Scheew Dawgies! I hadda really be sharp & smart & On My Toes the other day. See over the weekend past, Mymi took off for the Bay Area, seeking a cool place to play golf with the Big Golf Gang she plays with sometimes. It’s now tradition to head to the Bay Area in the Valley Summers to slip outta the heat of MyValley where it was 100+ & no breeze, or drafts or rustling of leaves in the tall trees. It was HOT here. I should know. I got left here to keep a lid on things here at our Domain. Our Neighborhood. Don’t want any more Bad Guys stalking our Neighborhood.
At any rate, I was here at home, doing my job, keeping cool as possible under the circumstances. I am proud to report nothing happened. No Bad Guys approaching our Entrance. Guess I was sufficiently fearsome. I did a good job.
Time Mymi & them got home, the sun was going down. It was cooling . . . somewhat. & I was getting pretty hungry. My Auntie Judy came for my Walkies but I didn’t get to eat dinner until Mymi got home, which according to my calculations, was Late! But we got that all straightened out. I got fed. & we settled down to usual Sunday evening routine.
Next morning, however, things didn’t go so smooth when Mymi was preparing to go out . . . again. She turned our Domain upside down looking for a little gold-colored pill container. She searched up, down & all around to no result. Since she couldn’t find this little item around our Domain, she figured it musta been left somewhere on the golfing escapade. So she called the restaurant where they ate dinner. They had it.
She was overjoyed & said we would pick it up the following HD. That’s when my skill set came into play. Bc, in my capacity as Security, I was required to ride along, watch out & keep my eyes open for anything untoward. I got a real good night’s sleep in order to be sharp & smart for my duties the next day.
After Walkies & Chores. we headed out, hoping to miss major traffic jams in the middle of the day. & off we went. We made it without incident, but I was prepared just in case. The young man at the restaurant was there when we knocked on the door. He gave us the important little pill box. Off we went on the return trip. Which was uneventful.
Truth be told, I was unsure what all the fuss was about. I’ve seen Mymi use the little gold box but never suspected the significance. But during our trip home, Mymi ‘splained to me that the little pill box came to her from GrandDam. It is of Emotional Significance.
Sure glad Mymi ‘splained that all to me. I just couldn’t imagine what was so all fired important that we hadda travel many miles from our Domain & Valley just to retrieve a small, insignificant little thing as a small, gold-colored box not even big enough to hold a bone or some kibble. Now I know.
palK9 OTJ
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We received a text marked URGENT the other day. It was from our Next Door Neighbor, Marie. Mother of 3 & candidate for a job at the local Juvenile Justice Center. So when we got Marie’s text marked URGENT, we sat up & took notice. Wouldn’t you?
Marie said, ‘In case you can’t understand the voice from the Chopper in the Sky, there’s some Bad Guys on the loose with guns. Right here in our neighborhood. Go inside. Lock windows & doors.’
So that’s what we did. & don’tcha know? I hadda sit up & take special care & notice. That’s my job. So I assumed my position of alert right in the front hall way. I remained on High Alert all afternoon. It wasn’t easy. Hard to remain awake in the heat of the afternoon. But I did it. It’s my job. I barked & growled my most ferocious whenever anyone wandered by our front door. There weren’t many however. I guess not many wished to encounter Bad Guys With Guns on a hot afternoon where tempers flare & mistakes get made.
We stayed inside all afternoon, long after the Chopper in the Sky flew off to another emergency or something. Then we got the All Clear from Marie.
She said the Bad Guys got caught. Without violence or bloodshed. She said ‘The Bad Guys were messing around in their car. Taking selfies of themselves with guns in their car. Weren’t paying strict attention to their driving & caused an auto accident . . . from which they fled on foot . . . through our neighborhood. Eventually they got caught bc getting caught is cool & trendy nowadays.’ Go figure!
How dumb is that. Messing around with phones. In a car. With guns. & they won’t give us dogs the K9 Franchise.
palK9 OTJ
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This HY, for Mother’s Day, we did something very special indeed. It was the funnest Mother’s Day I ever had. Of course, heretofore, I wasn’t exactly sure what Mother’s Day was since I never got asked to celebrate it before. But now I know all about it.

We decided, it being my 1st Mother’s Day that I’m aware of, to take a trip to see my AuntieKim, my 1st Mother that I remember. I know. I know. I was already whelped & had already whelped a few litters of my own by the time I hooked up with my AuntieKim. Not my fault & I don’t remember much before my AuntieKim rescued me from my previous poor situation producing AussieDoodles as if on an assembly line.

Also my AuntieKim’s Aussie Sanctuary was located much closer to our Domain than it is now. So getting to see my AuntieKim & all my cousins, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and shirttail, & the new Sanctuary & Domain was a treat better than a Blu-Stix.
So we jumped in the car & drove & drove. Upward & eastward from our Domain but not upward into the crest of the mountains which are still lined with a Yuge Big Snowpack, which is a good thing. But we did travel for quite a distance upward in elevation so that when we arrived at the Sanctuary, we could look out & see snowcapped mountains & ski slopes in 1 direction & blue sky & forest in the other.
The Sanctuary sits on top of a mountain & it’s all decked out & equipped to properly care for the many Aussies, Aussie Mixes & Pocket Pooches that are presently being fostered there while my AuntieKim seeks Forever Homes for these guys. Just like she matched me n Mymi low these many HY, & more K9Y ago.
Me n Benny became fast BFFs & I’m gonna hafta mentor Benny a bit. He’s an Aussie/Border Collie of Noble Heritage but he’s only about 1.6 HY old so he’s all full of youthful enthusiasm & energy. I hadda calmly but firmly remind him not to rush another or to keep jumping up on all the humans around that he was so joyful & happy to encounter. But upon setting the ground rules, Benny turned out to be OK & set his focus on welcoming Mymi & Golfernut to his Sanctuary.
Once me n Benny got that sorted out, I got to walk around the house, the barn, the kennel & the grounds & sniff & investigate to my heart’s content. I got to take a dip in the pond which was refreshing on a warm spring day.
The Sanctuary is a big place, comparatively speaking, with lots & lots of new material to learn & understand.  It was a nice & welcome challenge for this Senior Dog. I asked my AuntieKim if she knew where any of my AussieDoodle pups got to after she rescued me. It being Mother’s Day & all. But she told me she never knew what became of any of them. They were quite hyper & high strung which wasn’t their fault. After all, the were somewhat the effect of Human Interference & genetic engineering. So wherever you are, Orlando, Olivia, Otis, Oscar, Octavia, Ozzie, Odessa, Oprah, Olaf & alla you other O-AussieDoodles, I’m here at Todo Chronicles giving you a Shout Out. It’s Mother’s Day. Call me!
One very sad note on Mother’s Day. My Cousin, Ka’ani Rose passed on to back up to PlanetPluto. My UncaT & AuntieTeach are very sad that they had to say good-bye the day before Mother’s Day. But I’ll let you know when I get a text from Ka’ani, UncaT, AuntieTeach. I’m sure her trip there will be direct & short. Ka’ani Rose was a good dog who knew her purpose. She was so fortunate to get a loving home & good folks the 1st time around. We all miss you, Ka’ani Rose. Now newbie, S’cusi has no mentor. You’re on your own, S’cusi. Take good care of your folks.
I know I haven’t even mentioned DWTS this season. Terribly remiss of me. But last night was the semi-finals. Normani the Singer. David the Baseball Hero & Rashad the Football Champ compete in the finals next week. We were surprised to see Simone, Gold Medal Gymnast, go home last night. But it will be a Battle Royale for the Mirror Ball Trophy come next Monday. Bet your best bones on that.
palK9 OTJ
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Today marks my 13th Human Birthdate. No one is more surprised than myself to find that I am now as Senior in K9Ys as GrandSire was when I 1st encountered him back there in FL-land
Now I understand
*:( sad    Slow to get up from a sitting or lying position
*:x lovestruck    Forgetfulness
*:O) clown    bland Senior recipes meal recipes
*:-/ confused    being less inclined to accept changes in routine
*:)) laughing    valuing quiet & alone time
*=)) rolling on the floor    less inclination to chase the ball or the squirrel or what have you
*I-) sleepy     taking my time to thoroughly sniff out & investigate. Stopping to smell the roses & other delicious scents
But it’s all good. I like the new old me. I’ve learned so much in my time here on I plan to take it back to PlanetPluto when the time comes. Lessons to learn by.
I’m gonna be sure to tell my Buds up there on PlanetPluto that we gotta be sure to protect our Homeland from bad invaders like fossil fuel emissions. Ya gotta wonder what will look like in a few more human generations. Maybe they’ll all be green from having to breathe the same air as plants. That air will be so loaded with CO which makes plants green.
I’m gonna use my Senior Status as my excuse for excluding the arrival of Loukie-Doo to our family. Loukie-Doo is #JuneBug’s baby Bro & the Delight of his folks, PhotoGirl & PoBoy. He’s a cute little fellow . . . as human pups go. We’re so happy to have a new beautiful family member to expand the Tribe    .
Seems like time is passing as quickly as I’m not moving these days. So I better be sure to wish a Happy Birthdate to all my family having birthdates in the Human Month of May, My Birthdate month. Happy Birthdate to
*:) happy    My UncaT
*O:-) angel    My GrannyJennie
*:-h wave    My Little Cousin Makkie. Makkie starts school so she can be a learned & productive humn adult.
Happy Birthdate to us all. Now I think I’ll take a nap!
palK9 OTJ
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Can you believe . . . it’s already the middle of springtime in HY 2017? Umbelievable! Where has it gone?!

Seems like when it’s happening, nothing’s happening, You know . . . like how I thought nothing was happening & already, since my last post alla this got done/happened 1 way or the other:
*~X( at wits' endwe got our taxes done & got a little back
*;) winking       so we put some funds into Grandpups’ Education accounts so they can be properly educated when the time comes
*:) happy        Mymi & Golfernut traveled to the Valley of Casinos & Bling to witness a Uniting Ceremony for a family member of Golfernut. While there they made the most of the trip by:
  • taking Tootsie Roll & Quits to the Museum of Natural History & to a movie. What’s a Smurf? Some new fancy dog breed?
  • then they traveled to Zion NP before it gets closed & sold off by an ill-informed & ungrateful administration trying to enrich itself in any way possible. Meanwhile I, myself…
*=(( broken heart    remained here on the Home Front making sure no Bad Guys entered our premises. My Auntie Judy was here to feed & Walkies me, play with me & sit for a while in the evening.
*B-) cool    Mymi’s been meeting & marching & entering data regarding said meets & marches for our Cause, impending Global Climate Disaster. Climate Change/Disaster is real. It’s caused PRIMARILY by Human Activity.  & is over the Tipping Point. We believe that it can’t be stopped. Big changes are coming. & Humans would be stupid & ill-advised to ignore the obvious for the Profit Motive & not prepare for the inevitable. What good’s having all the $ in if you can’t get anyone to wait on you Paw & Rear Paw cuz they’re all dead?
*O:-) angel    Mymi’s been using the ol’ Laptop for data entry about Marches & Protests so I gotta fend for myself on the Occupy Myself Domain Front. Have to Sniff Out & Investigate on our Walkies. So I don’t mind Long Walkies so much. I gitta cover lots of territory to keep abreast of any changes in the landscape. Awesome Responsibility which I take very seriously.
*:-$ don't tell anyone shh!    However I haven’t been so successful re: That Damned Squirrel who likes to dig in Mymi’s Prize Flower Pot to bury his Peanuts. Makes Mymi very Mad. Maybe if he’d bother to clean up after himself instead of spreading dirt all over the patio & exposing the plant’s roots. Mymi doesn’t like her plants jeopardized. Sorry Dude. Can’t help you there in the Clean Up Department.  A word to the Wise (That Damned Squirrel)…Go bury you peanuts somewhere else.
*:( sad    We met up with Ethel & her Human Companion. Immediately we notice that Lucy wasn’t accompanying them as per usual. We inquired. They said that Lucy had returned to PlanetPluto. They are very sad but both said Lucy was now in a better place. We’ll forward any txt msgs we get from Lucy on PlanetPluto, you guys. Lucy was a good dog & knew her purpose. Which her purpose was visiting the Seniors at The Pond. Residents there loved Lucy & Ethel. They would always lay on the entryway floor, guarding, while their Companion went to visit a relative residing at The Pond. We’re sorry for your loss, guys. RIP Lucy.
*:(( crying    Never thought I’d say this in the past few HYs but it’s good the rains have slowed down. We got so much rain this Rainy Season we broke the Bank; or at least the Spillway. We got so much rain this Rainy Season, our rivers are flowing at capacity. Our storage is at capacity. Our Weirs & Causeways are at capacity. Only thing left to refill is our Groundwater System. But that, like many other things, doesn’t happen over night. So while the Drought may be “Over” we aren’t letting up on Conservation efforts & we shouldn’t, SHOULD NOT, return to our Water Wasting Ways. We don’t know when or how long the next drought will be. & we already have more citizens than our CA Water System was designed to handle. But for the present, Enough Rain Already!
Things may appear to be going slow . . . but I gotta slow down & wait patiently for the next Big Thing to occur. I ain’t getting any younger, ya know.
palK9 OTJ
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