I ‘spect alla y’all heard about the terrible fires we’re having here in CA & indeed in the whole of western US. It’s bad, folks, & it’ll prolly get badder everyday for a while. Until the poor exhausted firefighters & emergency personnel can get the fires under control & contained.
We wake up in the morning & check the temperature & the AQI. For those of you not in the know, AQI is Air Quality Index. That’s tells you how bad the air is with all sorts of bad & toxic stuff.
Of course, if you aren’t into technical details, you can always look out your window. When the sky is dismal, dreary gray/brown & hazy, it’s a pretty good bet the air quality isn’t healthful for humans & other critters inhabiting
Then, if you need further assurance that the AQI isn’t ideal, go outside for a moment. If you smell smoke & choke when you take your 1st big breath . . . it’s not good.
This situation necessitates schedule changes for many. Like we been having to get up early to Walkies before the smoke gets too bad. Which is real early in the morning. We’re just not used to being early risers but necessity is the mother of something or other. At any rate, we gotta walk while it’s still cool & clear enough.
We been trying to take pix but somehow our little Android phone/camera just doesn’t capture the essence of the situation so you just gotta take our word for it. It’s bad & not going to get better anytime soon.
More & more experts & common folk alike are coming to the realization that global warming contributes to these deadly & costly fires. We are experiencing longer & more frequent droughts. Which causes fire fuel to be dryer. Any little spark will set of a fire. & they just explode, ripping up canyon walls. Moving so fast. & burning into developed areas where people live & work & have families & keep animals. Kind of a chain reaction . . . 1 things sets off the next . . . quickly.
These horrible fires are accomplishing 1 thing. They demonstrate what the US will look like with the relaxation or removal of US Environmental Regulations & Standards. If things work as planned by the gov’mint, major & maybe minor US cities will look like Beijing in not too long a period of time. Is this what is meant by MAGA, Make America Gag Again? Thanks ever so for your efforts & hard ‘work’, #BLOTUS.
We, here at Todo Chronicles, continue to wonder at the Human Condition that allows many (too many) to chose not to believe in Global Warming or climate change. Or even science. Or they can decide Global Warming is real but not human caused so humans can continue to sit on their duffs & do nothing. Even if you can convince yourself of these fairy tails, it makes no sense at all to do nothing & allow people & property to be consumed 1 way or the other by climatological events occurring more frequently & severely. What’s up, Humans. Get a grip & get off your duffs. You aren’t the  only inhabitants of If you let this go on, you aren’t even the smartest inhabitants of
palK9 OTJ
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Been pretty hot here of late. So hot, in fact, that we’ve hadda change our routine & other changes.
Usually we go out for Walkies mid-morning, when nice sunshine warms our Walkies. Lots of others go out early in the morning, but not us, as a general rule. We like to avoid the heavy traffic of K9s/Partner & other Walkers.
But, with summer heat rising, we hadda start Wallkies earlier & earlier so I could get a good Walkies in before Heat Prostration strikes me low. We can’t go nearly as far most days when the thermometer reaches 70 by 7 AM! I mean, c’mon.
Our other defensive action is to find me a new Mobile Groomer. A groomer that comes to our Domain. Imagine that! Our new guy, Shane the Clipper, gave me a nice bath, filed my nails & gave me a new Summer Do. Do you like my new Do? Shane the Clipper says it makes me look HYs younger!
Pretty short this time. I hardly recognize myself but I like it. It’s much cooler, just as advertised. So now I can go for longer Walkies. This is very important for a K9 in my line of work. I gotta sniff & investigate my usual spots to be sure things are as they have been & should be. It’s an awesome responsibility, but somebody’s gotta do it.
My being able to sniff out & Investigate issues & topics in my Sphere of Influence is all the more important since I have assumed (as you, my BFFs know) the additional tasks & responsibilities as Editor in Chief, Publisher, #1 Journalist & Photographer of these Todo Chronicles. Some of you, my BFFs & loyal readers, have wondered that entries in these Chronicles have become fewer & fewer & less focused on Human Affairs, Follies & Foibles.
I think I’ve already mentioned that, being 98 in HY, I’ve slowed down a bit. But I can still watch TV & peruse FB, Twittter & other Social Media. & I gotta say, I’m just a wee bit intimidated. I mean, it’s hard to compete with the News of the Day. Just 1 Bombshell Report follows another. All fraught with salacious or ugly or fraught with nasty accusations, many of these substantiated by various credible sources. It’s so hard for the Little Guy, such as myself, to compete. I mean, you just can’t make this shit (you should pardon the profanity, but there’s no other way to describe it. I guess it’s sort of an implied OK since many of our ‘leaders’ & ‘legislators” use it) up.
But I’ll keep on doing my Best.
 palK9 OTJ
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Is it just me or is Father Time moving faster & fast whilst we, seniors, move slower & slower?
No? Good? I was hoping not. But it does seem it takes me longer & longer to get less & less stuff done. It’s a challenge.
So . . . that’s my excuse for not reporting on our Rolling N Pink trip to SoCA. We stayed with Cuzzes Rosie & Dug & their folks, UncaBobby & AuntieJoanie. Dug is a real enthusiastic young feller of Aussie/Border Collie heritage. He was all excited upon our arrival & barked out, real loud, his greeting just as I was preparing to relieve myself after a long ride down my state, the Great State of CA. It was . . . shocking, to say the least.
They gave us our own little unit to spread out in with kitchen to prepare my meals & a nice garden out back. It was luxurious accommodations.
Then the whole rest of the Fam came over for eats. UncaTim & AuntieJanie. Pups & grandpups. So many I couldn’t hardly keep track of them all. But that was OK. Dug was there, on duty. I was on vacation.
We had a real good time, laughing & scratching with the Fam. Eating good stuff. Chatting & so forth. Mymi n me also took a ride over to where Mymi & #1Son lived many, many moons ago. 1 of those domains is on the beach so we got to walk on the beach & stick our paws in the Blue Pacific. What fun!
The main purpose of our trip tho was to participate in the Rollin’ N Pink event. I, myself, am an excellent roller. I practice all the time on green grass under shade of trees. But more’s the pity. It wasn’t that kind of rollin. The Ladies played a funny game where they threw little white cubes with black dots on them, trying to get all 3 cubes to have the same # of dots show up on top. Rolling Pink is a fund-raiser for Breast Cancer research. Bunko Babes roll the cubes. Bunko Boys wait on the Babes, bring drinks & food & such. (As it should be). Over the 10 HY they’ve been doing this, about $400K has been raised. Pretty good huh?
See my Rolling4Pink tag? Pretty neat huh? Same logo is on Mymi’s shirt, tho you might not be able to see it. & there’s all the Fam, Bunko Babes & Bunko Boys. & myself, all set for a long dry trip. Whatta a Family contingent raising $ for Breast Cancer Research.
& now here it is, 4th of July, our Nation’s bday. Time for picnics & fireworks. Myself, personally, not too crazy about the fireworks part. But hey. It’s tradition . . . right? I’ll do my part to ensure that MyCountry moves forward in a positive & democratic way & hope that we haven’t been annexed by Russia by this time next HY. Happy 4th everyone. Hooray for the Red, White & Blue.
palK9 OTJ
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Why can’t humans learn to pick up their stuff? Clean up their mess. Take care of their things & home? Why do they always take the cheap & easy way out of the messes they created?
Heretofore, in Olden Times, when was less populated with humans, humans formed their little communities. Divided up the work to feed, clothe & shelter themselves & their progeny. They were Hunter/Gatherers. They wandered about seeking food & shelter. They stayed until food & water, raw materials & supplies ran out & they moved on.
Or they were farmers. In which case they stayed longer in a locale. They farmed the land. Used the H2O for drinking & growing food. They found raw materials to make homes, or fashion homes out of caves or rocks. They created middens to throw away their trash. They used the resources. After several generations, more than Hunter/Gatherers, they had used it up & they moved on.
But modern communities are much more stationary with their McMansions, & High Rises. With their infrastructure to serve the growing cities & towns. With roads & reservoirs. Modern humans ain’t going nowhere. Because there is no place else to go. Unless you count the Moon or Mars. We, here at Todo Chroncles, don’t think Moon or Mars are rational options for the burgeoning human population to depend upon to migrate to. Perhaps will become uninhabitable for human life forms as we know them today. & then . . . game over. No place for humans to migrate to even for the decimated, in size, human population.
& it’ll be humans’ fault. For not taking proper care of their home. Not stewarding & taking proper care of This is on Humans. Us K9s will be off on PlanetPluto & we won’t give 2 figs what happens here. Bcuz it’s NOT OUR FAULT!
But in the meantime, while we’re still all in this together, I guess me n Mymi are going to have to resume our Litterary Activism. Now that the Great State of CA bans single-use plastic grocery bags, we’ll just collect plastic bags from other sources to pick up trash & littler. & there’s plenty of it. Which is a good use of those plastic bags which now can’t even be recycled at the grocery store bcuz grocery stores can’t give them out like gumdrops anymore.
We’ll do our best. That’s our job. But it would be nice to get a little human cooperation.
palK9 OTJ
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