Isn’t this a sad story? Pups ripped from their Dam’s front paws! Just awful. I’m happy to report that these particular pups were lucky. They got reunited with their Dam. Everyone was thrilled & happy. Happy ending.
I personally know what that story is all about. See a lot of you might not know it, cuz I’m so calm & polite, well mannered & without hang-ups, that I had pups ripped from my Front Paws. Not just once. Many times. Before I knew there was something else in my life besides producing AussieDoodles.
Yes, I, OpalK9, started this life here on (why do they call it that? Everyone knows, Humans are the King of Beasts on in a PuppyMill. I was whelped in a PuppyMill. As soon as I was old enough to breed, I did . . . was. Whatever.
They were seeking an energetic, intelligent breed that had hair instead of fur. So they could accommodate people with dog dander allergies. So they mated Aussies & Poodles. Thus the name.
I had many many litters. To me each & every pup was precious. But I only got to name a few before they were ripped from my front paws to . . . what I don’t know. But I’d love to know. What happened to you . .. Oliver & Olivia, Oscar, Oneida, Olympia, Octavia, Ophelia, Olga, Oreana, Oprah & Oksana, Owen, Omar, Otto & Orlando? Txt me if you see this post.
I cried in my cage as each litter of pups was ripped from my forepaws. I sure hope some of you survived the experimental breeding ‘program’ that bred Aussies with Poodles. Nothing against Poodles. Some of my best friends are Poodles (shout out to Wink). But the ‘breeders’ were looking for an intelligent energetic dog with hair instead of fur. To accommodate people with pet dander allergies. What they got, so I’m told, were crazy, hyper pooches they couldn’t contain or train.
Maybe if they were left with me, their Dam, a while longer, they could have had AussieDoodles that met their criteria of acceptance. But my pain & heartache could have been avoided if humans would just quit meddling in the natural order of things.
So I know what it’s like to have your young ripped from your bosom.  I felt so sorry for the Dam in the video. So happy when they were reunited. & I’m pretty sure human Dams & Pups feel the same way. So, we, here at Todo Chronicles, want to register our opinion that the new Immigration Policy to rip human pups from their families & do ? with them is cruel & unusual & inhumane. & todolly NOT Pro-Life supporting. Shame on those humans who thought it up!
palK9 OTJ
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