We received a text marked URGENT the other day. It was from our Next Door Neighbor, Marie. Mother of 3 & candidate for a job at the local Juvenile Justice Center. So when we got Marie’s text marked URGENT, we sat up & took notice. Wouldn’t you?
Marie said, ‘In case you can’t understand the voice from the Chopper in the Sky, there’s some Bad Guys on the loose with guns. Right here in our neighborhood. Go inside. Lock windows & doors.’
So that’s what we did. & don’tcha know? I hadda sit up & take special care & notice. That’s my job. So I assumed my position of alert right in the front hall way. I remained on High Alert all afternoon. It wasn’t easy. Hard to remain awake in the heat of the afternoon. But I did it. It’s my job. I barked & growled my most ferocious whenever anyone wandered by our front door. There weren’t many however. I guess not many wished to encounter Bad Guys With Guns on a hot afternoon where tempers flare & mistakes get made.
We stayed inside all afternoon, long after the Chopper in the Sky flew off to another emergency or something. Then we got the All Clear from Marie.
She said the Bad Guys got caught. Without violence or bloodshed. She said ‘The Bad Guys were messing around in their car. Taking selfies of themselves with guns in their car. Weren’t paying strict attention to their driving & caused an auto accident . . . from which they fled on foot . . . through our neighborhood. Eventually they got caught bc getting caught is cool & trendy nowadays.’ Go figure!
How dumb is that. Messing around with phones. In a car. With guns. & they won’t give us dogs the K9 Franchise.
palK9 OTJ
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