Scheew Dawgies! I hadda really be sharp & smart & On My Toes the other day. See over the weekend past, Mymi took off for the Bay Area, seeking a cool place to play golf with the Big Golf Gang she plays with sometimes. It’s now tradition to head to the Bay Area in the Valley Summers to slip outta the heat of MyValley where it was 100+ & no breeze, or drafts or rustling of leaves in the tall trees. It was HOT here. I should know. I got left here to keep a lid on things here at our Domain. Our Neighborhood. Don’t want any more Bad Guys stalking our Neighborhood.
At any rate, I was here at home, doing my job, keeping cool as possible under the circumstances. I am proud to report nothing happened. No Bad Guys approaching our Entrance. Guess I was sufficiently fearsome. I did a good job.
Time Mymi & them got home, the sun was going down. It was cooling . . . somewhat. & I was getting pretty hungry. My Auntie Judy came for my Walkies but I didn’t get to eat dinner until Mymi got home, which according to my calculations, was Late! But we got that all straightened out. I got fed. & we settled down to usual Sunday evening routine.
Next morning, however, things didn’t go so smooth when Mymi was preparing to go out . . . again. She turned our Domain upside down looking for a little gold-colored pill container. She searched up, down & all around to no result. Since she couldn’t find this little item around our Domain, she figured it musta been left somewhere on the golfing escapade. So she called the restaurant where they ate dinner. They had it.
She was overjoyed & said we would pick it up the following HD. That’s when my skill set came into play. Bc, in my capacity as Security, I was required to ride along, watch out & keep my eyes open for anything untoward. I got a real good night’s sleep in order to be sharp & smart for my duties the next day.
After Walkies & Chores. we headed out, hoping to miss major traffic jams in the middle of the day. & off we went. We made it without incident, but I was prepared just in case. The young man at the restaurant was there when we knocked on the door. He gave us the important little pill box. Off we went on the return trip. Which was uneventful.
Truth be told, I was unsure what all the fuss was about. I’ve seen Mymi use the little gold box but never suspected the significance. But during our trip home, Mymi ‘splained to me that the little pill box came to her from GrandDam. It is of Emotional Significance.
Sure glad Mymi ‘splained that all to me. I just couldn’t imagine what was so all fired important that we hadda travel many miles from our Domain & Valley just to retrieve a small, insignificant little thing as a small, gold-colored box not even big enough to hold a bone or some kibble. Now I know.
palK9 OTJ
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