Been pretty hot here of late. So hot, in fact, that we’ve hadda change our routine & other changes.
Usually we go out for Walkies mid-morning, when nice sunshine warms our Walkies. Lots of others go out early in the morning, but not us, as a general rule. We like to avoid the heavy traffic of K9s/Partner & other Walkers.
But, with summer heat rising, we hadda start Wallkies earlier & earlier so I could get a good Walkies in before Heat Prostration strikes me low. We can’t go nearly as far most days when the thermometer reaches 70 by 7 AM! I mean, c’mon.
Our other defensive action is to find me a new Mobile Groomer. A groomer that comes to our Domain. Imagine that! Our new guy, Shane the Clipper, gave me a nice bath, filed my nails & gave me a new Summer Do. Do you like my new Do? Shane the Clipper says it makes me look HYs younger!
Pretty short this time. I hardly recognize myself but I like it. It’s much cooler, just as advertised. So now I can go for longer Walkies. This is very important for a K9 in my line of work. I gotta sniff & investigate my usual spots to be sure things are as they have been & should be. It’s an awesome responsibility, but somebody’s gotta do it.
My being able to sniff out & Investigate issues & topics in my Sphere of Influence is all the more important since I have assumed (as you, my BFFs know) the additional tasks & responsibilities as Editor in Chief, Publisher, #1 Journalist & Photographer of these Todo Chronicles. Some of you, my BFFs & loyal readers, have wondered that entries in these Chronicles have become fewer & fewer & less focused on Human Affairs, Follies & Foibles.
I think I’ve already mentioned that, being 98 in HY, I’ve slowed down a bit. But I can still watch TV & peruse FB, Twittter & other Social Media. & I gotta say, I’m just a wee bit intimidated. I mean, it’s hard to compete with the News of the Day. Just 1 Bombshell Report follows another. All fraught with salacious or ugly or fraught with nasty accusations, many of these substantiated by various credible sources. It’s so hard for the Little Guy, such as myself, to compete. I mean, you just can’t make this shit (you should pardon the profanity, but there’s no other way to describe it. I guess it’s sort of an implied OK since many of our ‘leaders’ & ‘legislators” use it) up.
But I’ll keep on doing my Best.
 palK9 OTJ
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