I awoke yesterday morning to the site of rain in my pool & the sound of raindrops on my roof. Yes even as the rain fell first on solar panels. And there was song in my heart. For I was reassured that water in MyValley is not extinct. Rather it’s Rare & Endangered. And if we don’t start conserving & stewarding all our precious but finite natural resources there will come a day when water is extinct in CA.
& that’s not the only unusual thing that’s happened of late. Just when I was getting settled in & comfortable after my near-death experience in the park, suddenly, & I knew something was up, Mymi is dragging around a rolling bag into which she was putting wearing apparel & potions. My senses alerted, I prepared to go to My Spa & Resort. 
But a curiouser thing happened. She left & didn’t come back. Took the rolling bag & didn’t make me get in the car to go to My Spa. Curiouser & curiouser. So I waited & watched, did some of my best guarding. & then My Auntie Judy came to feed me evening vittles & sit with me a while & watch some of my fave shows on HGTV. I like when people make room for all the family, including the 4 legged members. 
So then Mymi didn’t return for 4 more HD. Quite curious. My Auntie Judy came by morning & night to feed & walk me.  My internal jury is still out on whether I like this situation better than going to MySpa & Resort whenever Mymi leaves MyValley. I think I do, but I hesitate to rush to judgment. 
The purpose of Mymi’s absence was to visit the Valley of Casinos & Bling, see Tootsie Roll & Scooter all dressed in Halloween duds. Pass out candy & say Trick or Treat. Mymi said it was todolly fun but she missed me & our quiet doman. Max & Lilly said Big Hello, tho. 
So now things are getting back to normal. Altho I’m not sure I recognize normal anymore. We did have our 1st Official Walkies since my encounter in the park. Today we walked all the way over to The Pond to leave Nat Geos, Xmas cards for residents to use & a calendar for 2016. The senior residents of The Pond are not prone to using Smartphones or electronic calendars.  It was nice to get out in the fresh air & sunshine. It was good to check in at The Pond. They gave me lots of treats & said I look like a llama now. Is that a good thing? To resemble a llama. Whatever. My fur will grow back soon enough. It was a Win/Win Walkies. 
palK9 OTJ
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