4TH OF JULY #240

Happy Fourth of July!
Happy 4th of July everyone. All my BFFs & beyond. On this the 240th anniversary of the birthdate of our country, the good ol’ USofA. The time when we declared to form a more perfect union. & we’re still working on that. That’s the good news.
Here in My Community, we started celebrating early bc we just couldn’t wait. We had the cannons roar. Rockets Red Glare. What sounded like bombs bursting in air. & choppers circling from above guiding & assisting where needed. & announced over the aircraft loudspeaker system. Trust me, even with my deteriorating sense of the auditory, I heard all the celebrating.
Tonight, tho is the Big Event! Fireworks Parties. Fireworks Shows in big places, like our own State Fair Grounds. I bet it’s gonna be at least as loud as last night. But I’m prepared! Mymi n me, we have an agreement. I’ll remain on duty, here on the Home Front  if Mymi leaves the TV tuned to the local PBS station show I can enjoy the music & celebration without being afraid it’s gonna knock down our door.
Happy 4TH of July everyone.
palK9 OTJ 
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