Oy vei! Seems like the HM of Jan. was just 1 thing after another. Could hardly catch my breath before something else needed attention & investigation. No time for real reporting of news & events around here.
Primary among Things That Required Resolution were:
1st of all, we hadda get used to another laptop while ours was sent to the manufacturer for repair. Seems kind of unfair that you gotta send your faulty electronic device back to the manufacturer for repair of said faulty product & then wait around until said manufacturer gets around to repair or replacement. Whattaya s’posed to do without said device? Mymi says all her brains are in our mobile devices. Of course, under those circumstances we gotta git ‘er done. Fortunately our ITGal had a loaner device so we could send oirs back. BUT not all of us users are as nimble-fingered (or even as fingered) as humans. Frustrating to hafta get used to nother devices & then hafta get used to yours again. Not easy for us 4-toed users. Phooey. Hopefully we’ll get the laptop back in a timely manner.
2nd of all…& more important & costly, we hadda replaced the HVAC system. Not zackly sure what that is but I know it is a Big Deal. There was lotsa talk about shifting money to the correct account. Then there was lotsa work persons around here the last few HDs. Banging & running big machines. Using a big arm sitting on a big truck to take a big machine off our roof. Then putting a replacement (it appeared to be) at the side of our domain. (Great! Another device to scope out & investigate. Don’t think I’ll actually need to used it tho, which is the good news.) So anyhow, I think everything is complete now. We just need to learn how to use these devices. Well Mymi does. Good luck with that!
Myself, personally, I’m gonna learn how to operate this new laptop device. Prolly have it functional about the time I gotta give it back. But you see what I mean about learning about another device. Where did this underline come from & how do I get rid of it! Not only that, why does my page keep jumping around? Getting bigger & then smaller. My mouse keeps jumping all over the page. Why don’t things work like they’re s’posed to?
I’ll be real glad to get my own laptop back. Seems to me these Labor Saving Convenience Devices aren’t necessarily all they’re cracked up to be & maybe humans continue to fool themselves so they can have the most Blingy & shiney stuff. Quit trying to take the easy way out of problems that have been mounting for centuries.
palK9 OTJ
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