This Valentines Day, being in the middle of the week & all, I didn’t figure there was much chance I’d gitta celebrate Hearts & Flowers Day with Mymi. She’s usually gone golfing on this day of the HW. It’s kind of a human tradition us dogs don’t often participate in. But I guess we all gotta face the New Normal these days.
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& so it was that Mymi decided to forego golf this Valentines Day in favor of sending me this cute Valentine msg. Isn’t that cute?!
She decided to forego golf as it was pretty cold (for CA) & cloudy when she was due to arise in order to meet her friends at the GC at the appointed time. It remained cool & cloudy for the morning & it took extra time for her to arise & begin the day. Which is not all that unusual, when I stop & think about it.
Be that as it may, she arose & announced we were going on a Valentines Day walkies. It is my Valentines Day surprise. I was thrilled.
So, walkies we did. We combined a couple of our known routes thru our Neighborhood. Only backwards from our normal approach. That was kind of unique & exciting. Made it seem like todolly new territory.
We went to the school park where all the kids walk/run around the park in PE. They always want to pet me & say I’m a nice/pretty dog. I like that.
Then we walked backwards (well backwards from our usual approach) to the little neighborhood park nearer our Domain. There was a fellow sitting at the other table who petted me nicely & gently after I got a drink of water from Mymi’s water bottle. Then we were off on the final leg of our excursion,
You know what was best about My Valentines Day walkies? We went along at my pace, since it was my Valentines Day walkies. I gotta ketchup on a lot of sniffing & investigation which sometimes gets overlooked in favor of speed walking cuz Mymi’s gotta be somewhere else soon. I don’t walk as fast as I used to. Well really, I don’ do anything as fast as I usedta.
Whatta nice Valentines Day. Wishing everyone a Happy Valentines Day like mine.
palK9 OTJ
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