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By now, the good news has gone viral.  Jaycee Lee is home.  She’s reunited with real family after 18 HY in captivity.  Jaycee Lee was abducted from her neighborhood near Lake Tahoe. CA.  She was held in captivity in a backyard much like backyards across … Continue reading

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Sen Ted Kennedy passed into that good night on Aug 25, 2009.  He was a good dog.  He knew his purpose.  The torch is passed.  The dream lives on and the Lion Sleeps Tonight.   The torch he passed but 1 … Continue reading

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Dear Assemblywoman Huber

August 24, 2009   Dear Alyson Huber:   I am in receipt of your 2009 10th Assembly District Community Survey distributed by direct mail and by door-to-door.  I appreciate very much the opportunity to participate in the democratic decision making … Continue reading

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As is often the case our in public discourse, the individuals or groups most adversely affected by someone else’s bad behavior are never asked for an opinion.  Such is the case with Michael Vick.    Michael Vick is an extraordinarily handsome (for a Bi-Ped) … Continue reading

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Talking about A G T

  When is this show on??? I’ve not watched much TV this summer…just some news shows which continue to upset  me as no common sense!!!!  Would love to see an Aussie win a million !!!! How great will that be???? Now … Continue reading

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My new most favorite of all time TV show for summertime viewing, because there is no DWTS in summertime, is America’s Got Talent.  Hosted by Nick Cannon not Tom B.  Nick’s an all round good fellow & affable guy.  He adds … Continue reading

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So like I was discussing this & that w/my BFF, Horsie, @ the Ranch just the other day.  Although we do not speak the same language, we did reach agreement, nonetheless.  CA is hot & dry, broke & dysfuctional.  Watch our debate … Continue reading

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