Bowza! Wowza! HY2015 is almost at an end. How time flies . . . when you’re not necessarily having fun according to 2015 Year in Pictures: News. I linked it below for your edification.
It was a momentous HY what with people blowing each other up & away. Ongoing wars & other conflicts. Serious & deadly natural disasters. Global climate change accelerating. Sprinkled here & there with victories & happy moments . . . occasionally.
Myself, personally, I had a few momentous moments in this past year. Most momentous was, of course, my encounter with violence. My Near-Death Experience. I speak, of course, of my encounter with the Pitt Bullies in the park. They were nasty sons of bee-yatches. But I went to MyVet today for an update on shots which I shoulda got back when they were spending 2 1/2 hours stitching me back together. MyVet, Patty, said they were discussing the HY just passed only this morning. Staff at MyVet & Animal Hospital agree, mine was the MOST serious & tragic case they handled all HY. Isn’t that special? I’m going to try & not repeat that particular accomplishment in the upcoming HY, 2016. So I guess I beat the odds there. Proving I’m a tough & resilient little pooch.
So now it’s time for NY Resolution making. Mymi already says I’m the Very Best Dog in alla AnimalPlanet.com. So I can’t resolve to be a better dog. So here are my NY Resolutions:
*:) happy    I resolve to stay away from Pitt Bullies & other Bullies no matter where I encounter them;
*;) winking    I resolve not to be grumpy & make it difficult for Mymi to put my sweaters on me when we aren’t Walkies. She says I gotta wear it while it’s really really cold here in the Great State of CA & my fur hasn’t all grown back from above mentioned surgeries. It’ll come tho. It’s already grown a lot.
*:D big grin    I promise not to eat Kitty Rocha I discover in various front yards when we Walkies around My Neighborhood . . . or anywhere for that matter. It seems to cause Mymi anxiety & heartburn. We’re both pretty well along in our Senior Years. We gotta take care of one another. So I’ll lay offa the Kitty Rocha.
We, here at Todo Chronicles, want to wish 1 & all a Happy, Peaceful & Quiet New Year. Time to bind up wounds & recover from a cray-cray & often violent preceding HY.
Besides, HY2016 is a big election year. Hardly seems possible that we, here at Todo Chronicles began our journalistic career as the Sole Blogging Dog on the scene back in HY2007. At that time we noted that then Senator Barko Bama seemed like a pretty good guy, the Real Deal. Now we got another Presidential election to monitor & perhaps root for the UnderDog. We support UnderDogs everywhere.
Happy New HY, everybody.
palK9 OTJ
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