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Dear Mr. President Barko Bama, Just wanted to say Good Job there on the speech today.  We watched it on the TV while waiting to take GrandSire to view the Lone Ranger . . . Hi Ho Silver. Just a … Continue reading

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The very most best thing happened yesterday.  My Auntie Joanna & Mymi left our domain for another ride to I know not where cause I’m usually not invited.  When I get to go we usually go to the park & … Continue reading

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We been watching ‘Merican ‘Sperience on PBS this week cause there’s just not enough rebellion & unrest, violence, strife & stupidity on regular cable TV. We been s’prised to find that history keeps repeating itself. & humans think dogs don’t … Continue reading

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July 1 Mimi returned to our domain. She was in residence at the Rehab Hilton. My Auntie Judy took me there a few times. I loved playing catch with Jess & Gretchen. Walkies with Barbara & Adrienne. Whatta cool place. … Continue reading

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