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It being Halloween & all, Mymi got into the holiday spirit.  She put her hair in Pig Tails & donned her colorful Carpet Bagger Coat & Old Navy Pumpkin shirt & went to work @ Problem Solvers dressed as an Aging … Continue reading

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Have I mentioned previously that I just love Dancing With the Stars?  I think I did but with all the campaign rhetoric & fall rush season . . . sometimes I get confused.   This season DWS showcases Macy’s,‘s … Continue reading

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Wanna see my impression of the Wall Street Mortgage Mess & Congressional Bailout Package?  In case it’s not so clear . . . that’s Yrs Truly chasing a squirrel round & round a tree.   The 2 are about equally useful … Continue reading

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We went to the movin’ pitcher show the other day.  Me n Mymi.  GrandSire & JoeBob.  It was a real Hallmark moment.  3 generations of my family gathered in the dark & uncrowded theater for a little rest & relaxation, … Continue reading

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Talking about CURB YOUR DOG

  puhlease, obama ain’t no saint when it comes to mudslinging and don’t forget the marvelous barney frank, democrat, and his major contribution and support for the deregulation of loans which was a major contributor to the now-proposed bailout mess.  … Continue reading

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Just in case you are having trouble preparing questions for the upcoming President of Vice Debate & in order to avoid the appearance of Liberal Media Bias & in order to eliminate any perception of Gotcha Questions, I have prepared the following … Continue reading

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