Greetings, OpalK9 from PlanetPluto. Just to inform friends & family I made it to PlanetPluto safely. I miss my Doc & my bros & sistahs, my family & my BFFs down there on AnimalPlanet.com but it’s todolly cool up here on PlanetPluto. Like you wouldn’t believe, OpalK9.
I mean, like, . . .  bones everywhere so you don’t have to hunt & scratch for your next bone. You don’t have to squabble with your neighbor cuz there’s enough bones for all. Ditto for kibble & water. Fresh water in the ponds & streams. Lots of big wide meadows to run & catch frizzbees or balls. Clear blue skies. & shady spots to curl up under when you’re plumb tuckered from all the excellent things there are for K9s on our home planet, PlanetPluto.
I’ll close for now. But you can txt me right here at 733-423-4643.
Yr BFF on PlanetPluto,
Good to hear from you Redi. Good positive reinforcement that PlanetPluto awaits all dogs at the end of the journey here on AnimalPlanet.com. I’d be happy to be your network administrator so you can communicate with loved ones here. FYI-Doc said on Facebook that you passed on & that you were a Gentle Soul. & I’ll add you were a good dog & knew your purpose on AnimalPlanet.com. We all miss you but we’re glad you returned to the place you earned to continue the journey on.
palK9 OTJ
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