Does this new do make my rear end look fat?
No? Thank you. Didn’t really think so. But hadda check it out with my BFFs. I know you’ll tell me the truth.
Hadda get this new do in light of the onslaught of summer, which is a comin’. And it’s prolly gonna be hotter than last HY, which was hot. And in light of my advancing age.
We be gonna have to change a lot of our routine in light of the 2 above factors. Advancing age and rising heat levels.
So we’ve been Walkies earlier each day. Gotta say, I have noticed increased energy levels on my part Walkiesing earlier in the day, when the sunshine isn’t beating down directly on my Blue Coat, being a Blue Merle & all.  I was starting out OK midday. But we hadda walk shorter distances & lengths of time. Hadda kinda keep to the shadier streets & pathways. Shady park perimeters much more inviting than exploring the sunny open areas of said parks. I really like Walkies for a change of scenery so I hated to cut our Walkies shorter.
We been carrying water so we could take water breaks as necessary. But we can only bring along so much water & occasionally that wasn’t enough. We also like to frequent parks with water fountains where we could fill up our water carriers. Sometimes it’s hard to get to cool water without wasting a lot of water that’s been sitting in pipes in the hot sunshine. Getting so’s I like watering days in our neighborhood so I could also get water runoff from the lawn sprinklers. But sometimes that’s dried up before we get out. S’posed to water at night around here, ya know.
But as the days get warmer, I was having more trouble, even with all our changes in schedule & route & all. Hadda slow down. Take shorter Walkies & all that. Still just wasn’t working for me anymore. So Mymi came up with the brilliant idea to get me bathed & groomed with this new sportin’ summer do.  Gotta say . . . It’s helped some. We still gotta leave earlier & walk shorter. But at least Walkies are more comfy for me. Don’t come back to My Domain all panting & tuckered out.
1 benefit of this new arrangement is that I’m covering old ground with more intense skills & interest. Really getting into Siffing & investigating lots of stuff I mighta missed in youthful eagerness. And I’m still doing my usual excellent job om the Home Front. Guarding & keeping Bad Guys from our door. Mymi always says, upon returning to Our Domain . . . Good job, OpalK9. Not a Bad Guy anywhere here. Makes me proud to know I’m still capable of doing a good job!
So I’m real glad you approve of my new Do & other Life Adjustments to accommodate Advancing Age & Changing Conditions. I knew my BFFs wouldn’t let me down.

palK9 OTJ

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