Greetings, OpakK9, from PlanetPluto. I always knew I’d get here. I just didn’t figure on my arrival up here being so soon. It’s real nice up here, just like you said it would be. All the bones any dog could want & we don’t have to fight over which bone belongs to whom. There’s plenty of all the resources we need up here we don’t hafta fight over who gets what.
Nother thing that’s definitely, but happily from my perspective, missing up here is guns. Guns of all shapes, sizes & beliefs. I wish we could figure out how to convince humans on AnimalPlanet.com that guns are an unnecessary evil. Being as their only purpose is to kill other living critters. Guns seem rarely to be used in defense of anything.
I’m real happy to note that my death might lead to improved relations btw Super Powers around the Planet. Russia has sent a puppy named Dobrynia to show its “solidarity with the French people and police in their fight against terrorism”. Hey! What can I say. It’s a start. 
Say, OpalK9, I have a suggestion that might also improve relations btw different factions of humans down there on AnimalPlanet.com. This forum right here is prolly the only forum in which my suggestion might get aired.  
If certain humans or groups of humans wish to keep track of certain other humans or groups of humans, why don’t they just chip ’em? That’s what they do to keep track of their BFFs, us dogs. Just let them in the borders, stick a chip in their ear & give ’em a nice yellow tag to put on their collar. Then all movement & activity can be tracked. Problem solved. 
Good to have this little shout out, OpalK9. I’ll be looking for your blog & txts up here on PlanetPluto. Don’t you just love all the new technology that permits inter-planetary communication?
palK9 OTJ
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