I ask you! Is this any way to treat “Man’s Best Friend”?
Us dogs, who serve & protect. Lay down our lives. Fight along side our partners in war & in law enforcement. Who sniff out awful diseases that affect humans & animals alike.  Who sniff out controlled substances & explosives. Who fetch & carry. Provide loving companionship for people in need or isolated in 1 way or another. & on. & on.
We, here at Todo Chronicles, are shocked & awed. We don’t believe humans can count the ways, accurately, that us K9s guide & assist. How we do it all & all we ask is to be fed & sheltered & treated humanely.
Well, we, here at Todo Chronicles, think it’s high, high time, K9s stand up for our rights as loving & loyal citizens of this country. We gotta build a Grassroots #K9Resist movement of our own. This is getting almost too much to bear.
& then to learn the biggest, deepest cut of all. Westminster Kennel Club, AKC club, wants to show cats at the show. CATS!  We mean . . . seriously?! What do cats do for the advancement of civilization but lay around all smug & sleepy? Why do they get all humpy & hissy whenever a friendly dog wants to make friends?
We, here at Todo Chronicles, think it’s just ENUF! Us dogs want our vote. We want it now. We don’t like seeing our forward movement shoved backwards so a buncha greedy gozillionaires can make the public believe they are balancing the budget & draining the swamp. It’s filling up fast with tar. We’re tired of being another minority thrown under the bus.
Why can’t humans just leave things alone. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
palK9 OTJ
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