Today marks my 13th Human Birthdate. No one is more surprised than myself to find that I am now as Senior in K9Ys as GrandSire was when I 1st encountered him back there in FL-land
Now I understand
*:( sad    Slow to get up from a sitting or lying position
*:x lovestruck    Forgetfulness
*:O) clown    bland Senior recipes meal recipes
*:-/ confused    being less inclined to accept changes in routine
*:)) laughing    valuing quiet & alone time
*=)) rolling on the floor    less inclination to chase the ball or the squirrel or what have you
*I-) sleepy     taking my time to thoroughly sniff out & investigate. Stopping to smell the roses & other delicious scents
But it’s all good. I like the new old me. I’ve learned so much in my time here on AnimalPlanet.com. I plan to take it back to PlanetPluto when the time comes. Lessons to learn by.
I’m gonna be sure to tell my Buds up there on PlanetPluto that we gotta be sure to protect our Homeland from bad invaders like fossil fuel emissions. Ya gotta wonder what AnimalPlanet.com will look like in a few more human generations. Maybe they’ll all be green from having to breathe the same air as plants. That air will be so loaded with CO which makes plants green.
I’m gonna use my Senior Status as my excuse for excluding the arrival of Loukie-Doo to our family. Loukie-Doo is #JuneBug’s baby Bro & the Delight of his folks, PhotoGirl & PoBoy. He’s a cute little fellow . . . as human pups go. We’re so happy to have a new beautiful family member to expand the Tribe    .
Seems like time is passing as quickly as I’m not moving these days. So I better be sure to wish a Happy Birthdate to all my family having birthdates in the Human Month of May, My Birthdate month. Happy Birthdate to
*:) happy    My UncaT
*O:-) angel    My GrannyJennie
*:-h wave    My Little Cousin Makkie. Makkie starts school so she can be a learned & productive humn adult.
Happy Birthdate to us all. Now I think I’ll take a nap!
palK9 OTJ
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