I’m sure many of you, my BFFs think I’m dropping the ball (which I really rarely do) & not diligently pursuing my duties as editor, publisher, printer & journalist of these unique journals, the Todo Chronicles. But this is not so. It’s just that I’ve been swamped with other duties & responsibilities in addition to Todo Chronicles. Great Todo understands. I hope you do.
However, as I said, my responsibilities have increased. I’m having to juggle more balls in the air. Now we often take our Walkies with other tasks & assignments to accomplish. For instance, this AM, we hadda walk to the drug store, not for drugs, but for greeting cards & wrapping materials. We wanted to make a pretty package for our newest new neighbor. Her mom & dad moved in right next door to our Domain. Takoa & his family moved on. We were sorry to see them go but glad of our nice new neighbors. & then just 2 HWs ago, Little Mariella was whelped. She joins to older brothers. We are happy to see little kiddies moving into our rather Senior neighborhood. So we wanted to give Little Mariella a penny bank so she can start saving for her education. Never too early.
We also like to take our Walkies over to The Pond. We like to deliver various articles like calendars & greeting cards, wrapping materials & other stuff the residents might like to receive as Bingo Prizes. They like that kind of stuff. I like to go by & say hi to all my friends, young & elderly.
In addition, now that it’s campaign season once again, yet again, (does campaign season ever really end? You tell me.) I’m left with extra Guard Duties at my Domain while Mymi goes off to help out with the election. We, here at Todo Chronicles, support Mrs. Clinton bc we are aware that her family is K9 friendly & has some dogs of their own. The other campaign has not gotten back to our requests to know the names & breed of their K9 family members. Not that the breed is especially important. Just an means of identifying said various K9s.
But guarding My Domain while Mymi is away against any & all Bad Guys that might want to enter is my specialty. So far I’ve been successful. No Bad Guys enter on My Watch.
In the meantime, I heard Mymi say that this election is so important she’s not gonna go to the Valley of Casinos & Bling until Thanksgiving which is in the HM of November after the election. Halloween comes before the election but she will forgo the trip this year.
Also hadda keep eyes out for the Greenwaste he PickUp truck. The PickUp Drivers have bypassed my can 3 times recently. Perhaps bc I’m not out there to flag them down & say Hey, don’t forget our can. But those trucks are so big & noisy I’m never sure how effective my efforts are. But a dog’s gotta do what a dog’s gotta do.
& then there’s my AuntieGoodie. She’s been really sick & hadda have an operation. She’s home now. Alla her friends & family are chipping in to visit & make meals for the family so she can rest & recuperate. We’re happy to help my AuntieGoodie. We make our specialty, Taco Soup. I dunno what’s in it but it smells PlanetPluto-y.
We’ve hardly had time to check out my Fave TV show, DWTS. But it’s week 4 & they just had a double elimination last night. Babyface & Vanilla Ice went; got voted off. Not sure I understand these unique Human names for one another. Before that Gov. Rick Perry got the Boot. He couldn’t dance as well as a dog so it was justifiable that he got the Boot.
So alla these tasks & responsibilities just mount up & some things just hafta take a back seat to others. But we try as hard as possible to stay on top of things & hope for your understanding.
palK9 OTJ
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