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Americans didn’t invent slavery or racism, interfaith intolerance or social injustice.  No. No.  Those were entrenched institutions throughout long before the first entrapraneuers washed up on the shores of America the Beautiful, Land of the Free & Home of the … Continue reading

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Talking about MYTHBUSTERS

  Totally agree with you.  Unfortunately in this morning’s news it was stated that the plug did not work this week-end and BP said it will not be until August when they can get something else.  I bet if we … Continue reading

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Dear Mr Pres Barko Bama:   We, here @ Todo Chronicles, know you’re a Constitutional Scholar & all.  Not a veteran of the Environmental Documentation & Mythology Wars.  So maybe you’re unfamiliar with the thought that Environmental regulation & required documentation … Continue reading

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Talking about Talking about PLUGGIT. DAMMIT,

  Well said.  Government officials need to just take over and get it done.  There is too much at risk for humans, animals and the planet as a whole to just let the oil people do their talking and nothing … Continue reading

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How ’bout that Nicole.  Proud Mary OUTSTANDING.  Shoulda got the Glitter Ball just for that performance.  Whatta todolly AWESOME finale to the Biggest Season ever on DWTS.  Of course, with a name like Shur-Thinger it was a safe bet she … Continue reading

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Talking about PLUGGIT. DAMMIT,

  Does ANYONE tell it like it is anymore!!!!!! Does ANYONE know the truth or is it so lost that it can’t be recovered !!!!!! This is SICK SICK SICK !!!!! I can hardly bare to watch TV or see … Continue reading

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Here’s some thought (for a change) about the oil spill in response to the link below:   Pluggit.  Dammit.  Put it to rest with a tombstone that says:   LESSON LEARNED.  NEVER AGAIN.   11 humans & countless other critters died in … Continue reading

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