I remember it as if it were yesterday. Along about this very day 9HY ago (a short time in the human perspective), we were celebrating GrandSire’s birthday. He was 644 K9Y on that occasion. We, being Mymi & me, traveled to FLland on a big jet liner & began to guide & assist GrandSire there in his home after he broke a leg in a fall. Now us dogs can get along fine with only 3 legs if it is absolutely necessary. Humans, however are at the disadvantage should 1 of their legs become decommissioned cuz they only have 2 legs. Whatever. We, here at Todo Chronicles chronicled the event in this manner:
GrandSire marks Birthdate #92 today.  I mean.  Come on.  Surely that’s some kind of Mistake of Dyslexia.  Even Great Todo couldn’t have spent almost 650 K9 years here.  Surely GrandSire is only 29 Human Years.  We gave GrandSire a funny birthday card signed by Mymi and bearing my pawprint.  Happy birthday, GrandSire, whatever your age.
Dyslexia causes many mistakes here on  Perhaps Dyslexia is why people worship god and throw dogs out of swimming pools.
So as of this date, GrandSire would be celebrating his 707th K9Y birthday today. A lucky number to be sure. But he passed on to his Greater Reward. No matter how you slice it, that’s a lotta years. Happy Birthday and RIP, GrandSire. Wherever you are. We miss you.
It was at that very time, back there in the Day, that we began journaling & blogging & reporting on what we see, hear & experience. Sometimes doesn’t make much sense to us members of K9 Nation. & our little Chronicles is an attempt to sort things out for My Fellow K9 Citizens. I hope we’ve been helpful.
As previously observed, it’s the middle of another election season, just like when we started our reporting tasks. The country is contemplating the very best field of presidential hopefuls. When Pres. Barko Bama became President, Bo Bama became 1st Dog. I was hopeful that Bo would be receptive to whispering in his master’s ear that it’s high time to include us dogs as citizens of this country. Haven’t had too much luck in that direction. So I’m am requesting the name of any dog that could become 1st Dog after November. I want to know where each candidate stands on extending full rights as citizens to the K9 Nation. Us K9-Americans want our rights & privileges same as any other Citizens of the US of A. You can leave a msg in our Inbox. #VOTEK9CITIZENSHIP *B-) cool
palK9 OTJ
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