I ‘spect alla y’all heard about the terrible fires we’re having here in CA & indeed in the whole of western US. It’s bad, folks, & it’ll prolly get badder everyday for a while. Until the poor exhausted firefighters & emergency personnel can get the fires under control & contained.
We wake up in the morning & check the temperature & the AQI. For those of you not in the know, AQI is Air Quality Index. That’s tells you how bad the air is with all sorts of bad & toxic stuff.
Of course, if you aren’t into technical details, you can always look out your window. When the sky is dismal, dreary gray/brown & hazy, it’s a pretty good bet the air quality isn’t healthful for humans & other critters inhabiting
Then, if you need further assurance that the AQI isn’t ideal, go outside for a moment. If you smell smoke & choke when you take your 1st big breath . . . it’s not good.
This situation necessitates schedule changes for many. Like we been having to get up early to Walkies before the smoke gets too bad. Which is real early in the morning. We’re just not used to being early risers but necessity is the mother of something or other. At any rate, we gotta walk while it’s still cool & clear enough.
We been trying to take pix but somehow our little Android phone/camera just doesn’t capture the essence of the situation so you just gotta take our word for it. It’s bad & not going to get better anytime soon.
More & more experts & common folk alike are coming to the realization that global warming contributes to these deadly & costly fires. We are experiencing longer & more frequent droughts. Which causes fire fuel to be dryer. Any little spark will set of a fire. & they just explode, ripping up canyon walls. Moving so fast. & burning into developed areas where people live & work & have families & keep animals. Kind of a chain reaction . . . 1 things sets off the next . . . quickly.
These horrible fires are accomplishing 1 thing. They demonstrate what the US will look like with the relaxation or removal of US Environmental Regulations & Standards. If things work as planned by the gov’mint, major & maybe minor US cities will look like Beijing in not too long a period of time. Is this what is meant by MAGA, Make America Gag Again? Thanks ever so for your efforts & hard ‘work’, #BLOTUS.
We, here at Todo Chronicles, continue to wonder at the Human Condition that allows many (too many) to chose not to believe in Global Warming or climate change. Or even science. Or they can decide Global Warming is real but not human caused so humans can continue to sit on their duffs & do nothing. Even if you can convince yourself of these fairy tails, it makes no sense at all to do nothing & allow people & property to be consumed 1 way or the other by climatological events occurring more frequently & severely. What’s up, Humans. Get a grip & get off your duffs. You aren’t the  only inhabitants of If you let this go on, you aren’t even the smartest inhabitants of
palK9 OTJ
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