So we waited, like everyone else in ‘Mer’ca, for the 1/lifetime experience that will happen again in a slightly different location in HY2024, for that Total Eclipse of the Sun which was s’posed ta happen & be a really exciting, Once in a Lifetime ‘Sperience.
We got up & walked extra early to save our eyes, cuz, wouldn’t you know, they don’t make Eclipse Eye Shades for dogs. Humpf. Dogs got eyes too.
Be that as it may, the TV & other information outlets were talking this Once in a Lifetime ‘Sperience up. Warning. Nagging. Be prepared. Don’t risk the hot hot sun’s corona burning holes in your eyeballs. Mymi didn’t believe that my eyelashes would be sufficient protection for my eyes which are somewhat cloudy anyhow.
So we took our Walkies earlier than usual. We returned back to our domain & awaited with eager anticipation for the big event to start. I watched out my door/window, waiting for the action to start. It was ’bout like watching a snail cross our driveway. So I gotta admit, I did nod off a bit.
Mymi, meanwhile, busied herself in the kitchen, cleaning up after our morning meal & looking out the little window that had a perfect view of the action . . . such as it was.
As we watched, the sky appeared to dim but not exactly darken. Mymi never saw any shadow over the sun tho she looked diligently out her little window.
& then she was rushing in to my spot & exclaiming . . . OpalK9! We missed the Total Eclipse of the Sun!
Well, as you can imagine, we were both disappointed. So close yet so far away. We now are given to know that you hadda be in the Path of Totality to get a real feel for the Total Eclipse of the Sun. Which we definitely weren’t.
Maybe TX was more in the Path of Totality & that’s what stirred up Hurricane Harvey presently tearing up the Gulf Coast, much like Hurricane Katrina did not so long ago in geologic time. Monster weather events such as those, 500 & 1000 Storm Events, just can’t be ‘splained by Global Climate Change caused by human activity.
palK9 OTJ
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