Text Msg from God to Great Todo:
Dear Great Todo: Ya gotta do something. I’m at my wits end! Pls get a msg to ‘Mer’can humans on AnimalPlanet.com. They’re reading the tea leaves & tablets all wrong. I placed them on that particular planet as the Highest & Brightest forms of all life so they could care for & steward the planet & all it’s critters. I did NOT place them there to rape & pillage the planet for their exclusive benefit & profit. They got it all wrong & if they don’t shape up, there’s nothing I can do to save them from their own hubris, greed & arrogance. Even God can make mistakes. Ya gotta do something, Great Todo.
Txt Msg to God from Great Todo:
Sorry to hear of your troubles & disappointment. Shit happens. I’m forwarding this msg to my Editor, Publisher & Reporter on AnimalPlanet.com, OpalK9.
Maybe humans ain’t so smart after all. Why do they think you named it AnimalPlanet.com? Better luck next time if you have to start all over down there on that planet.
Txt Msg to OpalK9 from Great Todo:
Well, OpalK9, there you have it. God’s patience is worn out. Mine too. It’s up to you at this point. You have your mission, should you chose to accept it. Good luck.
Txt Msg to Great Todo from OpalK: I’ll do my best. You know you can depend on me n’ us dogs. Wish I could convince humans us dogs deserve the Franchise but that’s an issue for another day.
SO THERE YOU HAVE IT HUMANS. & just to illustrate the points of God & Great Todo, so far in the Great State of CA alone, there are:
  • 22 wildfires are raging throughout the state
  • 21 human lives lost. No telling how many critters living in those woodlands
  • 3500 businesses & homes impacted
  • 170,000 acres up in flames
  • 20K ppl evacuated
  • 2 fires rage out of control
  • Air Quality across NoCA is Dangerous (which keeps everyone indoors if they can). AQ in the Bay Area itself is unprecedentedly bad. (They usually send their GHG to our Valley)
  • 4 CA wineries LOST, 9 more damaged
  • Even the mutual aid system to fight these fires & save lives & property is stretched thin with 70 choppers, 30 air takers & thousands of firefighters/1st responders working 5 & 6 48hr shifts. They’re exhausted
  • a new category of fire emerges, the Wildland/Urban fire. These usually start in wildland & consume everything in sight. They don’t stop a the door of suburbia. They just consume it. So far in NoCA several suburban neighborhoods Up In Flames. Flattened. Nothing left but a chimney or 2.
What are you gonna do about it? It’s up to you. Save yourselves. Save your neighbors. Save the Planet. Get a clue. It’s up to you & you alone! Keep in mind too, that it took a long time for this to build up to a Climate Crisis. So whatever you chose to do, results will not be immediate. Nor is just 1 effort the answer. It’s gonna take time, perseverance, determination & (maybe) sacrifice. Don’t pull out of the Paris Climate Accords & make yourselves outliers among nations. You don’t need to win the race to the bottom. A 4th World Country.
palK9 OTJ 
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What’s it gonna take for humans to get with the program? In the wake of, yet again, another deadly mass shooting, what’s it going to take for humans, citizens of the US of A to do something about rampaging gun violence in our country?
These massacres keep happening, over & over again. People quake in fear. Offer thoughts & prayers. Contribute money & blood & sympathy & offer help. Shed tears. Issue demands. Launch twitter campaigns. Do all sorts of meaningless & frankly, useless shows of concern, of shock & awe. But NObody is willing to actually DO something, something besides dither, fingerpoint & divert the fear & anxiety to something less traumatic. Leadership that does anything but LEAD. To come forth in the public forum & discuss what can prevent this violence & bloodshed, reduce the deaths & work within the 2nd amendment.
The 2nd Amendment says A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. 
1st of all, the 2nd Amendment was written about 240 years ago. We,here at Todo Chronicles, are pretty certain that the framers of the Constitution and accompanying amendments did not consider advancements in the technology of guns, ammo & ordinance. We, here at Todo Chronicles, are pretty certain that had they considered such advancements & improvements in this technology, they might not have made it so open ended.
We, here at Todo Chronicles, can’t help but wonder when ‘Mer’ca’s Leadership is going to stand up to MoneyBag Lobbyist ATM Machines, such as the NRA which slobber palliatives like Guns don’t kill people. People with guns kill people. Or the only way to stop a Bad Guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. 
YUCK & bullpucky.
The NRA owns too many of our “leaders”. Holds them in a stranglehold so they can’t & don’t wish to do anything because they’re to scared of losing their office & the gravy train that put them there. Prevents these ‘Leaders” from doing the very thing that most ‘Mer’cans & even many, maybe even most of their regular (guy on the street) members want them to do. Legislate sensible gun regulations so that 1 lone & angry person can’t become the executioner of 60 people & injurer of another 550 humans. This is how they do it. Typical human response to horrible circumstance . . . stick their heads in the sand & pray. 
Isn’t the definition of insanity doing the same thing over & over, (cry & offer thoughts & prayers) & expecting different outcomes (hope & pray that the next mass shooting tragedy isn’t the next biggest & deadliest mass shooting, terrorist attack (foreign or domestic).
We can tell you for sure, no self-respecting offspring of Great Todo, nor any other species of the lower realm (below human) would continue to pursue such insanity.
C’mon Human Leaders. Put your Big Person Pants on. Grow up. & Lead. Even us dogs could do better. *:(( crying
palK9 OTJ 
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I knew something was up the minute I saw Mymi dragging out bags on rollers & other bags that she placed the strap on a shoulder. Brought it all into her special mat room & began taking clothes & other articles from closets & drawers to stuff into said bags. I KNEW something was up.
Then she started placing my food & other necessities into a brown cardboard box. I was so happy. I knew I was gonna get to go along . . . to wherever they were going. Always fun & productive to take these adventurous trips. &, let’s face it, they need me to Guide & Assist. Without my Superlative Sniffing & Investigative Skills, they might still be up there in the Lava Beds seeking signs of Capt. Jack’s Last Stronghold. Perhaps wishing to assist in his efforts to save his heritage & culture & to conserve & steward his environment & resources.
But alas, if it weren’t for me leading them up the black, dry & sharp mountains, they woulda never figured out that Capt. Jack is long gone. & his band of 60 or so fending off attack from about 1,000 humans with superior weapons. Trust me, in the heat & the smoke THAT was quite an adventure. Good thing they had me to remind them it is important to rest & hydrate.
We saw a beautiful mtn lake that is really a volcanic crater with an island, a volcanic plug. The neatest thing about that lake is humans haven’t settled around it & ‘improved’ it to their satisfaction. Very quiet & peaceful. & visitors there were very quiet & peaceful & respectful of the surroundings. Very nice.
Upon descending the mtn, we drove back into the smoke from the many many wildfires burning in the Western States. Kind of upsetting to travel thru beautiful countryside all discolored & blackened & thick with smoke. That’s life in the West these days.
We traveled thru Lava Beds NP & saw Mt. Shasta, a pretty high & snowed dotted mtn. There were lots of people hiking & exploring this wild & untamed region. Pretty scenery. But Smokey. It was lucky to see the Mt. Shasta with snow bc drought the last 5 HY has caused snow to disappear. Not really keen on snow myself, personally. It’s very cold to walk on. & dirty by this time. But the big rains of last winter helped retain the little snowpack we did get to see. Mother Nature does spectacular work!
Next day we headed back down toward My Valley to take in the scenery & beauty of another NP, Lassen. There were lots & lots of ppl & some dogs there exploring & hiking & enjoying the day or longer if they were going into the wilderness areas. Those people should be sure to have a dog guide with them in case they go out of cell range, which can happen very easily up there. Happened to us & we stayed mostly on the beaten paths. Could happen to anyone cuz believe it or not, cell coverage isn’t everywhere . . . yet.
We saw boiling mudpots spewing out mud from way down deep in AnimalPlanet.com’s core. Best no t to fall in 1 of those. We saw amazing rock formations & burned out places where some past wild fires destroyed whole forests. Forest managers are challenged to clean up after such blazing devastation & keep down & dead flora from becoming fuel for the next fire.
We saw our Heroes, Firefighters & other Emergency Personnel preparing to descend from a big trailhead to assist & rescue & downed & injured hiker. Those ppl are heroes, every 1. Altho they are terribly busy & challenged fighting said wildfires burning in the West, they still look out for visitors enjoying the parks & locals not yet going up in smoke.
It was all very informative & I enjoyed my trip with my people even tho accessing MySpot in the vehicle is becoming increasingly challenging. Not as spry as I used to be, ya know. I’m really glad I got to go along & supply K9 Knowledge & Expertise so we all had a safe & fun trip. I just wish there were more vistas like Crater Lake where the Human Touch is largely excluded from the landscape.

palK9 OTJ
PS I wanted to send some of my excellent pix of my trip BUT my ISP must be sleeping on the job cuz the msg would not go thru. No how. No way. *:( sad
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So we waited, like everyone else in ‘Mer’ca, for the 1/lifetime experience that will happen again in a slightly different location in HY2024, for that Total Eclipse of the Sun which was s’posed ta happen & be a really exciting, Once in a Lifetime ‘Sperience.
We got up & walked extra early to save our eyes, cuz, wouldn’t you know, they don’t make Eclipse Eye Shades for dogs. Humpf. Dogs got eyes too.
Be that as it may, the TV & other information outlets were talking this Once in a Lifetime ‘Sperience up. Warning. Nagging. Be prepared. Don’t risk the hot hot sun’s corona burning holes in your eyeballs. Mymi didn’t believe that my eyelashes would be sufficient protection for my eyes which are somewhat cloudy anyhow.
So we took our Walkies earlier than usual. We returned back to our domain & awaited with eager anticipation for the big event to start. I watched out my door/window, waiting for the action to start. It was ’bout like watching a snail cross our driveway. So I gotta admit, I did nod off a bit.
Mymi, meanwhile, busied herself in the kitchen, cleaning up after our morning meal & looking out the little window that had a perfect view of the action . . . such as it was.
As we watched, the sky appeared to dim but not exactly darken. Mymi never saw any shadow over the sun tho she looked diligently out her little window.
& then she was rushing in to my spot & exclaiming . . . OpalK9! We missed the Total Eclipse of the Sun!
Well, as you can imagine, we were both disappointed. So close yet so far away. We now are given to know that you hadda be in the Path of Totality to get a real feel for the Total Eclipse of the Sun. Which we definitely weren’t.
Maybe TX was more in the Path of Totality & that’s what stirred up Hurricane Harvey presently tearing up the Gulf Coast, much like Hurricane Katrina did not so long ago in geologic time. Monster weather events such as those, 500 & 1000 Storm Events, just can’t be ‘splained by Global Climate Change caused by human activity.
palK9 OTJ
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I just bet more than 1/2 the registered voters in ‘Mer’ca wish they’d let us K9s have the vote before this most recent presidential & unfortunate (for many reasons) election. Cuz no Self-Respecting Offspring of Great Todo would ever consider supporting a leader that fosters anger & hatred, exploits fear & ignorance. Encourages violence & division. Nor would we support anyone who continually embarrasses my country with friends, allies & foes around AnimalPlanet.com.
No Self-Respecting Offspring of Great Todo would discriminate & attempt to separate the K9 Nation. No Self-Respecting Offspring of Great Todo would think to define 1 breed as superior to another. And no breed would think that they were better somehow, more equal & deserving of civil rights than a K9 of Mixed But Noble Heritage.
Under the skin & fur, we’re pretty much all the same. 4 legs. Loyal (to a fault, perhaps). Ready willing & able to pursue & complete any task assigned to us, however our outsides might appear. Myself, personally, I wouldn’t consider all brown-eyed Blue Merle Aussies, such as myself, superior to a blue-eyed Red Merle Aussie much less, say, a little fellow, loyal to his folks but of Mixed But Noble Heritage. Just not happening.
However us dogs aren’t gonna butt our heads against a brick wall advocating for the K9 Franchise. Not now. No way. I mean this president (I can barely bring myself to peck out that word associated with the person that now sometimes occupies the noble White House) doesn’t even have a family dog (we miss you Bo Bama) or a furry or finny or scaley companion of any species. Maybe he’s got a Gold Fish.
So stand down, K9 Nation. Stand down for now & watch while humans try to wiggle out of this unfortunate situation. We’ll be prepared to pick up our cause, advocate for the K9 Franchise when the mood of the nation is more open & receptive to that Pledge they often make in public gatherings: 1 nation, Under Great Todo, indivisible, with liberty & justice for all.
palK9 OTJ
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Scheew Dawgies! I hadda really be sharp & smart & On My Toes the other day. See over the weekend past, Mymi took off for the Bay Area, seeking a cool place to play golf with the Big Golf Gang she plays with sometimes. It’s now tradition to head to the Bay Area in the Valley Summers to slip outta the heat of MyValley where it was 100+ & no breeze, or drafts or rustling of leaves in the tall trees. It was HOT here. I should know. I got left here to keep a lid on things here at our Domain. Our Neighborhood. Don’t want any more Bad Guys stalking our Neighborhood.
At any rate, I was here at home, doing my job, keeping cool as possible under the circumstances. I am proud to report nothing happened. No Bad Guys approaching our Entrance. Guess I was sufficiently fearsome. I did a good job.
Time Mymi & them got home, the sun was going down. It was cooling . . . somewhat. & I was getting pretty hungry. My Auntie Judy came for my Walkies but I didn’t get to eat dinner until Mymi got home, which according to my calculations, was Late! But we got that all straightened out. I got fed. & we settled down to usual Sunday evening routine.
Next morning, however, things didn’t go so smooth when Mymi was preparing to go out . . . again. She turned our Domain upside down looking for a little gold-colored pill container. She searched up, down & all around to no result. Since she couldn’t find this little item around our Domain, she figured it musta been left somewhere on the golfing escapade. So she called the restaurant where they ate dinner. They had it.
She was overjoyed & said we would pick it up the following HD. That’s when my skill set came into play. Bc, in my capacity as Security, I was required to ride along, watch out & keep my eyes open for anything untoward. I got a real good night’s sleep in order to be sharp & smart for my duties the next day.
After Walkies & Chores. we headed out, hoping to miss major traffic jams in the middle of the day. & off we went. We made it without incident, but I was prepared just in case. The young man at the restaurant was there when we knocked on the door. He gave us the important little pill box. Off we went on the return trip. Which was uneventful.
Truth be told, I was unsure what all the fuss was about. I’ve seen Mymi use the little gold box but never suspected the significance. But during our trip home, Mymi ‘splained to me that the little pill box came to her from GrandDam. It is of Emotional Significance.
Sure glad Mymi ‘splained that all to me. I just couldn’t imagine what was so all fired important that we hadda travel many miles from our Domain & Valley just to retrieve a small, insignificant little thing as a small, gold-colored box not even big enough to hold a bone or some kibble. Now I know.
palK9 OTJ
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We received a text marked URGENT the other day. It was from our Next Door Neighbor, Marie. Mother of 3 & candidate for a job at the local Juvenile Justice Center. So when we got Marie’s text marked URGENT, we sat up & took notice. Wouldn’t you?
Marie said, ‘In case you can’t understand the voice from the Chopper in the Sky, there’s some Bad Guys on the loose with guns. Right here in our neighborhood. Go inside. Lock windows & doors.’
So that’s what we did. & don’tcha know? I hadda sit up & take special care & notice. That’s my job. So I assumed my position of alert right in the front hall way. I remained on High Alert all afternoon. It wasn’t easy. Hard to remain awake in the heat of the afternoon. But I did it. It’s my job. I barked & growled my most ferocious whenever anyone wandered by our front door. There weren’t many however. I guess not many wished to encounter Bad Guys With Guns on a hot afternoon where tempers flare & mistakes get made.
We stayed inside all afternoon, long after the Chopper in the Sky flew off to another emergency or something. Then we got the All Clear from Marie.
She said the Bad Guys got caught. Without violence or bloodshed. She said ‘The Bad Guys were messing around in their car. Taking selfies of themselves with guns in their car. Weren’t paying strict attention to their driving & caused an auto accident . . . from which they fled on foot . . . through our neighborhood. Eventually they got caught bc getting caught is cool & trendy nowadays.’ Go figure!
How dumb is that. Messing around with phones. In a car. With guns. & they won’t give us dogs the K9 Franchise.
palK9 OTJ
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