Can you believe it?! The end of Season 21 of DWTS is tonight! My very fave show out all the drek that’s on TV. & I barely had the opportunity to review & report on the season’s progress. What with 1 thing & another & all.
It’s down to the wire tonite. The last competitors competing for the Mirrorball Trophy are:
*:) happy Bindi. That little glass of bubbly. Hard working & dedicated to the memory of her Sire. She’s been the standout from the beginning.
*:-SS nail bitingNick. Back Street Boy band singer. Sometimes it was hard to tell he’s a musician. But he worked hard to get to the finals.
*~^o^~ cheerAlek. Home Grown Hero from My Valley. We think he did an outstanding job of stepping up to the plate, again, to complete his assignment. Sometimes assignments come to you fast & you hafta do your best to get the job done. Sometimes assignments come at you a little slower. When you have time to think about them, you can get kinda scared. Alek overcame that fear that comes from too much time to think & he’s a contender for the Mirrorball. A place he never eVer thought he’d find himself in for sure.
We’re kinda partial to Alek, of course. But we wish all the finalists the very best.
Speaking of things & events arriving faster & faster each HY, Thanksgiving is fast approaching. This year we’re going to give thanks for all our blessings & hope that, in light of some of the awful circumstances happening around AnimalPlanet.com our country can find it’s way back to the standards, values & goals we have held fast to in the past. You know, like compassion & generosity. Leadership in freedom & problem solving. Bc turning away refugees from war torn countries is not the kind of values we, here at Todo Chronicles, thought this country was all about.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
palK9 OTJ
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