Can you believe . . . it’s already the middle of springtime in HY 2017? Umbelievable! Where has it gone?!

Seems like when it’s happening, nothing’s happening, You know . . . like how I thought nothing was happening & already, since my last post alla this got done/happened 1 way or the other:
*~X( at wits' endwe got our taxes done & got a little back
*;) winking       so we put some funds into Grandpups’ Education accounts so they can be properly educated when the time comes
*:) happy        Mymi & Golfernut traveled to the Valley of Casinos & Bling to witness a Uniting Ceremony for a family member of Golfernut. While there they made the most of the trip by:
  • taking Tootsie Roll & Quits to the Museum of Natural History & to a movie. What’s a Smurf? Some new fancy dog breed?
  • then they traveled to Zion NP before it gets closed & sold off by an ill-informed & ungrateful administration trying to enrich itself in any way possible. Meanwhile I, myself…
*=(( broken heart    remained here on the Home Front making sure no Bad Guys entered our premises. My Auntie Judy was here to feed & Walkies me, play with me & sit for a while in the evening.
*B-) cool    Mymi’s been meeting & marching & entering data regarding said meets & marches for our Cause, impending Global Climate Disaster. Climate Change/Disaster is real. It’s caused PRIMARILY by Human Activity.  & AnimalPlanet.com is over the Tipping Point. We believe that it can’t be stopped. Big changes are coming. & Humans would be stupid & ill-advised to ignore the obvious for the Profit Motive & not prepare for the inevitable. What good’s having all the $ in AnimalPlanet.com if you can’t get anyone to wait on you Paw & Rear Paw cuz they’re all dead?
*O:-) angel    Mymi’s been using the ol’ Laptop for data entry about Marches & Protests so I gotta fend for myself on the Occupy Myself Domain Front. Have to Sniff Out & Investigate on our Walkies. So I don’t mind Long Walkies so much. I gitta cover lots of territory to keep abreast of any changes in the landscape. Awesome Responsibility which I take very seriously.
*:-$ don't tell anyone shh!    However I haven’t been so successful re: That Damned Squirrel who likes to dig in Mymi’s Prize Flower Pot to bury his Peanuts. Makes Mymi very Mad. Maybe if he’d bother to clean up after himself instead of spreading dirt all over the patio & exposing the plant’s roots. Mymi doesn’t like her plants jeopardized. Sorry Dude. Can’t help you there in the Clean Up Department.  A word to the Wise (That Damned Squirrel)…Go bury you peanuts somewhere else.
*:( sad    We met up with Ethel & her Human Companion. Immediately we notice that Lucy wasn’t accompanying them as per usual. We inquired. They said that Lucy had returned to PlanetPluto. They are very sad but both said Lucy was now in a better place. We’ll forward any txt msgs we get from Lucy on PlanetPluto, you guys. Lucy was a good dog & knew her purpose. Which her purpose was visiting the Seniors at The Pond. Residents there loved Lucy & Ethel. They would always lay on the entryway floor, guarding, while their Companion went to visit a relative residing at The Pond. We’re sorry for your loss, guys. RIP Lucy.
*:(( crying    Never thought I’d say this in the past few HYs but it’s good the rains have slowed down. We got so much rain this Rainy Season we broke the Bank; or at least the Spillway. We got so much rain this Rainy Season, our rivers are flowing at capacity. Our storage is at capacity. Our Weirs & Causeways are at capacity. Only thing left to refill is our Groundwater System. But that, like many other things, doesn’t happen over night. So while the Drought may be “Over” we aren’t letting up on Conservation efforts & we shouldn’t, SHOULD NOT, return to our Water Wasting Ways. We don’t know when or how long the next drought will be. & we already have more citizens than our CA Water System was designed to handle. But for the present, Enough Rain Already!
Things may appear to be going slow . . . but I gotta slow down & wait patiently for the next Big Thing to occur. I ain’t getting any younger, ya know.
palK9 OTJ
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