I tell you, it’s getting harder & harder for us K9s to do our primary job. Guide & assist our humans. Bc it’s getting harder & harder to sniff out & detect Normal.

For about 10 HYs now I been reporting on a Dog’s Duties & Responsibilities. & I been depending upon Normal as it moves along. Normal – like predictable. You can count on certain things happening. Like most of the time, here in MyValley, it’s nice & dry, sunny, warmish to warm or HOT. But a dog could count on these conditions occurring in a predictable order.
BUT, now with climate change affecting our weather patterns (scientists don’t have to convince us dogs climate change is real. We know. We agree. & things need to be done to slow down the change so bad things don’t continue to happen at faster & faster pace. Like floods & tornadoes & hurricanes & drought.). Sometimes here lately, I thought we were gonna get blown back to KS, where it all started.
NOW, it’s been raining so much & so long here in MyValley, it’s more & more difficult to motivate our humans to take us out for regular Walkies so we can sniff & investigate wherever we walk, cuz our path isn’t always the same every day & we needa keep up with events in our Neighborhoods. & our most important Tool in our Toolbox to do our job is sniffing out clues as to who’s been where & what’s happenin’.
Believe me, us dogs know what usually occurs from late spring to well into winter HMs, usually. But with the Newest New Normal, who knows, who can predict what will happen next HW or next HM much less next HY. Now we got flowers bloomin’, like roses & camellias & daffodils & it isn’t even official springtime. You know, April showers bring May flowers & all that.
Ever since I can remember, me n Mymi, we been taking our regular Walkies. Around our community. Along the River. Around GrandSire’s community when we were there. In the open wetlands with my BFF, Wink & My AuntieKris. But lately, what with the rains & wind & all, I’m having a heckova time motivating Mymi to even get up from her mat or to get dressed in human body covers or to exit our Domain for those all important Walkies. All important for our exercise & for our keeping track of circumstances in our Neighborhood.
But us dogs aren’t going to lose hope for the future just cuz changes are coming rapidly & we seem to have lost any hope of gaining the K9 Franchise anytime soon. Why our new Dear Leader doesn’t even have a dog. Of course, what kind of Self-Respecting Offspring of Great Todo would want to live in a gold embossed tower on a very high floor where you can’t even catch a whiff of what’s happening down below on the streets, where it’s at?
Not really complaining, you understand. Even us dogs know rain is much needed & most valuable for continuation of life, as we know it, here in MyValley. But please, could humans just please, send us dogs, your K9 Companions & BFFs, send us a signal when things start to settle down to the Newest New Normal.
palK9 OTJ
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