How ’bout that Pope Dude? He recently visited this country, the USofA & he made quite a media splash. As well as splashes in the cities he visited.
The Pope visited 3 big cities on the Right Coast of our country. Everywhere he went he received cheers & waves & blow-kisses. People waited on streets to catch sight of the Pope in his Pope Mobile. & he knows what it is . . . I even saw him make the FB Like sign while waving & blessing people along the parade. That’s a jazzy auto but I didn’t see any seats for the Pope to sit down & enjoy the ride.
The Pope visited the seat of our nation’s gov’mint, there in Washington DC. He went to the White House & spoke with our President, Barko Bama. He met the President’s family, the 1st Lady, Sasha & Malia, Bo & Sunny. He was very gentle & polite. He blessed everyone.  The Pope delivered a message of peace & equality everywhere he visited.
My sources, here at Todo Chronicles, indicate that Pope Francis is called after that renowned animal rights activist, St. Francis of Assisi who, many HY ago spoke up for the dignity & equality, the worth & the right of every species to live in harmony on I hope Bo & Sunny put a bug in the Pope’s ear for  voting rights for all citizens. It is time, high time, us K9s are recognized as true & proper citizens of this country & we should have our say in matters that affect our daily lives. Hope you sent the Pope the Message, Bo & Sunny.
I may not have mentioned this before, but my fave show on all of TV is DWTS. Well perhaps it’s been previously suggested. This season, Season 21, features Home Town Hero, Alex Skarlatos. We’ve watched him dance & he’s really good for a person that never danced before. He’s competitive with others who have much more performance experience than he does. He’s waaaaay better than some other, older, more seasoned performers, who shall remain here unnamed. We’re going to root & cheer for Alex & hope he wins the coveted Mirror Ball Trophy. Alex is a credit to MyValley & to the Great State of CA.
This just over Todo Chronicles news desk, DWTS contestant, Kim has suffered mild stokes in the cranial area. Medical experts judge she should be OK. So we, here at Todo Chronicles wish her well & hope to see her dancing on DWTS soon. She was improving & doing pretty good with her fancy stepping.
FWIW, we, here at Todo Chronicles, feel & believe that humans like the Pope & Alex are credits to the species of human. We wish more humans were like them. Quiet. Gentle. Humble. Peaceful. They recognize that all animals, critters & human have a place & worth in the ecosystem of That they realize that no species is expendable for profit or gain over the other guy.
palK9 OTJ
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