Spring is here. Thank God & Great Todo . . . so is my fave TV show of all time for all seasons. Season XXII of DWTS started last night. Believe me, I’m there. Glued to the floor in front of the TV. Believe you me, such a welcome break from all the political name calling & mud slinging. Dunno why. We, here at Todo Chronicles, always expect more from those vying to be our representatives in gov’t but somehow that never seems to work out.
So at least we got DWTS for the next several HWs. At least the competition is more civil & decorous there. 12 Minor Glitteratti vying for that coveted Mirrorball Trophy. All the sparkle & glamour. All the pretty music is . . . well music to our ears, here @ Todo Chronicles.
Len is back, the Grumpy Ol’ Judge. Lookin’ good Len. So’s Long Lean Erin in her beautiful human clothing. If there was ever a reason to wish us dogs could change our ensemble occasionally, it’s Long Lean Erin.
The new cast is filled to the top with Members of the Minor Glitteratti hoping to make it into the Big Time with their smooth moves & excellent timing. Polished execution of the dance assigned to each participant.
There are 3 professional football players competing. Btw you & us, we didn’t see much of the athletic grace exhibited by sports stars of previous competitions. There is the journalist whose dance skills are about equal to his journalistic skills. He should keep looking for Al Capone.
By far, in our expert DWTS opinion, the StandOut Performance of the evening was from the guy who can’t even hear the music. Nyle. American’s Next Top Model. He kind of reminded us of Gil Marrini, from another season. But Gil could hear the music. Nyle can’t hear anything. He takes cues from other sources. He follows his partners signals & signs. He knows his moves & he was just so good & inspirational.
It is so calming in this era of strife & dissent to spend a couple of HHs concentrating on something civilized & positive. We’ll be keeping everyone updated as the season progresses.
palK9 OTJ
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