It’s flyin so fast, I hardly had time to notice. Time that is.
What with all that’s goin’ on, I can hardly keep up anymore.
1st of all, Mymi & Golfernut left on a long vacation, They said they couldn’t take me with them for a variety of reasons. They were going to the hot desert & lots of southwest parks. Said it would be too hot for me . . . which turned out not to be the case.
They said many of the parks wouldn’t allow pets (which I’m not). But which turned out not to be the case in all parks. Most let dogs in on 6′ leashes. Not a fan of leashes but I coulda gone!
They said it would be hard to get me in & out of the car bcuz I’m not as spry as I used to be . . . which is true. Neither are they!
So I stayed at MyDomain & guarded. No Bad Guys entered MyDomain. My Auntie Judy came & fed me & walked me. She sat with me a while in the evenings. It was OK. Mymi took my laptop so I couldn’t communicate with the outside world. But hey! What are you gonna do when duty calls?
Now we got a lotta lotta pix to review & edit & delete. Lotta duplicates trying to get just the right angle or lighting. Pic editing is serious bidness!
Like I said, not as spry as I usedta be. Today is my 14th HY BirthDate. That makes me 98 K9 Yrs old. Mymi says I’m doing pretty good for an old dog. Don’t hear so good. See a little less clearly. Hips are a bit rickety. Paws sometimes ache. But hey. My nose still works & I just love going for Walkies. Walkies are a little slower & a bit shorter but I’m now reviewing & diving more deeply into areas & locations, scents & smells that I mighta passed over a bit too quickly before. You know what they say. Gotta stop & smell the roses . . . & other things.
I’m not the only special May BirthDate individual. My Little Cuz Makie – she turned 6 on 5/1. A real May Day young lady. My Granny Jennie, she had a big milestone BirthDate. We sent flowers & she was very happy. & My UncaT, his BirthDate is Cinco de Mayo & Sacramento CalExpo Cannabis Celebration. Maybe we should send him a little pot for his BirthDate. We did send some special coffee from the desert trip. & some Puebloan Ancient Culture mugs to drink special coffee from. It’s all good. The mugs are pot . . . right?
All this AfterTrip (which I didn’t getta go on) activity is wearing me out. We gotta get the books straight. Put stuff away & make room for new stuff. Lots of bills to pay. Take care of all the usual routine stuff that usually gets done 1 time/week. & of course, edit the pix & put them on the digital pic frame. That’ll take some time.
But hey. At my advanced age, it’s all good. Happy BirthDate to me n Makie & Granny Jennie & UncaT.
palK9 OTJ
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