Why can’t humans learn to pick up their stuff? Clean up their mess. Take care of their things & home? Why do they always take the cheap & easy way out of the messes they created?
Heretofore, in Olden Times, when AnimalPlanet.com was less populated with humans, humans formed their little communities. Divided up the work to feed, clothe & shelter themselves & their progeny. They were Hunter/Gatherers. They wandered about seeking food & shelter. They stayed until food & water, raw materials & supplies ran out & they moved on.
Or they were farmers. In which case they stayed longer in a locale. They farmed the land. Used the H2O for drinking & growing food. They found raw materials to make homes, or fashion homes out of caves or rocks. They created middens to throw away their trash. They used the resources. After several generations, more than Hunter/Gatherers, they had used it up & they moved on.
But modern communities are much more stationary with their McMansions, & High Rises. With their infrastructure to serve the growing cities & towns. With roads & reservoirs. Modern humans ain’t going nowhere. Because there is no place else to go. Unless you count the Moon or Mars. We, here at Todo Chroncles, don’t think Moon or Mars are rational options for the burgeoning human population to depend upon to migrate to. Perhaps AnimalPlanet.com will become uninhabitable for human life forms as we know them today. & then . . . game over. No place for humans to migrate to even for the decimated, in size, human population.
& it’ll be humans’ fault. For not taking proper care of their home. Not stewarding & taking proper care of AnimalPlanet.com. This is on Humans. Us K9s will be off on PlanetPluto & we won’t give 2 figs what happens here. Bcuz it’s NOT OUR FAULT!
But in the meantime, while we’re still all in this together, I guess me n Mymi are going to have to resume our Litterary Activism. Now that the Great State of CA bans single-use plastic grocery bags, we’ll just collect plastic bags from other sources to pick up trash & littler. & there’s plenty of it. Which is a good use of those plastic bags which now can’t even be recycled at the grocery store bcuz grocery stores can’t give them out like gumdrops anymore.
We’ll do our best. That’s our job. But it would be nice to get a little human cooperation.
palK9 OTJ
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