I knew something was up the minute I saw Mymi dragging out bags on rollers & other bags that she placed the strap on a shoulder. Brought it all into her special mat room & began taking clothes & other articles from closets & drawers to stuff into said bags. I KNEW something was up.
Then she started placing my food & other necessities into a brown cardboard box. I was so happy. I knew I was gonna get to go along . . . to wherever they were going. Always fun & productive to take these adventurous trips. &, let’s face it, they need me to Guide & Assist. Without my Superlative Sniffing & Investigative Skills, they might still be up there in the Lava Beds seeking signs of Capt. Jack’s Last Stronghold. Perhaps wishing to assist in his efforts to save his heritage & culture & to conserve & steward his environment & resources.
But alas, if it weren’t for me leading them up the black, dry & sharp mountains, they woulda never figured out that Capt. Jack is long gone. & his band of 60 or so fending off attack from about 1,000 humans with superior weapons. Trust me, in the heat & the smoke THAT was quite an adventure. Good thing they had me to remind them it is important to rest & hydrate.
We saw a beautiful mtn lake that is really a volcanic crater with an island, a volcanic plug. The neatest thing about that lake is humans haven’t settled around it & ‘improved’ it to their satisfaction. Very quiet & peaceful. & visitors there were very quiet & peaceful & respectful of the surroundings. Very nice.
Upon descending the mtn, we drove back into the smoke from the many many wildfires burning in the Western States. Kind of upsetting to travel thru beautiful countryside all discolored & blackened & thick with smoke. That’s life in the West these days.
We traveled thru Lava Beds NP & saw Mt. Shasta, a pretty high & snowed dotted mtn. There were lots of people hiking & exploring this wild & untamed region. Pretty scenery. But Smokey. It was lucky to see the Mt. Shasta with snow bc drought the last 5 HY has caused snow to disappear. Not really keen on snow myself, personally. It’s very cold to walk on. & dirty by this time. But the big rains of last winter helped retain the little snowpack we did get to see. Mother Nature does spectacular work!
Next day we headed back down toward My Valley to take in the scenery & beauty of another NP, Lassen. There were lots & lots of ppl & some dogs there exploring & hiking & enjoying the day or longer if they were going into the wilderness areas. Those people should be sure to have a dog guide with them in case they go out of cell range, which can happen very easily up there. Happened to us & we stayed mostly on the beaten paths. Could happen to anyone cuz believe it or not, cell coverage isn’t everywhere . . . yet.
We saw boiling mudpots spewing out mud from way down deep in’s core. Best no t to fall in 1 of those. We saw amazing rock formations & burned out places where some past wild fires destroyed whole forests. Forest managers are challenged to clean up after such blazing devastation & keep down & dead flora from becoming fuel for the next fire.
We saw our Heroes, Firefighters & other Emergency Personnel preparing to descend from a big trailhead to assist & rescue & downed & injured hiker. Those ppl are heroes, every 1. Altho they are terribly busy & challenged fighting said wildfires burning in the West, they still look out for visitors enjoying the parks & locals not yet going up in smoke.
It was all very informative & I enjoyed my trip with my people even tho accessing MySpot in the vehicle is becoming increasingly challenging. Not as spry as I used to be, ya know. I’m really glad I got to go along & supply K9 Knowledge & Expertise so we all had a safe & fun trip. I just wish there were more vistas like Crater Lake where the Human Touch is largely excluded from the landscape.

palK9 OTJ
PS I wanted to send some of my excellent pix of my trip BUT my ISP must be sleeping on the job cuz the msg would not go thru. No how. No way. *:( sad
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