In case you need more proof that Climate Change is real & it’s impacting every aspect of life on, DAFFODIL HILL, a NoCA tradition for a hunnerd HY or so, won’t open this year due to unusual climactic conditions. They been planting these pretty yellow flowers for yrs n yrs so people could come up to the mountains to see & gawk at these flowers. But this year . . . no show. Lotsa folks disappointed. Us among ’em. 
AND Just look at our own Christmas Cactus! Ol’ Cackie. It bloomed Nov. to Dec. Kind of an early bloom that didn’t quite make it to Xmas. I was here. But now . . . it’s blooming again. Our Xmas Cactus is all confused. Can’t say as I blame it. Everything’s all confused, not knowing when to bloom. When to do all the usual things that were done for hunnerds of HY bcuz the system is all messed up.  
Let’s hope humans wake up before it’s too late! When change can’t be reversed or dealt with. Daffodils & Xmas Cacti are just Canaries in the Coal Mine.  
palK9 OTJ 
Friends of Daffodil Hill,
We are sorry to inform you that due to the unusual weather, Daffodil Hill will not be opening for the 2018 season.
We started the season by planting more than 15,000 bulbs in November. We had some warm weather in February which started the bulbs blooming and thought we would have an early opening.
Since the end of February we have had rain, hail, and snow every week. The early flowers are gone and the ones that are up are badly damaged.
We are posting this notice since more rain and snow are expected this week.
We hope that those who have been waiting to visit will be able to make other plans to enjoy the beauty, shopping, wineries, and great restaurants Amador County has to offer. We look forward to seeing everyone next year.
– The Ryan Family
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