This HY, for Mother’s Day, we did something very special indeed. It was the funnest Mother’s Day I ever had. Of course, heretofore, I wasn’t exactly sure what Mother’s Day was since I never got asked to celebrate it before. But now I know all about it.

We decided, it being my 1st Mother’s Day that I’m aware of, to take a trip to see my AuntieKim, my 1st Mother that I remember. I know. I know. I was already whelped & had already whelped a few litters of my own by the time I hooked up with my AuntieKim. Not my fault & I don’t remember much before my AuntieKim rescued me from my previous poor situation producing AussieDoodles as if on an assembly line.

Also my AuntieKim’s Aussie Sanctuary was located much closer to our Domain than it is now. So getting to see my AuntieKim & all my cousins, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and shirttail, & the new Sanctuary & Domain was a treat better than a Blu-Stix.
So we jumped in the car & drove & drove. Upward & eastward from our Domain but not upward into the crest of the mountains which are still lined with a Yuge Big Snowpack, which is a good thing. But we did travel for quite a distance upward in elevation so that when we arrived at the Sanctuary, we could look out & see snowcapped mountains & ski slopes in 1 direction & blue sky & forest in the other.
The Sanctuary sits on top of a mountain & it’s all decked out & equipped to properly care for the many Aussies, Aussie Mixes & Pocket Pooches that are presently being fostered there while my AuntieKim seeks Forever Homes for these guys. Just like she matched me n Mymi low these many HY, & more K9Y ago.
Me n Benny became fast BFFs & I’m gonna hafta mentor Benny a bit. He’s an Aussie/Border Collie of Noble Heritage but he’s only about 1.6 HY old so he’s all full of youthful enthusiasm & energy. I hadda calmly but firmly remind him not to rush another or to keep jumping up on all the humans around that he was so joyful & happy to encounter. But upon setting the ground rules, Benny turned out to be OK & set his focus on welcoming Mymi & Golfernut to his Sanctuary.
Once me n Benny got that sorted out, I got to walk around the house, the barn, the kennel & the grounds & sniff & investigate to my heart’s content. I got to take a dip in the pond which was refreshing on a warm spring day.
The Sanctuary is a big place, comparatively speaking, with lots & lots of new material to learn & understand.  It was a nice & welcome challenge for this Senior Dog. I asked my AuntieKim if she knew where any of my AussieDoodle pups got to after she rescued me. It being Mother’s Day & all. But she told me she never knew what became of any of them. They were quite hyper & high strung which wasn’t their fault. After all, the were somewhat the effect of Human Interference & genetic engineering. So wherever you are, Orlando, Olivia, Otis, Oscar, Octavia, Ozzie, Odessa, Oprah, Olaf & alla you other O-AussieDoodles, I’m here at Todo Chronicles giving you a Shout Out. It’s Mother’s Day. Call me!
One very sad note on Mother’s Day. My Cousin, Ka’ani Rose passed on to back up to PlanetPluto. My UncaT & AuntieTeach are very sad that they had to say good-bye the day before Mother’s Day. But I’ll let you know when I get a text from Ka’ani, UncaT, AuntieTeach. I’m sure her trip there will be direct & short. Ka’ani Rose was a good dog who knew her purpose. She was so fortunate to get a loving home & good folks the 1st time around. We all miss you, Ka’ani Rose. Now newbie, S’cusi has no mentor. You’re on your own, S’cusi. Take good care of your folks.
I know I haven’t even mentioned DWTS this season. Terribly remiss of me. But last night was the semi-finals. Normani the Singer. David the Baseball Hero & Rashad the Football Champ compete in the finals next week. We were surprised to see Simone, Gold Medal Gymnast, go home last night. But it will be a Battle Royale for the Mirror Ball Trophy come next Monday. Bet your best bones on that.
palK9 OTJ
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