Text Msg from God to Great Todo:
Dear Great Todo: Ya gotta do something. I’m at my wits end! Pls get a msg to ‘Mer’can humans on AnimalPlanet.com. They’re reading the tea leaves & tablets all wrong. I placed them on that particular planet as the Highest & Brightest forms of all life so they could care for & steward the planet & all it’s critters. I did NOT place them there to rape & pillage the planet for their exclusive benefit & profit. They got it all wrong & if they don’t shape up, there’s nothing I can do to save them from their own hubris, greed & arrogance. Even God can make mistakes. Ya gotta do something, Great Todo.
Txt Msg to God from Great Todo:
Sorry to hear of your troubles & disappointment. Shit happens. I’m forwarding this msg to my Editor, Publisher & Reporter on AnimalPlanet.com, OpalK9.
Maybe humans ain’t so smart after all. Why do they think you named it AnimalPlanet.com? Better luck next time if you have to start all over down there on that planet.
Txt Msg to OpalK9 from Great Todo:
Well, OpalK9, there you have it. God’s patience is worn out. Mine too. It’s up to you at this point. You have your mission, should you chose to accept it. Good luck.
Txt Msg to Great Todo from OpalK: I’ll do my best. You know you can depend on me n’ us dogs. Wish I could convince humans us dogs deserve the Franchise but that’s an issue for another day.
SO THERE YOU HAVE IT HUMANS. & just to illustrate the points of God & Great Todo, so far in the Great State of CA alone, there are:
  • 22 wildfires are raging throughout the state
  • 21 human lives lost. No telling how many critters living in those woodlands
  • 3500 businesses & homes impacted
  • 170,000 acres up in flames
  • 20K ppl evacuated
  • 2 fires rage out of control
  • Air Quality across NoCA is Dangerous (which keeps everyone indoors if they can). AQ in the Bay Area itself is unprecedentedly bad. (They usually send their GHG to our Valley)
  • 4 CA wineries LOST, 9 more damaged
  • Even the mutual aid system to fight these fires & save lives & property is stretched thin with 70 choppers, 30 air takers & thousands of firefighters/1st responders working 5 & 6 48hr shifts. They’re exhausted
  • a new category of fire emerges, the Wildland/Urban fire. These usually start in wildland & consume everything in sight. They don’t stop a the door of suburbia. They just consume it. So far in NoCA several suburban neighborhoods Up In Flames. Flattened. Nothing left but a chimney or 2.
What are you gonna do about it? It’s up to you. Save yourselves. Save your neighbors. Save the Planet. Get a clue. It’s up to you & you alone! Keep in mind too, that it took a long time for this to build up to a Climate Crisis. So whatever you chose to do, results will not be immediate. Nor is just 1 effort the answer. It’s gonna take time, perseverance, determination & (maybe) sacrifice. Don’t pull out of the Paris Climate Accords & make yourselves outliers among nations. You don’t need to win the race to the bottom. A 4th World Country.
palK9 OTJ 
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