Cheeeeew Doggies! Time’s A’Flyin’. Mymi announced yesterday, just as we were going out the door for an excellent Walkies, that it was Tootsie Rolls birthdate #11 in HY. Boy oh boy. Time’s a’flyin’.
I remember it well. It was only a few HMs preceding  her Birthdate me n Mymi hooked up. You  know. We met when my BFF Babs decided it wasn’t a good thing for 2 Aussies to share the same humans & space. So she recommended to Mama & Papa that I go to another Good Home which turned out to be . . . Here! At what we have turned into Our Domain. With our own mats & crates, Spaces, Duties & Responsibilities. Here in our Neighborhood & Community.
Anyhow, back when we got together, Little Tootsie Roll was but a few HMs old. Soon after we hooked up, Mymi traveled to the Valley of Casinos & Bling to stay & visit with #1Son, Peach & Little Tootsie Roll. Back then Tootsie Roll was a little baby, crawling on the floor (as human babies do before they master the art & craft of self-locomotion.)
I was skeered for Mymi to be gone & dropping me off at a new & strange place, called a kennel. Afraid it was another rejection. But before I could wrap my head around the concept of temporary, she was back. I was so happy. Confident now that I had found my Forever Home. Glad to know that I now had Extended Family, which took a long time for me to meet, but I finally did sometime later. But that’s another story.
So yesterday was Tootsie Rolls 11th Birthdate. She’s growing into such a lovely little lady. She likes school & she’s very good at human learning. All the things humans need to know to get along in the New Age. Top of the class & eager to show her peers how it’s done. She’s also a singer & a Thespian, appearing in a couple of live performances at her Entertainer’s School. She will be starring in a performance at her Entertainer’s School in the coming Spring. She’s tried dancing but decided she’s not that into it.
This Christmas holiday, Mymi decided it was appropriate to give Tootsie Roll a little locket that she (Mymi) had found in GrandDam’s stuff. It’s a pretty little thing. Pretty & shiny with a little tiny Red Stone in the center. Mymi says that stone represents a January birthdate. What could be better than a birthstone from Tootsie Rolls Great GrandDam?! For her Birthdate. Excellent choice!
Mymi & the Whole Family (including Yrs Truly, cuz I’m a Member of the Family) are pretty proud of Tootsie Roll. & we wish her a very Happy Birthdate. Hard to believe all this time has passed. We’re pretty proud of Tootsie Roll. She has a bright future. She could even be President someday if ‘Merica ever gets over the wreckage already created by the present & newly sworn in Admin.
Happy Birthdate #11, Tootsie Roll.
From your AuntieOK9
palK9 OTJ
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