When I was but a young pup, which wasn’t very long when you consider my personal history, my Elders told me . . . Just you wait OpalK9. When you get older time will pass more quickly. So quickly you won’t even believe . . .

Well I think that time has arrived . . . for me personally. Certainly for myself, professionally. Like I can’t even believe 1 whole HM has passed since my last entry into MyJournal, Todo Chronicles. We, here at Todo Chronicles wish to apologize for not keeping viewers & readers updated, but . . . time is passing so quickly, we, here at Todo Chronicles can’t even believe.
Of course, some of this slack is NOT my fault. We, here at Todo Chronicles & here in MyDomain, were just recovering from the recent presidential campaign & election. I was keeping up with all my usual tasks & responsibilities. Walking. Sniffing & investigating. Guarding MyDomain & Community. Schmoozing with the squirrels & birds. Socializing with friends so Mymi would have something to do. I was doing all that & considering for & preparing for the next entry in MyJournal, when Mymi announces she’s going on Vacay to HI. & then she was gone . . . & she took My Laptop with her. Humpf! & Howl. Pup oh Pup, did that ever throw a monkey wrench in plans. (That often happens to plans, I’m told, which is why us K9s don’t often engage in such things as planning. Waste of precious time.)
So there I was without My Laptop to even send a Tweet or 2 out on. Couldn’t receive any pix Mymi mighta. I was without the tools of my trade; Editor, Publisher, Jourmalist & photographic editor of these here chronicles, Todo Chronicles. Don’t think I missed that much time in all the 10+ HY I been at this gig.
& truth be told, I was kinda scared time would hang heavy on my paws while I was without Mymi & MyLaptop. But My AuntieJudy came 2X/day. She gave me my food & we went for fun Walkies. She is also Daisy’s Nanny so we had fun sometimes Duo Walkies in the Park. She watches some TV w/me & we sit & cuddle. I hadda keep up guarding MyDomain against all Bad Guys that might skulk around MyDomain, watching & listening, perhaps tapping.
The only thing I can’t seem to manage is that ‘damned’ squirrel, as Mymi calls him. He buries peanuts in the big ceramic planter in our back yard. Mymi is not amused . . . or impressed.
But now, Mymi’s been back a while & we’re still playing Ketchup. You know. It takes a HM to Ketchup on all the things missed that require attention from a 1HW vacay. HI or no HI. You can’t let things slide or you run the Ketchup Risk.
On the HI thing, tho. Mymi says they had a real great time. Stayed in Kauai, 1 island in that chain of islands that are the Great State of HI. Beautiful & mostly unspoiled by the affects of Human Habitation & Adaptation. Lots of beautiful beaches. Narrow roads. They toured the island by Tourist Van & Tourist Chopper. They put their feet in the Pacific Ocean at the topmost point of Kauai. They went over & toured the Pearl Harbor Memorial. Mymi said it’s very moving & interesting.
They had a big ceremony on the Mighty Mo, now docked in Pearl Harbor adjacent to the USS AZ to mark the end of WWII, the Big War to End All Wars. The ceremony is all laid out on the Mighty Mo, the end of the War, across from the AZ, the beginning of the Great War. They wanted to show the devastation of that war which killed an estimated 70M humans. No one counted the devastation to critters other than human but I’ll bet it was >70M. But who’s counting. At any rate, it’s clear to us critters that they didn’t do an excellent job in discouraging future wars.
I’d like to fly in a plane or a chopper. Like to see & investigate new & interesting things. Tour historical monuments. & all that but nobody asked me.
So now I know what my Elders were barking about all those 13 HYs ago. Time is indeed passing so quickly, we here at Todo Chronicles can’t even keep up. But we’re sure you, our BFFs, understand.
palK9 OTJ
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