In a stunning turn of events, the K9 Franchise has been won by the #Resistant & #Persistent K9s of this country. K9s celebrate in every corner of the US of A.
President Wink says he’s new to this Presidential Gig so please, allow him some time to grow into this new & exciting role he’s been landslided into. He’s gonna take his time & get it right.
President Wink has signed a few Executive Orders & named associates to some key Cabinet positions. He’s named OpalK9, spearhead of the K9 Franchise Movement to fill the Vice President’s spot. In an exclusive interview with Pres. Wink & VP OpalK9, President Wink, in his usual exuberant yet thoughtful manner demurred to OpalK9, indicating that he thought she should actually be President. Seems fitting that the 1st K9 President should be female & the female K9 spearheading the Movement. However, OpalK9, in that same interview indicated that it would be an honor, but she is on the downhill side of her stay here on & she prefers to see a younger, more energetic President.
President Wink has also named Chet the Dog to head up the Justice Department, hoping to send a message that & Justice For All still means something in our Pledge of Allegiance. Chet already has much law enforcement experience & he’ll do a good job for the Nation Within not to mention all other citizens of this Great Country.
Daisy Duke Dog will be the Secy. of Health Education, Welfare & Recreation. They had a serious exchange regarding these important branches of our gov’t & both believe these are very important aspects of a healthy productive electorate & feel these should not be separated in order to avoid duplication of efforts & also to avoid gaping holes in the delivery of these services.
President Wink is still considering candidates for such Cabinet Posts as Energy, Environment & Climate Damage.
Among the Executive Orders signed by President Wink are:
*:) happy    All wars & violence will cease immediately
*;) winking    No more cheating, stealing, lying or other un-K9 like activities
*&lt):) cowboy    the USofA will immediately begin transitioning from a fossil fuel driven economy to clean sustainable & renewable energy. & fossil fuel cartels shall educate their workers how to get along & get jobs in the new economy.
*B-) cool    And lastly, for the present, all humans shall be on the leash of their K9 companion when outside their own domain until he can figure out what the hell’s going on here & how to fix it. It won’t be long, folks, provided President Wink is given all the bi-partisan, X-species support he so humbly seeks.
President Wink has only signed these few EOs for now, until he can get a Cabinet up & running & wrap his head around all the things that need fixing & which trusted associate should be in charge of fixing it.
OpalK9 OTJ
Had you going there for a minute, didn’t I? *B-) cool
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